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George Bleicher Decisive Podcast Series Munich Exclusive #11
May 28, 2015 06:50 AM PDT
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01. Born and raised?

I was born and raised in Penzberg a small city south of Munich.

02. When did you start djing?
I started djing at 15 years ago in our youth hostel as well promoting my own parties. I can never my first experience vinyl and turntables, learn to beat match, harmonize the tracks together and to discover why this art drives me crazy.

03. Do you have another profession?
Yes I am Process manager for SAP automotive business processes - I am a babbitt winking .. I love my job and as well music and djing. Thats my escape from the daily routine.

04. What Artist is an inspiration to you?

Every artist inspires me because each artist has his own way to mix and present his music. If I had to name one than Robert Dietz. I love his productions, his dj sets and the way he mix the tracks.

07. Are you producing or any planned releases?
Currently I produce a lot. With every session the skills are growing.
Releases aren´t planned yet. Hopefully the right moment will come.

06. List three of your Favorite labels?
Thats really a task! There are so much good labels. If I have to name three than Fathers and Sons, Fuse and Dissonant.

08. Favorite club you have played?
It was in March 2010 at an Elektro keller Event in an old Boiler room in north Munich. It was a really great vibe with very special people in an extraordinary location with a huge sound system!

09. Do you think the Munich Underground Club Scene is vibrant?
Yes of course. From my point of view Munich has a scene with two different characters. On one side is the scene with styled clubs well equipped, they offer fresh interesting bookings and a good monthly program. On the other side there are a lot of promoters that make events in different venues or off-locations with fresh talented local DJ´s and Artists. It´s never be boring.

10. What can your fans expect to hear in your Dj sets?
I try to pic the right track for the moments, create a journey through different genres but always with that certain something smiley

11. What is your primary source to play music (vinyl,digital,USB, cd)? It depends, actually Traktor with timecode. If the gig is just one hour than I choose USB with Rekord Box.

12. Track list and why you chose the tracks?
I remember special moments with this tracks and they moving me right now.
Decisive Podcast Tracklist:

01. Alex Dimou Ubahn
02. Dario Zenker Cafu
03 Thor Essential toughs
04 Sonodab Noctum
05 Premiesku Abduction
06 FAS Souls
07 Chad Andrew Lost in me
08 Jose de Divina, Tania Vulcano, Audiohell Check this out
09 Paul Strive Take this sound
10 Lewis Boardman Belive in Something
11 Moderat Bad Kingdom (Head High Remix)
12 Ashworth Need U
13 Buraq Orion (Egal 3 Remix)

Ivan Komlinovic Decisive Podcast Series Special #4
May 13, 2015 11:00 AM PDT
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Ivan Komlinovic Decisive Podcast Series Special #4

Full Interview for the website

Born and raised?

Zagreb, Croatia. Raised in mid class suburbia.

When did you start djing?

late 1993. first mix tapes were out in 1994, and 2 years later I got my first chance to do a warm up set before DJ Frajman at legendary club Aquarius.

What Artists is an inspiration to you?

It is extremely difficult to answer that question. After 20 years of DJing and searching for my own sound I had at least 20 artists that had strong impact to my musical and technical evolution. In general I always had special place for non predictable artists with "balls" to experiment and attitude. My roll models were few local talents, but probably Derrick May was a DJ who's set in 1996 made me re think about what I am doing, and open few extra channels in my head. After hearing Derrick, I never played same way.

As a DJ, I probably learned how to think about music from underground icons such as laurent garnier, Dj Bone, Jeff Mills, Derrick May, but as a producer and writer, my influences go beyond boundaries of electronic music. Music producers I admire can be anyone who's approach to writing, sound designing and producing I find original. I am just crazy about stripped down music without any intention to be liked, but still addictive, and makes you want to hear some more..

Are you producing and Planned releases?

I am producing music constantly. No plans, releases are for me just a good moment between artists work and label. I have 1 upcoming release for local Decoded label, and some finished tracks I would prefer to have released on vinyl labels, for obvious reason; It is the only way I could also play my music...You see, I have pretty unique way of thinking about my own music production; I just play and have great time with my instruments, every second available. I really have no big expectations from my music production, but good things just happen when right publishers feel and detect elements of art and science in my work.

Favorite label?

it changes all the time. If I really need to pick only one all time favorite label, it would probably be 430 West, Metroplex or Underground Resistance, but nowadays I prefer small independent labels I never heard of before. If release is "vinyl only", it is small part of exclusivity most of DJs do not have access to. I love all Chronicle releases, most of 50 Weapons releases, Token, Acid Worx, Vakum, M Plant, MFD, Burek, Dekmantel, TTT, R-Zone....

What do you think about the Zagreb Underground Club Scene?

Zagreb is extremely active at the moment. Lots of independent underground crews doing there best to keep vibe alive and to educate new generations. There are 3-4 underground clubs in Zagreb, and few really interesting crews that keep spirit Alive. A living icon for underground music in Zagreb is Jan Kincl Zero. Most talented DJ I have ever heard, passionate music digger and host of the most important radio show ever in Croatia. He is a good spirit of underground music world in Zagreb, and his energy keeps things alive.

