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Decisive Podcast Series 2014 Hosted By Roberto Q. Ingram "Munich Resident Exclusive"
November 25, 2014 03:25 PM PST
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Decisive Podcast Series 2014 Hosted By Roberto Q. Ingram
"Munich Resident Exclusive"

Now till January 2015, I will be featuring guest mixes from local resident dj´s in Munich and abroad. Passionate Dj`s known and up coming because of their decisive music taste, uncompromised to challenge the listeners imagination.

I have noticed that these talents getting attention in the Munich electronic scene. There are more but for the moment I will only name a few like Liza, Deep Down Dave, Markus Mehta, Kareem El Morr, Philipp Von Bergmann and Special Guest from Croatia Ivan Komlinovic.

First up is a female by the name of LIZA, she is from West Germany and resides in Munich for nearly 20 years
She started beat matching at the age of 14 then at 22 she began djing in a proper club.
Part of her inspiration musically comes by the way of dj/producers from New York,
DJ Qu, Levon Vincent, Joey Anderson, Anthony Parasole.

LIZA says there are many labels she enjoys but at the moment Potion and Strength music spark her interest.

When I asked her what should her fans expect in her sets?
She adds, I hope the people that listens or dances to my sets will experience something new, different, and heart felt.

Liza is a Resident at Harry Klein & Rote Sonne, Lately she has made guest appearances at Kong and MMA.

Her next dates in Munich are:
20.12.| Harry Klein |w Giorgia Anguilli
26.12.| KONG |w Oliver Deutschmann & Leo Küchler
31.12.| MMA | Stock 5 NYE

Track list and why you chose the tracks?

Carl Craig - At Les // Planet E
DJ Boom - Kinda Kickin (Efdemin Remix) // Curle-Petite
Simon Haydo - Keep Your Distance // Studio Barnhus
DJ Qu - Soma // Strenght Music
Levon Vincent - Polar Bear Make Nice // Deconstruct Music
Skee Mask - Cylo // Ilian Tape
Graze - Thundare // New Kanada
Terron - Promo // Whities
Levon Vincent - DJSF II // Novel Sounds
Art Departement - Cruel Intentions (Fred P Redshape Beats Edit)
DJ Qu - All Across The Floor // Underground Quality
Ivano Tetelepta - Smokin' G (The Analogue Cops Remix) // Fear Of Flying
Kassem Mosse - Demo Drums Rippin' // Kinda Soul Recordings

What Artists is an inspiration to you?

Well i guess that inspiration comes from quite a lot different things. There are def. artists that i look up to, all the guys from New York, DJ Qu, Levon, Joey Anderson, Anthony Parasole. They have such a well idea of how their music should sound like and how they produce their music. Not to mention their ideology of DJing. You never know what’s going to happen in their DJ sets and that excites me. But i really don't want to refer too much to names and labels, as I guess that there are other things that inspire me more personally at the moment. There are things that you experience, on an emotional level, on a visual scale as well as on a listening level, and that brings you to a certain mood. And for me as a DJ I try to project my current mood to my DJ sets, so this is also why they can really change from time to time. I think that your mood and your feelings are fluid and so is your music.

Not to get me wrong, i think that having role models is definitely an indispensable part of your inspiration and you always need other artists that led your way to where you want to go and be someday. But i think that your feelings, your mood and your own view and thinking on music should lead you in the first step. So to answer your question, I feel pretty melancholic at the moment - which is basically because I mostly feel like this in autumn time.

I think it's the most exciting time of the year. Everything’s changing, you’re kind of saying goodbye to all the euphoria and bliss of the summer and you start to slow down a bit and get into this certain mood. For me, this is a typical feeling that gets you every time before winter is coming, and I love it. So basically at the moment i feel pretty emotional, so my sets are emotional too. A bit more of trying to achieve a certain level of profundity. I also went to many concerts last times, non-electronic, that inspired me in many different ways. I listened to so many amazing records. I love the music of Warpaint, I listened to their latest album probably 1000 times, and I fell in love with it so deeply. Combined with all the experiences I made, people I met, in a good way but also in a bad way. I guess that all of this is flowing into my DJ sets mainly at the moment.

Born and raised?

In the west of Germany. A pretty small and nice city near to Düsseldorf, called Neuss. I moved to Munich when I was 20 I guess, so I’m living here for more than 6 years now.

