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Mike Trend - Decisive Sunday Edition
April 15, 2018 07:01 AM PDT
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Hello Peeps,
I hope your Sunday is going smooth and well because we are back with another Decisive Sunday Edition Podcast and my guest today is not new to the series and as a matter of fact he was one of the first to be invited to the family. Mike Trend has been DJing for approximately 20 years, looking back at numerous national as well as international performances. His career as a DJ began in 2003 in a Munich club called "Barysphär" where he mainly presented Deep and Soulful House behind the turntables every Saturday.

Even till this day these influences are noticeable in his DJ-sets. Through the years his sound has evolved - due to the development of own productions as well as various collaborations with other artists his shifted into an original and particular direction.

The pool of music styles Mike can fall back on is not related to conventional music genres, therefore always having a special touch.

Whether performing with his co-producer and friend Basti Grub under the name of "SeMiAmar" or in a trio with Roberto Sotgia and Phil Kamp,

Mike shows his versatility and his capability of surprising his audience time and time again.

His discography is accordingly colourful: releases on Hot Influential Labels such as, Desolat, Compost Records, This And That Lab, Moan, Kina Music amm. No time to sleep! The "Trend" will continue in 2018. Listen and enjoy the sound, Peace!

Mike Trend - Decisive Sunday Edition Tracklist:

01. Simple Symmetry - Best Ice Cream Of Guwahati (Marvin & Guy Afterhour Mix)

02. Simple Symmetry - Plane Goes East (DJ Tennis Remix)

03. LOR - Boy’s Brigade

04. Audision - Red Sky (Robags Saint Grobian Remix)

05. Eduardo De La Calle - Against Kurus

06. Matteo Milleri - Direzione

07. Dewalta - Slagaro

08. Sinfol - Trembling (Efdemin Remix)

09. Levon Vincent - Apreggiator Track

10. Julia Gover - Possibility

11. Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald - Transport (Carl Craig Remix - DJ Deep & Roman Poncet Rework)

12. DJ Koze - Nein König Nein

More Info:
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mike-trend
Latest Vinyl Releases:
SeMiAmar ? Time (Album)
Mike Trend ? Marlin Monroe
Latest Digital Releases:
Basti Grub & Mike Trend ? Evil Head EP
Mike Trend ? Figments (Album)


George Bleicher - Decisive Podcast Munich Exclusive
March 21, 2018 10:23 AM PDT
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Hello Everyone,
As we slow down the pace of this marathon run cycle of podcasts.
We bring on Mr. George Bleicher another talented Munich resident dj.

Ambitious guy George Bleicher was born in a small Part of Bavarian, near the beautiful City Munich in Germany and since the early nineties he grew up surrounded the best Electronic Music Scenes.

Shortly after his involvement of this powerful movement and till this day he benefits from the powerful addiction which consumes him and for the Love in fine Music.

Following his excursions with a simple bedroom dj setup he began making creative catchy mixes to a growing crowd of listeners that soon invited him to play at a few well known National Clubs and Festivals.

The skills George developed have now transformed into a serious, unique style of Deep, Punchy and difficult to find Grooves which has become his specific Signature of Sound.

Caught in the Act of this fast Evolution by Munichs Artist Plattform "Expressed Movement" as the Cities hottest Newcomer in 2011, busy George Bleicher a fast musical race.

Meanwhile he has his own residency at Palais Club Munich in addition with his own event called W> PLAY for over 7 years.

Decisive Munich Exclusive - Track List

01. Voiski - WAX Fashion
02. Norm Talley - Cosmic Waves
03. Yotam Avnis - If you still want me
04. David Alvar - Ysleta
05. Dani Sicilla - I´m the question (Ben Vedren Remix)
06. Sable Sheep - Rewinding the Ashes
07. Francisco Allendes - Super 8
08. Marco Faraone - Replace / Vocal: Dj Deeon - Three fine Hoes
09. Avision - who are you
10. Dj Deep - New Horizon (Roman Poncet Steps Remix)
11. Carlo Lio - Real Cats (2000 And One Remix)
12. Dino Lenny - Shoot me to the Sky (Maceo Pley Remix)
13. Radio Slave - Belly Clap Dance (TCK Mix)
14. Sigha - Black Massing (Wata Igarashi ´Dusk Falls`Remix)

Next Gigs:

24.02. @ Palais Club w/ Ray Okpara & Okain
01.03. @ Baalsaal Hamburg
03.03. @ Palais Club w/ Der 3. Raum
00.05. @ Kempten tda.
00.09. @ Audiogate Festival Memmingen


P-T2 - Decisive Munich Exclusive
March 14, 2018 10:00 AM PDT
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Hello and Welcome To The Decisive Podcast Munich Exclusive Series with your host Roberto Q. Ingram.