What can the Croatian club & event providers do better for underground dance music as a culture in the region?

First off they need to do lots of research to get an objective picture of how many regular party goers are out there. Then, they need to educate, themselves and there target crowd about the music presenting. Today, lots of active promotors organizations don't have a clue about music and culture they are only in it for the money. As a result we have empty or just bad partys...Lucky for us, most of the active promotors really know what they are doing and are prepared to learn and adapt...

Favorite club you have played?

Dr Slump - Spain, Masters- Zagreb, Metropolis - Split, K4 - Ljubljana.. Looks like I really prefer small places.

What can your fans expect to hear in your Dj sets?

My fans can always expect real underground vibe. Sometimes very unpredictable. I love deep, repetitive hypnotic moments in clubs, so I guess it is what I tend to deliver to crowd.

What is your primary source to play music (vinyl,digital,USB, cd)?

Vinyl. I had 3 years of digital DJing period, but I just did not enjoyed..

Decisive Special #4 Track list and why you chose the tracks?
Impellizzeri & Stupia: “All Fat” (MIDIMOOD REC)
Disrupted Project: “Mramorni2” (VAKUM)
The Third Man: “ Double Dawn” – Claro Intelecto rmx (EPM Music)
Bratha: “OUIP” (VAKUM)
MFD “B3.2” (MFD REC)
Gerstaffelen: “The Old Villagers” (MOS DEEP)
Mike Dehnert: “ Refillable” (DELSIN)
Acidworx 3: “B1” (ACIDWORX)
Anthony Naples: “Busy Signal” (TTT)
Arnaud le Texier: “Batch” (CHILDREN OF TOMORROW))
Ben Gibson: “Parallax” (CHRONICLE)
KiNK: “Source Of Uncertainty” (MACRO)
Acidworx 2: “B1” (ACIDWORX)
Staffan Linzatti. “System Down” (CHRONICLE)
Aiken: “Singularity” (CHRONICLE)

One thing is for sure; I pick random records from the case. Thing is: I buy vinyls and at the buying stage, I am extremely selective. When I want to represent my vision of underground techno music, I take 15 minutes to search thru my records. Put some new stuff, some old that fits the whole story, and go crazy. Prepared sets are not my cup of tea. Same in clubs and demo mixes.

Whole idea of DJ tapes is to represent DJs ability to develop a flow by improvising. I strongly believe in the art of DJs. Mixing technique is very important to me, so when computer does that for you, your mix has lost some of its personality. A DJs abilities to mix a record selection and "dance floor radar" defines a unique sound of every one of us. All elements are connected. If you lost just one factor from the equation, you have lost your unique sound.

Jay Denham Decisive Podcast Series Special #3
May 05, 2015 07:54 AM PDT
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Hello Decisive Listeners and Music lovers, Next Up today in the mix at CET 18:00 on Decisive Podcast Series Special #3 Black Nation Records label owner, dj, musician and recording artist Mr. Jay Denham, with your host Roberto Ingram with a full interview on the man behind the music.

Jay Denham (Full Interview)

01. Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in a small city in Michigan, half way between Detroit and Chicago, the original home to Gibson guitars, also famous for its first outdoor Mall, craft beer, Western Michigan University - city of Kalamazoo. Remember that song by Glenn Miller?

02. Have you had strong musical influences in your upbringing ?

Oh yes! My grandfather managed a club in Detroit in the 50s. My grandmother was one of the first women to have her own band where she was the lead. My father played saxophone in a band and my mother had a music collection out of this world. Since my childhood I would hang out with all the top musicians in town just trying to learn from them.

03. Can you recall any particular moment that made you feel you wanted to be a musician/artist?

I've always had an artistic vibe. I loved drawing, designing.. At some point I decided to become an architect. I guess I wanted to express myself through a craft that would combine the art and technical skills. But music runs in my veins. In my teens when I hit the strings of a bass guitar (a Gibson, of course), I truly understood that it was my predilection - to be a musician.. I just fell in love with the first chords.

04. Were there more than just musicians surrounding you when you grew up?

I was an athlete, football player, so I spent some time in the sport environment. I also was a big skateboard fan. My friends and I used to practice our flips and spins listening to the new wave and punk music.

05. What was Detroit like for electronic music?

Detroit in the late 80s/early 90s had this magic atmosphere. That was a special period of my life and will remain so forever. The energy in Detroit at that time was off the charts! I was lucky to work with Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, Shake, Martin Bonds, Mad Mike, the Octave One brothers, Fragile Records, KMS Records, Metroplex Records and 430 West... That was a very creative city with some of the most talented people I have ever met in my life!

06. Do you consider yourself more of a musician/artist first or Dj?

I think I'm all them - I'm an artistic musician that happens to be one hell of a DJ!

07. You’re now a resident in France, when did you make the decision to come and live in Europe?

I love to travel and discover new horizons, to get inspired. From the start I chose to follow my dream and go to Europe where everything was happening for the techno. Europe has always been the place to be for dance music.

08. Your repertoire of music includes message content of black cultural awareness. Can you tell why this is so important to you?