Favorite label?

You cannot name one label to be your favorite, there are too many great labels. But trying to go that way, for example for me Dolly Dubs is not only one of the best labels but also always one step ahead. As already mentioned regarding Levon and the others, also in this case I feel that Steffi has such a sharp and clear view on how her music and the artists that are releasing on the label should sound like, but without staying in the same box again and again. She always reinvents herself, as well as her label, so this is what is actually fascinating me. I'm also pretty excited about "Potion", the new label founded by Murat Tepeli und Prosumer. And for me "Strength Music" never fails. As already mentioned, I love nearly every release of DJ Qu, and I love every release of the label.

Favorite club you have played?

Besides my residencies at Harry Klein and Rote Sonne, in which I’m always enjoying my nights, i really like the new MMA. I think it's amazing and I'm already pretty excited to play there next time.

Are you producing and Planned releases?

Yes I am. I am really a newcomer in this whole producing thing. At the moment I'm working with Logic only, no machines, just to outline my ideas and thoughts and to take first steps and afterwards extending my equipment. I'm really excited to improve my skills and to release my very own stuff one day. It feels amazing to finally have your own thoughts and music written down. It will still take some time until I'll be ready to release. But I’m already enjoying this whole new thing in my life a lot. It’s a great enrichment for me and I feel really happy with it right now.

When did you start djing?

I started pretty early, when I was 14 I guess. Just by digging for electronic music and learning how to beat match at that age and then went on with this for nearly 10 years. My very first time playing in a proper club was at the age of 22 or something.

What do you think about the Munich Underground Club Scene?

I think that we have a great scene and I can see from last experiences that there are many people with a need for good music. I absolutely believe that it always lies in our hands if we want to "educate" people with good music and bookings. Sometimes I'm a bit bored of the whole talking and the way people define "underground". There are times when you have the feeling that everything is led by what has been defined to be cool, what label to play, what label to wear, where to go, etc.! And there’s so much talking about the things that are surrounding music, instead of simply concentrating on the music itself. For example, I'm also playing a lot of vinyl and I’m buying everything that i love on Vinyl. But i simply don't see the need to add, that my sets or podcast are vinyl only.

It's just so far away from the intention of the thought itself. In the end, it just doesn't matter if it's strictly vinyl, or if it's a good and well thought through set. I also play mostly vinyl but i simply don't see the need to write it as an explanation to my sets. This is just one example to try to explain what I mean, and it’s not because I want to offend anyone. But I have the feeling that there is such a strong need in categorizing yourself in something, instead of just actually creating something simply good. Of course I'd be more skeptical to see a laptop DJ playing, I also started with that in a club because I was nervous as hell and it gave me kind of a “safe” feeling.

Which turned out to be wrong. And I’d be more skeptical to know that the podcast is just recorded with cheap files on Ableton live. It’s just a fact that people who care about music mostly want to spend more money in buying vinyl, instead of just owning all of your music in form of a digital file data bank. But I'm just missing a more natural way of enjoying and handling music, more from the very original and actual intention - which is just the music. The same applies with the scene and the word "Underground". Hating against people that take photographs in the club, screaming out your one sided opinion on all your socials. Without really thinking about what you have actually said and most importantly, without really having the knowledge and therefore the entitlement to act that aggressively when it comes to your statement and intention.

Why don’t you just let people take their photos when they want to have a nice memory from the night to take at home and be happy. Sometimes I just don’t get all the hate and judgement of the people, and it really bores me. For me, putting yourself over other people, thinking that you’re in the position to define what has to be cool and what not, and for that building up hierarchies has nothing to do with the actual word and meaning of “underground”. In my definition, underground means being free from any rules, categories, regulations, boxes, hierarchies and judgement. And I think we’re still failing on this massively. But I truly believe that everything can be really simple. I believe that good DJs, good music and good people working in the scene with a good heart can create the best "underground" culture that we have. We're on our way, but there's def. always a bit of a way to go.

What is your primary source to play music (vinyl,digital,USB, cd)?

Mostly Vinyl, everything that I do not own on vinyl I have on my USB.

Do you have another profession ?

Yes, I'm working in the music industry. I'm mainly responsible for building up new artists and musicians.

What can your fans expect to hear in your Dj sets?

Hopefully always something new and different. But definitely always something from the heart.