Today we are live and in person at the Inspiration Network Studio in Munich today with motivated young lady that goes by the name of Petra Weigart a.k.a. P-T2 , she is the Tuesday Slump Label owner and event promoter, night manager, part club owner and resident dj for one of the best clubs in Munich “Rote Sonne” Translation “The Red Sun.

You will not only get to hear her choice of music but we discuss her introduction to the underground music culture and her way of life that surrounds her multifaceted business ventures. So I hope that you find our guest interesting and inspiring to other young women world wide.

P-T2 Decisive Podcast Special - Tracklist
01. Hypercolour LP 009 D1 (DMX Krew – Zero Sum)
02. Dekmantel 034 B2 Central – This is hand)
03. Livity Sound 018 A1 (Peverelist – Undulate)
04. Houndstooth 081 B1 Special Request Trippethylophosphazene
05. Ruffhouse 001 A1 (Pastiche – 122 Eden Beach)
06. Interdimensional Transmission 005 B1 (Phoenicia – Roba)
07. Livity Sound 021 B1 (Simo Cell – Away from Keyboard)
08. R-Zone 016 A2 (Mynheer)
09. Outer Zone 001 A1 (Solid Blake – Mario)
10. Delsin 116 B2 (A Made Up Sound – Waybackmachine)
11. Even Drones 001 A2
12. Rawax Motor City Edition 007 A1(A-Sim – Sand Lake)
13. Lobster Theremin 031 A2 (Unfinished Portraits – Closeness)
14. Church 010 B1 (Beesmunt Soundsystem – First timer)
15. Sued 015 A1 (SW. – Untitled)

More Info links:

Alex Cristea - Sunday Edition No. 6
March 11, 2018 11:16 AM PDT
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Welcome back to the program everyone, today for your easy listening pleasure we have on the Decisive Podcast Sunday Edition, Alex Cristea a Munich DJ & producer, born in Avellino and raised around Naples, Italy. Enjoy!!

As he grew up he immersed himself in the underground scene and started elaborating his own specific sound based between techno and tech house with dark and groovy tech style which he now produces for his DJ sets, aiming at the dance floor.

In 2012 he co-founded the organisation Tech Chaos which secured a residency at the 8Below Club. Alex’s ability to evolve over the years on his signature style and live mixing have secured him to showcase his music at various event internationally. Later that year he starts getting his first international performances in the Czech Republic and in Netherlands.

Aged 20 he starts releasing his own music on various international imprints. 2014 did not go unnoticed as Alex Cristea released 17 original soundtracks and 5 remixes. Since then his productions are being constantly supported by the most renowned DJs in the world.
Alex’s tracks such “Green Castle, “Striker Tonight” and “Nachspiel” got played by DJs like Chez Damier, Ramiro Lopez and Richie Hawtin at various locations like Timewarp, Space Ibiza, Bob Beaman Club and Kristal Club.

2015 strikes like a thunder and is one of the most successful years for Alex who releases through the year 26 original soundtracks, 5 remixes including “Tourist” by Miguel Bastida and his first sample pack making it Number #2 on Beatport Top Download.

In summer he launches together with Ludwig Rausch his own brand “Dots Music” mainly focusing on exposing and presenting their own avantgardiste vision of Music. Dots events are showcased regularly in the best venues in Europe and the first music releases have been released in 2017.

Some of his productions are currently signed on DOTS. Music, New Violence Rec., Moan Recordings, Deep Phase, Comade Music (owned by Alex Mine, Alex Costa and D-Deck), Patent Skillz, Groovant Music, Datagroove Music, Waldliebe Familien, This Is Hot Audio, Qilla Recordings, Da South, Phantom Deck Recordings and Kowloon Recordings.