Well first of all, black culture is a part of my heritage. And the heritage of mankind. Unfortunately today we still suffer from the racial prejudice. I feel this need to make a contribution, for people do not forget and remember the history. So I have been in a mindset of trying to bring some kind of attention to our brothers and sisters' unfortunate situation and somehow make a change for good with my music.

09. You have been in a restructuring faze the last 4 years or so. Why?

I just took some time to retool and find inspiration to be able to elevate my music to the next level.

10. What are your plans musically for 2015?

I have my Fade II Black Podcast every third Wednesday at 20:00 on Framed FM. I plan to make my rounds on the Dj circuit coming in 2015. Also I'm working on a whole lot of music for my label and others. So look out for my new music I'm very proud of. As for my label - Black Nation Records will be releasing some very strong music that I think will put us up there with the top labels.

The Decisive Podcast Series - Special #3
Track list

01. Harvey Mckay -killswitch
02. UVL-Destiny
03. Andres Gil-Arena
04. Ronny Vargara-Pharmatak (Skober Remix)
05. Adrian Hour-Again (Albero Ruiz Remix)
06. Dosem-Message
07. Enrico Sangiuliano-Restlessness
08. Dosem-Message (Coyu Remix)
09. Sheef Lentzki- Slave
07. Sam Paganini- Another chance
Carlo Ruetz-Sol (Stefano Noferini Re-Edit)
11. Enrico Sangiuliano-Capernoited (Jewel Kid Rework)
12. Benn Egger Piskor (Dj Entwan Remix)
13. Terrence Parker-Pentecost (Traumer Remix)
14. Sinisa Tamamovic-Mood
15. Seq9-Worms (Phuture Traxx Remix)
16. Terranova- Tourette (David Mayer Remix)
17. Skober-Back to life
18. Madben-My mad strings (Psycatron Remix)
19. Agoria-Make it real
20. Frankyeffe/Enrico Sangiuliano-Infinity
21. Roxx Cherry-Black lips (Simone De Biasio Remix)
22. Madban & Yann- Connected
23. Frankyeffe/Enrico Sangiuliano-Regular
24. Dani Sbert-Frontline
25. Feyser Metal City (Anthony Hypster Remix)
26. Alcatraz-Giv Me Luv (Nicole Moudaber Remix)
27. Mark Knight-Get Down
28. Funkbrainer- Lyacid
29. Olivier Giacomott-Heratless (Nick Curly Remix)
30. Traumer-Underlying (Madben Remix)
31. Fade II Black-In-Sync (Billy Johnston &Gennaro Remix)

Thanks to Roberto for having me on the show. And thanks to all my fans out there for their support and fidelity. Let's continue our journey in the galaxy of Techno!

Stay updated - follow me on Facebook and Soundcloud:

You can also download the show on:…/decisive-podcast-se…/id364388579…

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Roberto Q. Ingram Decisive Podcast #10 Munich Exclusive
April 28, 2015 01:58 PM PDT
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Hello My Peoples,
Its Tuesday April 28th 2015
My Name is Wayne Darren filling In for your host Roberto Q. Ingram.

Welcome to Decisive Podcast Series Music Exclusive featuring guest Dj`s from Munich & around the world. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy our show today.

Interview Questions

01. Born and raised?
Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in south California/Los Angeles.

02. When did you start djing? What brought you to professional Djing?
Early 80’s after seeing Herbie Hancock live performance on Soultrain with DJ DSL scratching

03. How did you develop as a professional Dj?

I bought vinyls and 2 turntables and mixer and stayed in my room hours to practice. Then I started to mix at weddings, then, parties, clubs and festivals, in the US first and then Europe too.

04. Why is music so culturally important to you?

All meaningful musics are inspired by things that are happening in the world and personal experiences. For me, it has always been about positive and negative things: traveling, love, loss… Music reflects our society, the events, the lessons that we learn. To put these into music, it is an art and the challenge to do so is endless. Music will always be culturally relevant.

05. Your Music Style? What can your fans expect to hear in your Dj sets?

I guess I can answer both question here. Well I try to keep myself grounded in quality music with very little boundaries. If I
need to give a discription i would say I prefer a deep influenced sound that takes the listener or party goer on a journey that encourages them to dance and challenges their imagination at the same time. Music that is percussive rhythm based, melodic, funky, groovy, with strong instrumentation & of course interesting.

06. Favorite club you have played? Why?

Although every place I play I treat it like its my last gig but there have been quite a few events where everything went perfect. I will go back in time a bit to events like Freerotation Festival July 22-25 2011, Mayday Love Parade 2000 and Celebration of Life Event in 2010. The one that rings my bell is The Valkana Beach Festival in 2002.

I remember my 6 hour detroit techno set in Disco Club Cult, it was the 4th day (the closing party) of the Valkana beach festival in 2002. It was insane, everything went perfect: energy, vibe, music, people, not to forget the daytime event where it rained on heavy hitting djs like Stacey Pullen, Sven Vath, Kenny Larkin, Doc Martin, the Croatian locals plus more and the vibe was just as intense.