I would like to mention a few dates to you might want to attend:

Check Out Rote Sonne who was voted best Booking 2014 at the munich night life awards. You can find out more on their website or Facebook

November 28 - Kareem El Morr and Matze Cramer
December 12 - Tobi Neumann- Julietta - ANA
December 31 - With Vakula
New Years 01.01 Stock 5 Welcome 2015

Congradulations To the Palais Club for winning in 4 categories at the munich night life awards you can find all the details on Facebook or on there website.

The next Decisive Podcast Series Munich Resident Exclusive mixes will be,
in random order is:
Roberto Q. Ingram
Markus Mehta,
Kareem El Morr,
Deep Down Dave
Special Guest from Croatia Ivan Komlinovic

Then more in January so stay tuned.

Roberto Ingram on KeredCast 219 Guest Mix on Aug. 12 2014
September 12, 2014 02:59 AM PDT
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Here is a mix I did for a great podcast series "Keredcast"in New York last month.

Kered writes:
Our guest DJ on KeredCast 219 was born in Cincinnati, raised in Los Angeles and now resides in Munich. At the age of 15 he already knew entertainment and music was his destiny – working as a classical jazz dancer with his first professional gig on the legendary Soul Train TV show. Choreographer, singer, dancer, producer and DJ, he’s got it all. Whether he’s playing in his hometown of Munich, or jet setting to New York, one thing is for sure – he’ll take your mind on a trip and make you dance. Let’s get into the mix with Roberto Q. Ingram!

Enjoy my journey,

The Decisive Podcast Series Episode 17
June 05, 2013 05:23 AM PDT
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Hello its Wednesday June 5, 2013,

I am Roberto Q. Ingram and your listening to my podcast Episode 17 better known as " The Decisive Podcast Series" with yours truly in the Mix. Before I introduce the show in short detail, please be sure hit the play button on my website at the home page at the bottom near the player or at podomatic while reading. it is located in the top menu bar on the left and down below that is the download button, is case you would like to listen to the show at your leisure.

My show today features music from some new comers and cutting edge techno producers with legendary Status. Artists like Robert Hood, Rolando, Mike Dunn, Detroit Swindle, Terence Fixmer, Jonas Kopp, Cosmin TRG only to Name a few. The sound, technic and approach to Desicive this time around is no deture from my feelings about what underground electronic dance music means to me. I guess the best way to describe my vision here is groovy, techno, deep and musical.

I want let you know about a few current Gig Dates coming up. I will be playing Friday July 12th to July 14th in the Uk at Freerotation Festival, the Festival last for three days with many talented Dj`s, Musicians & Visual Artists. As for now i have no idea what the day or the Time My Set is. Never the less Freerotation is a heart felt party that is not to be missed...

Then in Munich Germany on July 28th ,I will be headlining in At the Labor Family "Summer Happening" the last event I played for these promoters was sweet, I am looking forward to playing with some of my Munich buddies again..

So If you are in or around any of these two locations Come Out and Show Some Love! Well nuff said..

lets get to it Here we go with your boy Roberto Q. Ingram in the mix with Decisive Podcast Episode 16.

Give me a shout on my website or facebook,

Enjoy... Decisive Podcast Series Episode 17, is now ready for your ears, iphone, mp3 player.

Decisive Episode 14
August 17, 2012 07:52 AM PDT
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Greetings Everyone,

Don`t only listen Interact! Give your comments about the my podcast, Like, Follow and spread the word.

Its Wednesday August 14, 2012, and you listening to the decisive podcast 14 with Roberto Ingram. Today`s show will be more music than words and the flow deals with mid paced moderation of sound scapes vs beats & bass with a bit of crunch and punch. Decisive 14 is a current reflection of my emotions from deep inside and I am happy to express my feelings to you through a mystical music journey. Listen & Enjoy R.Q.I

Decisive podcast episode 13
April 25, 2012 01:26 PM PDT
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Hello Decisive listeners,

Its Wednesday April25th 2012

Today's music session grooves steadily and fluctuates in and around deep & dark house - electronica - techno and mind you music emphasis on Deep.
Decisive 13 will test your imagination..
I hope you enjoy the choice selection
The track list is fairly unusual stuff from underground producers like:
Sailor Mood
Juan Atkins
Terrence Dixon
Rick Wilhite
Dario Zenker
Just to name a few!