More Info.
Alex Cristea - https://goo.gl/n2Dxfo
Alex Cristea - https://goo.gl/HCZwuu
Decisive Facebook Group - https://goo.gl/xmqkHM
Decisive Soundcloud - https://goo.gl/42sjuC

Jackmaster Rob - Decisive Podcast Munich Exclusive
March 07, 2018 07:00 AM PST
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I welcome you all again to The Decisive Munich Exclusive Series, hosted by Roberto Q. Ingram.

We have with us today a passionate DJ, music lover & Record Collector and a member of the Decisive Crew, Rob Rangelow aka Jackmaster Rob.

He has been collecting records since the mid nineties. Growing up in with a good childhood and lots of music.
His father had a big record collection with lots of soul ,funk ,jazz and blues, so this style music has been a major influence as so with his fascination of the iconic pop star Michael Jackson, like most of the kids at that time. Then in the start of the nineties, he experienced the sound electronic music.

The love for music with no rules and radical, Rob began reading magazines premiering the music & artists that were leaders in electronic music business and trying to understand the history behind it all. His love became so big, that I decided to buy records along with a dj setup, to learn how to play the records, and passion continues on till this day with no vision of stopping.

Jackmaster Rob`s musical influences now are Chicago and Detroit. Chicago House, Jack Sound, Detroit Techno and House . His main interest is rhythm based sound with lot of soul in it. Sound that makes your body start to react wildly. He notes I am not a purist but I enjoy many different styles of dance music.
Be it House, Techno, Minimal, Electro funk, Breakbeats, there is one thing all these genras have in common. It’s real, heartfelt, dirty and not too clean or even sounds that can be heard in the environment around you or sounds that are created by machines, mechanics, nature "pure life".

"Rob loves analog sounds, he also notes that is why I prefer records rather than files, to touch and to feel what I play, that’s what I need. He is very exited about Derrick May and his way of playing records, mixing style, being always active behind the decks, Mr. May is a inspiration for me and Not only as a dj ,also as a musician".

Rob likes to combine old school and new school together. There are so many stories that have to be told and must not be forgotten. This you will hear in his dj mix today. Again Rob Notes - "I hope everyone can enjoy it and I hope that I can take you on a good journey".

From Rob Himself …..Big shouts to Jan and Philipp ,who gave me a chance to listen to their musical perspective. Those two friends of mine gave me a lot of knowledge . Shouts to my best friend Iwan , my best friend for lifetime. And big shouts to Mr. Ingram who’s doing a great job at the decisive podcast series. And shouts to everyone, who is listening to the mix. I made it just for you.

Jackmaster Rob . Decisive Podcast Mix

9: WAX NO. 20002 - UNTITLED
14: DJ HAUS - HOT 4 U

Rennie Foster
February 18, 2018 08:22 AM PST
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Welcome back to the Decisive Podcast Series,
Today is Sunday February 18, 2018 and where ever you are in the world, I hope your having a pleasant Sunday. Roberto Q. Ingram here and I am joyed to have back Mr. Rennie Foster from Vancouver Canada, label owner, father, dj musician and a true dedicated trooper to the cause of keeping it real.

Today we discuss his music career, the industry, its difficulties, its improvements, and the lifestyle.

The Idea behind The Decisive Sunday Edition is to provide you with different styles of easy listening music, while your on your free time from work, chilling on the beach, enjoying nature, music for when your in a relaxed state of mind.
So relax kick up your feet and have a listen. Your Host Roberto

More info:
Facebook: Rennie - https://goo.gl/ggX6JU
Decisive Group - https://goo.gl/7fqEL2
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/renniefoster
Roberto https://goo.gl/NmkStR
Bandcamp: renniefoster.bandcamp.com