07. What is the source of inspiration to do what you do?
First I love music but I can get inspiration from Anything!
life experiences, when I travel, my two trips to Africa, being by the sea, listening to other types of music ( latin & african jazz, soul, gospel, disco, funky breaks or old school hip hop). It is hard for me to say which artists inspire me because I enjoy so many. At the moment I will only name a few: The Last Poets, Osunlade, Theo Parrish, Dj Qu, Tama Sumo, Anthony Shake Shakir, Moodymann and Surgeon.

08. Have you ever received negative critics about your music? How do you respond to these?

Of course it is important that I try to do my best to have as many people to enjoy my music taste, yet I am my worst critic. I accept that people may or may not like my music but in most cases its a matter of taste that separates us. Music is more than a job to me, it is a passion, a form of expression and those expressions change constantly. It helps me to meditate and take a break from all the challenges of life.

09. Are you producing or any planned releases?

I been invited to do a collaboration with Arttu Snellman featuring the a side track "feel soul real ft Roberto Q. Inqram" that was released this month on Chiwax and Ihave a number of unreleased music ready and unfinished stuff and collaborations with Jay Denham, Arttu, Alex Flatner, Michel Baumann Aka Soulphiction and Sandra Gold I hope to be released late 2015.

10. What is your primary source to play music (vinyl,digital,USB,cd)?

I am balancing between vinyl and traktor. I feel that with vinyls sets are a bit more raw in with more a analog sound. And traktor gives me the opportunity to do things that are not technically possible and I have more access to different genres of music and gives you more options to manipulate the music.

11. What can Munich club & event providers do better for dance music as a culture in the region?

Its good that the Munich scene of clubs and bars is on high with a tremendous amount of options to choose from. I do think that there is room for improvement in the patronage department. I noticed that most of the venus are one way in one way out with the dance floor connected to the bar with people coming and out. This to me disrupts the dancers and party makers space and top of the line sound systems is a must.

Jay Scarlett-Decisive Podcast Series Munich Exclusive #9
April 03, 2015 12:21 AM PDT
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Decisive Podcast Series #9 with Guest mix by Jay Scarlett & Full Interview.

Hello Its April 3nd 2015 and you listening to another Decisive Podcast Series Munich Exclusive #9 with your host here of course Roberto Q. Ingram
Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the show.

First let me start by saying that if you want to follow the show you can do so by going to our website at and iTunes and until further notice we archive the shows on

Today i have to decided to break down the 4/4 groove to an electic vibe, by inviting to Decisive, Mr. Jay Scarlett from Sound Supreme on Pulse Radio. Before we get to his music mix, I want to tell you a little about the man behind the music.

Full Interview of Jay Scarlett

01. Born and raised?
Born & raised in London with a Caribbean influence.

02. When did you start Djing?

I started out djing at the age 16 for a sound system called Funkamatic south London based crew.

03. Why is music so Culturaly
important to you?

Music has always been a tool for me that connects me with my roots & present day experiences.

04. What Artists is an inspiration to you?

Bob Marley, Coltrane, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Nina Simone are amongst artists that have always had something positive to add to society in large, messages of Enlightenment & Freedom.

05. Your Music Style?

If eclectic is a word then lets use that as a source of what i like to do & play all genres and boundaries aside and just flow with the feeling of a soul based vibe.

06. Favorite label?

Favorite labels Trojon, Greensleeves, Taxi, Blue Note, Verve,brain feeder,warp, XL, Honest Jons, Brownswood, Monkeytown, so many but just a few to get an idea.

07. Favorite club you have played?

Plastic people, London Trouw, Amsterdam, APT Nyc , B1 Shibuya Japan.

08. Are you producing or any planned releases?

Two track this year one for Reggie B an american artists on Funko soul aquarian album & one for a rapper called note on his recently released Love & Indigence album.

09. What is your primary source to play music (vinyl,digital,USB,cd)?

Mainly digital platform at the moment as I do mostly everything on this platform and it keeps music accessible library wise.

10. What can your fans expect to hear in your Dj sets?

Every thing from Jazz to Classic Rap, House, Bass Music to Drum & Bass & Half Step & Reggae.

11. Up Coming Dates?

28.03 Jetztmusic festival Mannheim, Oflingst Open air festival, 22.05 Sonne Mund Sterne, August Uberjazz festival Hamburg, in November plus gigs around Munich Vienna.

12. Why were these tracks chosen for Decisive #8 ?

Music I’m feeling at the moment, Artists I like, followed & supported for a while.

13. Can you tell us more about your Sound supreme platform?

Sounds supreme is a platform on Pulse Radio that allows me to basically extend the music boundaries of a normal show that may just focus on one genre & also enables me to get producers who might not necessarily get the opportunity to get their music on mainstream stations to play out
on the sounds supreme show. its also about showcasing new & unreleased music from wider section of music that is available and of course done with a soulful underlining.

14. What can Munich club & event providers do better for dance music as a culture in the region?

Dance culture will be what it is here, disco orientated origins determine that but I guess a few things are starting appear from month to month but I guess just do something unexpected & captivating in other genres would be a good start.