Look out for Roberto q. Ingram feat. on"Come into the light" Dj Chus remix, it is getting mad club & festival play by Ritchie Hawtin.
OM records Says:
"Come Into The Light" is the second single from Wagon Cookin's highly anticipated fourth album, which is scheduled to come out April 2011.
"Come Into The Light" is a solid, retro-futuristic, uplifting and fresh banger featuring Roberto. Q. Ingram on vocals, a charismatic artist born and raised in Los Angeles.

Thank you very much for listening. Please post your comments, tell me what you think? Roberto Q. Ingram

Decisive Podcast Episode 12 - December 13, 2011
December 12, 2011 04:53 PM PST
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Hello it's Monday December 13, 2011
Welcome to Decisive Podcast Episode 12 for Inspiration Network.

As the end of the year comes near to a close I thought it would be nice to leave you something entertaining to your ear drums. The music you are now listening to was Recorded at Bohemian Grove Islington Mill United Kingdom on December 3, 2011.

The Bohemian Grove is all about hearing good electronic music, comfortable surroundings with like minded people. They like to keep an intimate garage setting so the vibe is correct, so if your in or around the UK "The Grove" is with out a doubt the place to be. Thanks to Taff/the event crew and the locals that helped make my stay positive and up beat more the residents Rick Nicholls, Johnny Abstract & Damo B, do represent.

The show, I guess the best way to describe "Decisive Podcast 12" this time around is something I made up. deepsmoothcrunchyhypnotisingbassbeateclecticfundementalorganiclove!

The show is not stream lined to one style of music instead you will find yourself lost and traumatize by the journey. You can download the show, listen via itunes or just press play on the player. I would love to hear from you folks, your comments are important, so please leave them here or at contact information below.

Find more information about Decisive, Bohemian Grove & me here:!/pages/Roberto-Ingram/38329665774

Now without further due here is my dj set at Bohemian Grove 2011.
King Britt Quote: There Is beauty in electronics, Enjoyyyyyyy.

Decisive Podcast Series Episode 11
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August 01, 2011 03:35 PM PDT
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Hello it's Monday August 1st 2011
Welcome to Decisive Podcast Episode 11
5 years Freerotation Festival 2011 Special

I am Roberto Q. Ingram and the music your listening to is my dj set recorded on the evening of July 24 from open air tent at Freerotation 2011.

I have only played at Freerotaion twice but this festival has touched me in way that reminds me of how I got into this business in the first place. 1st high-quality music, 2nd perfect sound system, 3rd lovely people, 4th atmosphere and 5th a pleasant vibe. At Freerotation these important elements are seamlessly combined. The reward is simply amazing!

The intemate festival is located in Wales UK at the historical  , which is nicely surrounded by nature, artists perform in 3 areas with the newly added open air tent.
What is remarkable is that nearly 60 artists spend the entire weekend together with the fans aka Freerotation Members so that by the end of the festival everyone has introduced themselves to one another. This type of interaction amongst party goers and artists is unique.

The organizers Steevio and Suzebee are adult underground music lovers, the staff age range is from 18-60, which adds a positive level of respect, understanding and control. This is why I highly recommend Freerotation. See you there 2012.      

You can find more information Decisive Podcast Series, Freerotation & Roberto q. Ingram  here:

Now without feather due here is my dj set at the open air tent at Freerotation Festival 2011.
King Britt Quote: There Is beauty in electronics, Enjoyyyyyyy. 


Decisive Podcast Episode 10 "Celebration Of Life Special Edition"
Icon_chapters   Clean
September 04, 2010 02:31 AM PDT
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Hello Music Lovers and Positarians, Friday September 3rd, 2010, Inspiration network is proud to announce its 10th edition of The Decisive podcast Series. Your host Roberto Q. Ingram presents to you an special edition mix that is tasteful and deep "Simply Gems", While you enjoy exclusively designed imagery.

Roberto explains his meaning of "Celebration of Life 2010" plus introduce and interview the C.O.L. special quests artist: Roykey C.E.R.O., dj Sven Weisemann and our local hero Markus Mehta. All this while introducing fresh quality music. In the meantime be sure to stay updated as heavy promotions begin for "Celebration Of Life 2010" Roberto Q. Ingram`s Birthday Bash.

MOre info: Extended thanks to all of you that have took the time to download, listen and shared your feedback. Coming Soon Decisive Podcast 11 Techno Edition.