Rennie Foster – Decisive Sunday Edition Tracklist:
Titonton Duvante – The Exit – Residual
The Analog Roland Orchestra – Lightlandscapes – Ornaments
Crimea X – Car Obsession - Hell Yeah
Kreiss & GFP – In Motion Blue – Electronical Reeds
Malandra Jr. Tzigan – Opilec Music
Osunlade – I’m Happy – Yoruba
QNA – Tabor Session – True Rotary
Charcott – Amora – RF
Rennie Foster – Belladonna (Nubian Minds Remix) – RF
Tony Lionni – Pandora – Goldmin Music
Black Jack – E-Scape – RF
Aux 88 – Medicine feat. Samara Naier (Detroit Institute Mix) - Puzzlebox
Dan Grain – Nucleus – EevoNext
Alfre – Altered (DXFM 2004 Version) – Symphonic Dist.
DJ Bone – DIFFER-Ent(Hrall) – Don’t Be Afraid
Fango – Rectum – Degustibus
Rennie Foster – Soda Cracker – RF
Rennie Foster – Soda Cracker (Acapella) – RF
Radio Slave – 2nd Home – Rekids
Phochos – Glaciers – Creme Organization
Myles Serge –Existence & Reality – Mentha
The Passenger – Ten – RF
Amir Alexander – A Child Is Born! – Anunnaki Cartel

Philippe Petit - Decisive Podcast Special Guest Mix
February 07, 2018 10:57 AM PST
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Its February 7 2018, You boy Roberto Q. Ingram is back after 8 days of pure hell, fighting recover from a bad cold. But thats a thing of the past and now its time to keep things moving. Your tuned to Decisive Podcast Series, providing you with some freaking serious music vibes world wide since 2009. Today I am flabbergasted to have on the program Mr. Philippe Petit Chamonix, France, Producer, Dj, Banker and a determined artist true to the cause of keeping it real.

He provides us with a melodic techno mix and a lot of information about what makes him tick as a person and for you diggers the track list is also posted for you.

Booking agent philippe.petit.cham@orange.fr,
Facebook: https://goo.gl/SEFw5G
Soundcloud: https://goo.gl/41qMcN
His Record Labels & Releases, Knotweed Records, Decision Making Theory

Involve 018 (January 2018)
DMT 013 (September 2017)
DMT 010 (November 2016)
Knotweed 021 (October 2016)
DMT 009 (June 2016)
DMT 008 (November 2015)
Figure SPC W (August 2015)
DMT 007 (July 2015)
Figure SPC U (December 2014)
DMT 005 (November 2014)
Space 006 (June 2014)
Knotweed 012 (April 2014)
EarToGround 009 (February 2014)
DMT 003 (October 2013)
DMT 002 (July 2013)
DMT 001 (March 2013)
Knotweed 009 (January 2013)
Knotweed 003 (January 2012)
Knotweed 001 (October 2011)

Track List For Decisive Podcast Series Special.

La Funk Mob – Ravers Suck our Sound (Carl Craig Remix) (Mo Wax)
Cassy – April (Cassy 02)
Unknown Artists – Untitled (Slowhouse Recordings 001)
Access 58 – Jazz Drama (Access 58 005)
Blake Baxter – It’s a Funky World (UR 006)
The Martian – Atomic Witchdokta (UR 029)
Tronic Pulse – Early A.M. (Soiree Records 109)
Duane & Co – Traxx (Dance Mania 001)
Bassmental – It’s the Music (Drum mix) (King Street Sound 1020)
Trolley Route – Tempura (Sterac Mix) (Pure Plastic 057)
Man-to-Man – Selecta (Q Records 008)
Secret Ingredients – New York New York (Hyp Mix) ( Evolution 061)
Heavytimes Productions – 1979 (Hardcore Youth Mix) (Downtown 1617)
Playgroup – Make it Happen (Source VT017)
Andreas Saag – Get it on (SLS 08)
ESP Woody Mc Bride – Everything Under the Sun (Bush 2021)
Mood II Swing – Take Me Baby (Vocal) (Waako 1233)
Phil Kieran – Youth (Vocal Mix) (Soma 135)
Oliver Ho – A1 (Light and Dark 008)
Creators of Deepness - ? (Power Music Records 002)
Gary Martin – Samedi (DJ 3000 remix) (Teknotika GG042)
Underground Resistance – Insipration (UR 3000)

Decisive Podcast Holiday Edition - Damon Bell
January 17, 2018 11:07 AM PST
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Originally from San Diego, brought up by the likes and influences of music representing the African Diaspora, Reggae, Brazilian, African, Hip-Hop, Blues, Jazz, Punk-Rock and Soul...a child of the 70’s who experienced the cross-cultures of the 80’s which began his life long love affair with collecting vinyl in the 90’s, Damon is a true connoisseur of music.