Tracklist for Decisive Podcast #9

01. Fred Simon - Chèrie (Self Release)
02. Milan Tall Black Guy+Andy Saunderson - Wheat Bread and Eggs (Forthcoming on Thylacine Sounds)
03. D'Angelo - Betray My Heart (Dino Soccio Edit) (Self Release)
04. Leo Zero - Chi Town Serenade (Original Mix) (Midnight Riot)
05. Francis Bebey_Senza Tristesse (Simbad EDIT) (Self Release)
06. Charles Atangana & Emitais - Onguindo ( Tahira Edit) (Hot Casa records)
07. Mo Kolours - How I (Self Release)
08. Kamasi Washington - Run Home (Brainfeeder)
09. Sonzeria Bam Bam Bass - Brasil Pandeiro (Max Graef_Remix) (Brownswood Recordings)
10. Jose Gonzalez - This Is How We Walk On The Moon
11. GUMZ - African Space (Original Mix) (Broadcite Productions)
12. Emanative - Music Is The Healing Force (Steve Reid Foundation)

Thanks Roberto for the opportunity.

Markus Mehta - Decisive Podcast Series Munich Exclusive #8
March 04, 2015 06:39 AM PST
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Full Interview of Markus Mehta:

01. Born and raised?

I was born and raised in Munich, by my loving parents - a German mother and an Indian father. 

02. When did you start djing?

Pretty young. I started getting into djing when I was about 14 years old.

03. Why is music so culturally important to you?

Music is my passion and guide. It allows me to express myself, have exciting adventures, travel and meet extraordinary people. 

04. What artist is an inspiration to you?

Derrick May has been an inspiration to me in many different ways, not only musically. Not all of them are suitable for minors. Haha!

05. Your music style?

Cutting edge electronic music that comes from the heart.

06. Favorite label?

I am always on the hunt for new and exciting music and do not have one favorite label.

07. Favorite club you have played at?

Berghain in Berlin. 

08. Are you producing or have any planned releases?

Yes, I have a lot of new solo material, as well as music I've produced together with Alec Chizhik, ready for release this year. Please check my website and Facebook page for more info soon.

09. What is your primary source to play music (vinyl, digital, USB, CD)?

I am using Traktor with two turntables, time code vinyl, a Native Instruments X1 controller and some effects.

10. What can we expect to hear in your dj set?

I've recorded this mix at a gig in Helsinki last January. It captures the early morning vibe. The club was a pitch-black, mid-sized room with a bumping sound system and the crowd was going for it. I got to play lots of tracks I don't always get to play out. It was great fun morphing sounds from deep to energetic to hedonistic and back. 

11. Tracklist?

01. Markus Homm “Big Sweet” Bondage
02. Alessio Mereu “Three In One” Amam
03. Genius Of Time “Juno Jam” Running Back
04. Tantsui “Rainyman” No Passport
05. Andre Butano & Demian Muller “Cap Ducal” Cadenza Lab
06. Mono Negro “3rd Strike - Rootz Remix” Be An Ape
07. Tobsin Graale “A New Level - Christian Burkhardt Remix” Tanzbar
08. Frank Lorber & Christian Burkhardt “Solar” Saved
09. Timid Boy “The Bubble Track” Tenampa
10. Alessan Main “Research - Henning Richter Remix” Sujet
11. Dakpa “3.2” Serial Number 849
12. DJ Boris “Give Yourself - Danny Serrano Remix” Nirvana

12. Upcoming dates?

My next upcoming gig in Munich is on Thursday, March 12 at Rote Sonne for the Electronic Soul party. I am looking forward to a casually wild night at this great venue - sharing music and special moments with friends on the dancefloor and behind the decks.

14. What can Munich club & event providers do better for dance music as a culture in the region?

I think Munich has a very healthy scene and I enjoy myself going out clubbing here. Many great domestic as well as international artists are playing in town every weekend. On the down side it is maybe a bit to serious and political at times. 

Afrikan Sciences Decisive Podcast#7 Black History Month Edition
February 03, 2015 03:10 PM PST
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Hello Music Enthusiast World Wide, Its February 4th 2015, This is The Decisive Podcast#7 Black History Month Edition. I am your host Roberto Q. Ingram. Welcome to the Decisive Podcast Black History Month Special#7 featuring music by a young African american by the name of Afrikan Sciences (aka Eric Porter). Thanks for listen and I hope you enjoy the program. Below you will find interview question about our guest artist/musician.

Full Interview with Afrikan Sciences.

01. Where were you born and raised?
I was born in Brooklyn but moved away at a young age. I moved around the country a bit. I lived in Oakland for 10 years but the thing is I have lived in a lot of places in my life maybe too many to list. I spent part of my childhood in the south, back and forth between there and New York. I've lived in New Jersey,Alabama, back to New York,Georgia ,Florida ,California , now back to New York . Kind of gypsy like.

02. Have you had strong musical influences in your upbringing?
Yes my father was a music enthusiast so was my mother. Also at a young age I was exposed to DJ culture. My mother even dated a dj at one point and I remember being fascinated by the lights on all of the equipment. It reminded me of a spaceship.

03. Can you recall any particular moment that made you feel you wanted to be a musician/artist?
Yes getting my hands on a few keyboards at a young age, I knew that I wanted to live out the music and become a part of its creation.

04. Were there more than just musicians surrounding you when you grew up?
Of course ,my mother was a painter, there were scholars, carpenters, activists, Authors, art galleries, church people, And you know just regular every day people.