Enjoy Life, Inspiration Network

Decisive Podcast Series Episode 9
July 09, 2010 06:09 AM PDT
itunes pic

Hey music freaks and dancing maniacs, Its Friday July 9, 2010, your listening to the Decisive Podcast Series Episode 9 for inspiration Network, thank you for tunning in. Sorry i missed you last month, but I am back this month to bring you some fun music with a little chit chat. This is episode 9 featuring my self in the mix. Its great summer weather although it makes life difficult being in the studio. Today my selection in sound is a eclectic freestyle mash up but groovy and I find it to be quite interesting tp say the least. A few notes before we get started with the music.

First: What the heck was the Octopus thinking when he voted that the Germany soccer team would lose there chance to make the world cup final? Well folks like you we say “Rrrrrrr” to the out come. Now you know damn well you and your buddies need to let off some steam. Well we have just the spot to do it and better yet you can drink, dance, yell and scream till sunlight.

Come out Friday July 9 to Rillenfieber on tour@Elli Disco , Elisenstraße 3, 80335 Munich.
Dj´s Roberto Q. Ingram / Decisive / Inspiration Network with longtime friend Rainer Luxus / Rillenfieber chief are ready to grace the deck and deliver a deep, dirty, sexy, nasty, sound that will make your body quake. We want you, "Come See For Your Self"

Second: I will be playing at Rillenfieber on Tour again with Mr. luxus on August 24, 2010 Hertie Giesing, Tegernseerlandstrasse 64 - Start: 23:00. "Be there Make Love To The Music"

Third: I am going back to Zagreb Croatia to play at a amazing festival as a donation to raise money for a fan that has cancer. I am excited to be there because the people are way cool and I have performed some of the most incredable dj sets at Valkana beach festival and Club Best. With that said lets get on with Decisive Podcast Series Eposode 9.

For those that wanna know, here it is the track list:

Track list:
Sclavi Tiganesti - Chubeka
Beat Freak - Scott Hardkiss
Cubism - Davide Squillace
Toadstool - Jesse Rose
Bom - Reelsoul & Alix Alvarez
Funky Angel - Marlon D.
Psyche Funk EP - Kink Kolour
I Want You - Rainer Weichhold
Mr. Jack - Luna City Express
N2Deep - Lovebirds - Lazy Days
Mountain010.1 - The Mountain People
Chute - Echonomist
Pattern Repeat A1 - Pattern Repeat
Damned Lecherous Old Men - Butane
Talking Deep - Mutant Clan

Thanks again,


Decisive Podcast Segment 5
October 06, 2009 07:02 PM PDT
itunes pic

Hello Everybody,
Man I have a nice show for you this time around.

As we slowly enter the autumn season I thought this would be the perfect moment to pitch down the tempo and smooth out the vibe for this segment of the "Decisive Podcast 5". So I have mixed up a deep emotional program with a touch of jazzy hypnotic grooves for you adult listeners. I must say the music here is a very nice vibe for a rainy day, for a long drive or even in your office. So what ever your mood is, I know you will like this one.

As you already know I do like it when you are happy about what you are hearing in the "Decisive podcast series", feel free to tell me what you think and its really fine if you tell your friends about this series. Email me at or even become a fan here on podomatic, facebook, or myspace. Special Thank to Yore Records and Uzuri Records.

Enjoy and embrace the sound I am throwing down,
Roberto Q. Ingram

DP5 Tracklist:
01. Future Beat Alliance - Soundscape 49 - Eevo Next
02. Le Loup - I Keep Secrets - Wolf + Lamb
03. Lowtec - Meandyou.dub - Smallville
04. Steinhoff & Hammouda with Donnie - Touch - Smallville
05. SoulPhiction - The Limelight - Philpot Records
06. Gadi Mizrahi - I'll Set Your House - Wolf & Lamb
07. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts #6 - Faces
08. Story - 1 - Story
09. Andy Vaz - Hurry, Hurry (Lerosa Remix) - Yore
10. Omar Vs. Stevie Wonder - I'm Feelin You - Henrik Schwarz Remix
11. Precious System - The Voice From Planet Love - Running Back
12. Silent State - STL - Smallville
13. Moment Of Truth A Work In Progress Yore
14. Kai Alce - Power Thru - NDATL Muzik

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