Bell (aka D^Bo!) began record collecting and DJ’ing at age sixteen, playing Jazz, Salsa, Funk, and Hip Hop at the famed night “Brass” (Hosted by Delicious Vinyl) at San Diego Supper Club, Ole’ Madrid. This along with his deep passion for music led him to learn to play the polyrhythms he heard in Afro-Cuban music, Reggae, Jazz, and Jazz Fusion...he soon began to imitate those sounds by playing percussion and wind instruments.
“DJ’ing is just an extension of my love and relationship with music”, states Bell.
In 2015, after a slew of notable releases, Bell released his first full length LP on Deepblak, Blues For The Libyan (DBR-V025). a journey into the deepness of Bell’s mind beginning with the now classic “Chromosome Replacement” feat. Khalil Anthony. The album composed of jazz riffs deep basslines and thumping sequences...as Damon calls it, “Feel Musik”
deep, unpredictable, sometimes mad and absolutely insane! Brendan Arnott.

This past year 2016, Damon set forth a presedent for the years to follow with notable releasaes on Burek “Stand By Me” EP, Don’t Be Afriad “Ankh Boogie” EP And Meda Fury “Altered Visions” EP. Continuing to grow his global fan base after touring 2016 through Düsseldorf , Cologne (#Tausend Bar) , Paris (Djoon, Deepblak Lable Night), Dallas (New Math Mondays).

Upcoming releases for Damon include the “#2 EP” feat. Khalil Anthony on Shadeleaf Music [SM-12-012], “Land Of Meroe EP” on Deepblak Recordings and a few new label releases following mid year 2017.

Jack de Marseille - Decisive Podcast Holiday Special
January 11, 2018 01:08 AM PST
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Hello Decisive Podcast Listeners,
Happy New Year To You All!
We are back again with Jack de Marseille in the mix for The Decisive Podcast Holiday Special Edition. Here is the second part of a two part episode with the French men doing his thing Live at La Barge boat party in December. This time with no interview.

Thanks a lot for all your support and continue to help us spread the word to your friends about The Decisive Series 2018, the independent music Podcast for underground artists and open minded individuals with an opinion and no not to those that are reduced to the mundane and the everyday norm.

Look out for our up and coming Podcasts we will be introducing many females talent this year! Up next is Damon Bell from Oakland California, Rennie Foster from Vancouver Canada, Munich Exclusive Edition with Jackmaster Rob and ALEX CRISTEA.

More info:
Soundcloud Jack de Marseille - https://goo.gl/7qBqLV
Decisive Podcast - https://goo.gl/Z7nDUX
Facebook Group : Decisive Podcast - https://goo.gl/cNgbWz
Facebook Jack de Marseille - https://goo.gl/8xEnXN
Facebook Roberto Ingram Music- https://goo.gl/5ENLGy

Jack DeMarseille - Decisive Holiday Edition Special
December 27, 2017 03:20 PM PST
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Hello Decisive Podcast Series,
I am so damn happy now you can listen to the podcast, as promised, not only do we have one surprise guest for the Holiday but now there is two first up from France Mr. Jack de Marseille (Page officielle) comes to The Decisive Podcast Series Special Holiday Edition #1, December 28, 2017.

Its his 52nd Birthday today, so lets gave him a few days to celebrate before the release of this podcast. We had a great conversation about his career in the music industry. Just like it is pointless to think of electronic music as just a single thing you cannot limit Jack de Marseille to just a single sound. Even if the dance floor is still very much his natural habitat after 25 years of DJ'ing the man - voted best French DJ by numerous specialist magazines - is as adventurous as ever, mixing up different sounds, energies and rhythms during the course of a night or even a single track.

This superb open spirit as a DJ, producer or label manager is even more important today than ever. Jack has begun to set up nights that claim to go "Back to Origins". Origins dating back to the mid 80ies and beyond, with DJ's on the bill who are pioneers and legends who are still in the game. And at the same time Jack is bringing you "Jam the Box" where he invites the producers of today who may very well be on their way to becoming the oldskool heroes of the future.

More info:
Soundcloud- https://soundcloud.com/jack-de-marseille

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