05. What is the Bronx like for electronic music?
What can you say about the Bronx to birthplace for hip-hop. So in terms of that you know that ,there's always that legacy but as far as electronic music, I don't know if it's necessarily what is known for but you know it's good to be close to something ,a place that you know ,Birthed a music and culture that I hold so dear.

06. Do you consider yourself more of a musician/artist first or Dj?
First and foremost consider myself an artist who DJs but the reality is DJ Ing was my first passion for how I gained my knowledge of music so the two are going hand-in-hand.

07. Why make the move from Oakland to the Bronx?
I think every few years it's good to switch things up reinvent yourself or moles that way you don't become too complacent with your surroundings.

08. Your repertoire of music includes Polyrhythms, Afro-futurism, experimental. Can you tell why this is so important to you?
The term Afro  futurism is a point of contention for myself. I don't necessarily  subscribe to it but in essence, it is the concept behind what sciences i'm referring to when I say Afrikan sciences. Let's see what these traditional rhythm sound like coming through this technology so that's the connection and experimentation that's just natural, you have to explore in order to take yourself where you haven't been before.

09. Can you tell us 4 of your most important studio tools?
Sure, first is ableton Live, second my upright bass, third my moog and last but not least my feeling.

10. I got hip to your music for a little more than year now thanks to AYBEE from Deepblak recordings(wicked artist as well) and you two make a great live pair. How did this develop?
Me and Aybee are kindred spirits men that's Oakland all day baby. That's my brother in arms, fellow astral traveler. I was like a hitchhiker and the Deepblak picked me up along the way.

11. What are your plans musically for 2015?
I plan on doing some touring in the upcoming months. More music is being recorded as well. I've got a few projects that I look forward to seeing being released. Other than that you know, just trying to continue forward movements.

Thank you for the interview Afrikan Sciences

Tracklist for Decisive podcast #7 special, THE DREAMERS DISCO UNDERSTANDING.
Malena Perez - The Dreamer
Theo Parrish - Be in Yo Self
The Maghreban - MT707
Succulent Sounds - Trueflower
Jay Daniel - Brainz
Tettory Bad ft Shea Soul - Its Ur time
T.P. Orchestre - Hwe Tuwe Hun
Beat Spacek - Tonite
Heidi Vogel - Turn Up The Quiet (IG Culture remix)
Nubian Mindz - Good Vibez
Afrikan Sciences - Understand Build Destroy To Make Born
HDADD - SailorAlex
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Mike Trend Decisive Podcast Munich Resident Exclusive #5
January 14, 2015 09:21 AM PST
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Born and raised?

In Munich

When did you start djing?

I started djing with Hip Hop records in1996 when i was 16. In 2000 when Hip Hop developed in strange ways (bling bling Business winking ) i sold my whole equipment. In 2002 I discovered electronic music during a holiday in italy when I joined partys in clubs like Cocorico, Echoes and Peter Pan. When I was back in Munich the first thing i did was buying 2 Turntables and a mixer and of course tons of house music records…

Why is music so Culturley important to you?

Music is my "long-time friend“. Music has been and will ever be a part of my live. I don’t know why iT#s so important but I can’t imagine a life without.

What Artists is an inspiration to you?

there are a lot of great artists in the electronic music scene like Ricardo Villalobos, DJ Koze, Efdemin, Martin Buttrich, Livio & Roby, Marc Antona but one of the most influential artists for me is for sure Louie Vega (Masters At Work). After i first saw and heard him play i got addicted to house music. Until today for me he is one of the best dis on this planet even tough the music he plays now is not my style anymore.

Your Music Style?

i used to play US deep and vocal house records for a long time but techno music became more and more interesting for me in the past years. So i would say my current style is a mix of deep-, tech and minimal house/techno….

Favorite label?

I have a lot of favorite labels: Pampa, Dissonant, Moan, Vakant, …. just to name a few

Favorite club you have played?

Katerholzig / KaterBlau in Berlin (former BAR25): Best Crowd (best door politics), Best Soundsytem I played on

Are you producing or any planned releases?

I started producing in 2010. In 2012 I met Basti Grub - a producer/live act from Frankfurt, Germany. We did some releases together on great labels like Desolat, Compost, Kina Music, Moan amm. I learned a lot from him and my own studio grew bigger and bigger. In 2014 I released my first album on the italian imprint „Amazing Music“ which I can describe as quiet experimental smiley At the moment I’m working on a release with my „TLT-Buddies“ Roberto Sotgia and Phil Kamp, I’m still making music with Basti Grub and of course I got some own projects to finish.

What is your primary source to play music (vinyl,digital,USB,cd)?

i tested nearly every way of playing music. I started with vinyl, switched to the Pioneer CDJs (CDs), switched to traktor-dj and also tried the CDJs with USB - in the end it doesn’t matter - the output is the most important.

What can your fans expect to hear in your Dj sets?

quality music smiley I always try to deliver the right soundtrack for each moment. There should be a little journey in every dj-set.

Up Coming Dates?

30.01.2015 - Freiheit 2112 / Frankfurt 06.02.2015 - Ponyhof Darmstadt TLT-Radioshow on VibeAlive FM 15. or 22.01.2015

Track list and why you chose the tracks?

you asked me to challenge the listeners so i was raiding the crates winking I have some great memories for every single song on this mix. (Sometimes my mixing may be a bit eclectic but i hope you enjoy it anyway)

Decisive Podcast Track list?

Ricardo Villalobos - Monchnochich

Ben Klock - OK feat. Elif Bicer

Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts #6

The Persuader - What’s The Time Mr. Templar

Ruede Hagelstein - In A Stream

Blackjoy - Moustache

Luna City Express - Diamonds And Pearls (Mathias Kaden Remix)

Fabio Gianelli - Grenouille

Guillaume & The Coutu

Dumonts - Ocre

dOP - Blanche Neige

Seuil - Lost In The Soul Shower

Omar S - Flying Gorgars

Cab Drivers - Get It!

Idris Muhammad - Could Heaven Ever Be Like This

What can Munich club & event providers do better for dance music as a culture in the region?

When I look back I think munich’s nightlife culture developed very well over the past years. Of course there is always something to improve (better sound system, door politics, etc.), but all in all I’m happy.’

BENNA Decisive podcast Munich Resident Exclusive #4
December 26, 2014 02:27 PM PST
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Born and raised?

I was born in Bayern Munich and raised in the country side located in Ammersee nearly one hour from Munich City.

When did you start djing?

At the age of 15. I was more into Hip Hop, so naturally I bought one turntable to learn how to scratch , then one year later I bought another turntable and then I discovered electronic music. Track list and why you chose the tracks? In the beginning I wanted to record laid back, stripped down house set but then i thought, Na let me do a laid back banger. So it’s more or less a club mix with its up and downs. I really like dark spacey atmosphere of this mix because it is the style of music I like to play in my DJ Sets.

What Artist is an Inspiration?

Wow Tough Question. I can’t chose one particular. There are so many and it changes so often ha, ha.

Favorite Label?

If i had to pick one it´s the "Running back" because you can find different genres released on the label. It´s a great collection of good music.

Favorite Club you have played?

Wasn’t a club but an awesome Open Air Location near Munich. Massive Sound system, killer vibe and sunshine all day.

Are you producing or any planned releases?

I’m producing quite a lot at the moment. And my Studio gets bigger and bigger. There is almost no space left for my bed in my room haha. But there aren’t any releases planned. I want to do it naturally. When time has come than it’s ok. No rush or pressure.

What is your primary source to play music (vinyl,digital,USB,cd)?

At the Moment i play all my sets with two USB sticks. I’m such a lazy comfortable guy and I think it’s great, to have your whole music collection with you. I still got some love for my vinyls but they stay at home smiley

What can your fans expect to hear in your Dj sets?

I’m really versatile. From the lowest House to Banger Techno. But it’s always very melodic. Sometimes uplifting and sometimes melancholic. Depends on the club, crowd, playtime and so on.

Dj Dates

27.12.2014 - MMA with Moodyman

01.12.2015 - Rote Sonne NYE Afterhours

23.01.2015 - Rote Sonne with Matze Cramer and Catz’n’Dogz

Tracklist for Decisive Podcast Exclusive #4

Sebbo - Watamu Beach (Moritz Von Oswald Rework)

Left (CH) - Hells Heat

Sebastian Mullaert - Recapturing The Radical Self (Original Mix)

Mr. G - Life's Riddim (The Conversation) (Original Mix)

Aubrey - Rapid Fix (Original Mix)

Tin Man - What a Shame (Instrumental Mix)

Mike Wall - Maidmoselle (Markus Suckut Remix)

Philipp Gorbachev - Arrest Me (JD Twitch Edit)

Mark Henning - Mad Half Hour

Daniel Stefanik - Confidence (Original Mix)

Heiko Laux - Writin' Time Part 2

Clouds - Last Chance To Trance (Original Mix)

Seph - 162024 (Original Mix)

Clay Wilson - Oizumi (Original Mix)

Dark Sky - Rainkist (Marcel Dettmann Remix)

Clay Wilson - E4 (Original Mix)

Efdemin - Parallaxis (Traumprinz' Over 2 The End Remix)

Thanks for having me. Have a great time all of you and enjoy the Mix. Peace

Deep Down Dave Decisive Podcast - Munich Resident Exclusive #2
December 05, 2014 01:28 AM PST
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Decisive Podcast Series 2014 Hosted By Roberto Q. Ingram "Munich Resident Exclusive" Now till the end January 2015, I will be featuring guest mixes from local resident dj´s in Munich and abroad. Passionate Dj`s known and up coming because of their decisive music taste, uncompromised to challenge the listeners imagination. I have noticed that these talents getting attention in the Munich electronic scene. There are more and we will get to them but for the moment I will only name a few like Markus Mehta, Deep Down Dave, Kareem El Morr, Philipp Von Bergmann, Liza and Special Guest from Croatia Ivan Komlinovic. Second up on the show is: Deep Down Dave. I have know Dave for nearly 7 years now and I could remember back in the day, in his room while we listened to the new records he bought and a few of his dj mixes. The sound was right up my alley Deep. I can remember calling him Deep Down Davey Dave. He is a warm hearted guy that I find quite interesting because of passion for the music. Here is his story.

Where were you Born and Raised?

I was born in Starnberg close to Munich and raised in a small Town called Wolfratshausen in the South of Munich.

When did you start djing?

I started DJing in 1991 and collecting music in the mean time it's been almost 24 years now. I got infected naturally. Becoming a DJ was always my goal and back when I was 14 my first party in a cellar. Just with a simple Turntable and 2 CD players without a Mixer. Just playing track after track to keep the vibe going. When I turned 15 I started with Hip Hop Djing at a youthcenter, there I could practice my skillz on 1210´s. When I turned 18 I asked my dad to give me the money he saved to buy my first car. I said to him. I don´t want a car. I want my own Technics 1210´s ! I still own them, at 18 I discovered the Munich Nightlife back then my favorite place was Ultraschall Club in Riem. I was inspired by so many great DJ´s like Joey Beltram, Dave Clarke, Cristian Vogel and Jeff Mills. After each club performance I went back home and practiced a lot to improve my mixing skillz, then I started making a lot of Mixtapes on Cassette and shared these with people that felt right to me. That is how I got into da game.

Are you producing your own music?

Well I started buying me gear in recently, yes I am working on own productions. I recently joined the Tuesday Slump Label and yes I want to release my music when it feels right for me.

What Artist is an Inspiration to you?

The artists I admire are Levon Vincent, Kassem Mosse, Shed, DJ Qu and Stenny

Favorite Label?

Novel Sound, Workshop and Dekmantel

Favorite Club?

I am a resident at the Rote Sonne Club in Munich which is my favorite place to play. Feels like home there !

Why did you choose these Tracks?

Well I wanted to create a Mix mainly with tracks I bought recently. So this is a Mix with fresh tunes that I really love at the moment. Some others haven´t even been released. There are 3 tracks from close friends from Munich in this Mix which will be released in near future and I wanted those Tracks to be heard out there. There is SCNTST. A very young and talented Nice Guy which I am a great Fan of. He will soon be releasing an Ambient Album which is great from beginning till end and the Track I choose from this album is a perfect Interlude to this Mix. Then there is Andi Damaschun. A very close friend of mine from Munich. He is the co founder of new upcoming and interesting label "Tuesday Slump" which I joined recently and the perfect label for some of my own stuff in the future. Then there's Trap10, who are also kind, talented guys and friends of mine. They made a few great Tracks recently and the Track FRQ28 which is featured in my Podcast will probably be released at an acclaimed Berlin based techno label next year. A pure Dancefloor Bomb.

What do you think about the Munich Underground Club Scene?

Munich´s got a great scene. There´s also a lot of talented producers in and around Munich at the moment like The Zenker Brothers, SCNTST, MRAD, Trap10, Mirco Schilk, Henry Gilles and the Public Possesion Guys to name a few. There are for sure some more out there. We will see. I am looking forward for everything upcoming from these guys. There are some interesting Clubs like Rote Sonne, MMA, Kong or Bob Beaman but there is also something I would like to change each one of those clubs. I miss a Top Notch Club in Munich to be honest.

What is your primary source for playing your music (vinyl,digital,USB, cd)?

Vinyl of course. I am really in Love with Vinyl since the beginning and I won´t stop ! I also play sometimes Tracks from CD. But rarely.

Do you have another profession?

Yes. I am selling flowers at the Grossmarkthalle in Munich.

What can your fans expect to hear in your Dj sets?

A well balanced mixture of Music from the past and the present. I really love to create journeys through different styles between Deep House, Chicago House, Detroit, Dub Techno, Broken Beats and Electro. Always depends on my mood and how I feel. Expect the Unexpected ! You can hear Deep Down Dave at his next gigs on these dates: 06.12.14 Kesselhaus O1.01. Stock 5 Afterhour Rote Sonne 31.01.15 Rote Sonne with Ben Sims and Phillip von Bergmann Decisive

Podcast Deep Down Dave Track List:

01. SCNTST - Render for Peace - Boys Noize

02. Various Artists - Quarter Notes 3 - A2

03. Mark E - Night Heart - Futureboogie

04. Tuff City Kids - Breacher - Ostgut Ton

05. Juju & Jordash - Untitled - Dekmantel

06. DJ Gregory - And - Faya Combo

07. MFO - Anti Social Plan - Dekmantel,

08. Trap10 - FRQ28 - Not on Label

09. Flug - Shaping the Way - Enemy Records

10. Damaschun - Bitch me Up - Tuesday Slump

11. Trus´me - Moonlight Kiss (Skudge Rmx) - Prime Numbers

12. The Exaltics - Never be Enough - Clone West Coast Series

13. Marco Zenker - Geezin - Ilian Tape

The next Decisive Podcast Series Munich Resident Exclusive mixes will be, in random order is: Markus Mehta Electronic Soul Benna Harryklein Resident Kareem El Morr Munich Resident Roberto Q.Ingram Munich Resident Special Guest from Croatia Ivan Komlinovic Then more in January 2015 "Great News & surpise International Guests so stay tuned.

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