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Maurice Paloni - Decisive Podcast Sunday Edition
October 01, 2016 10:50 AM PDT
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Hello Everyone,
Its October 2, 2016 and your listening to a Sunday edition of the Decisive Podcast Series Munich Exclusive.
Welcome to the podcast Maurice Paloni a young talent living in Munich, Germany. Unlike the regular more informative episodes he prefers to let the music speak for it self. So chill out and relax as this young mate throws down proper sounds. Enjoy The Ride!

Peace your Host Roberto Q. Ingram

Donnell Knox - Decisive Podcast Series Special #10
September 13, 2016 08:51 AM PDT
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Hello Everyone,
Its September 13, 2016 Welcome to the Decisive Podcast Series Special #10,
I am glad that your here and I do hope you enjoy the Podcast today.

Please welcome my guest Mr. Donnell Knox from Kalamazoo Michigan, and record label owner of Sonic Mind.

You will be listening to his exclusive dj mix for the show and we will dig into what this talented man is all about, we discuss topics like the underground music biz, life, friendships, studio production, music history and what makes Mr. Knox Tick.

Grab your listening device, put on your headphones, Kick off your shoes and lets get to it. The Decisive Podcast Series Special is now underway.

Enjoy my friends,
Your Host Roberto Q. Ingram

Sonic Mind: https://www.facebook.com/sonicmindrecords/

Decisive Podcast Group:



Danijel Kevic Decisive Podcast Guest mix
August 10, 2016 11:41 AM PDT
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Hello Everyone please welcome to the Decisive Podcast Series guest mix Danijel Kevic from Bosnia.

1. How long you been producing?

I am into production six years.

2. How long you been djing?

I work as a DJ eleven years.

3. I was born In Bosnia,City Banja Luka.

4. Any music schooling?


5. Do you have another profession?

Yes i have,I am tennis player and tennis coach.

6. How old are ?

I am 28

7. Tell me about your podcast and why you selected this sound for the Show?

I follow and listening to the Decisive Podcast Series, and I had a wish to do mix because on this podcast I heard great music. That gave me inspiration of selected and search tracks for exclusively for this show.

8. Your favourite producers and influencial musicians past to present?

In my beginnings I was fascinated with the sound of Detroit and Chicago and is still in me. I can list some of the names like Juan Atkins(Metroplex),Carl Craig (Planet E), Aaron-Carl,Eddie Flashin Fowlkes,Underground Ressitance,Anthony Shakir,Drexciya, Mike Huckaby,Terrence Parker,Theo Parrish, Moodymann(Kenny Dixon JR.) KdJ Records, Ron Hardy, Rick Wade, Omar S.Kylle Hall and more.

9. What do you use for production when your in the studio?
I use Ableton 9 with Native Instruments Maschine and M audio midi. I use lot of plugins and combine them all together.

10. Do you have any releases?

Yes here on Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/morning-groove-you-newa-know/1779388

11. What was your most important gig and location in Bosnia?

Fresh Wave Festival this year in Banja Luka. FWF is the best electronic music festival in my Country and i am work worm up for Marshall Jefferson.

Thank you very much Roberto for this opportunity, I am grateful.

Here is my Playlist,

Guest mix track list:
1.Orson Wells - Ratio
2.Earl Jeffers - Gloria
3.Boundaries - Iron Curtis No Boundaries Dub
4.Boo Williams - Piano Trance
5.Snacks - Between You & Me (Ooft! Remix)
6.Mike Huckaby - Baseline 87
7.Mike Grant - Late Night
8.Delano Smith - Untitled 5
9.Terrence Parker - Alarm The Sound [john tejada rmx]
10.Gnork - A2 Well It Was Just A Tree
11.Nick Sole - Simple Things
12.Deep 88 - Sunday Morning
13.Virginia - Never Underestimate
14.Rick Wilhite - Get On Up!! (Theo Parrish' Late dub)

Thanks to all of you for listening to the show everyone, Peace Roberto Ingram

Myles Serge - Decisive Podcast Series Special #9
July 21, 2016 09:21 AM PDT
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Hello everyone its July 21, 2016
I am Roberto Q. Ingram your host and this is the Decisive Podcast Series Special #9 with my Guest MYLES SERGÉ from Grand Rapids MI, USA, label owner of RE(FORM), Space, (MS), and Dosed Recordings

Today we will be listening to a complete interview with my guest then later in the week I will post Myles music mix with the the interview and like most of the Decisive series we will be speaking about a lot of different topics, music, production, club culture, his personal views, collaborations and of course we will discuss the ups and downs with managing his own independent record label.

Myles is known for his humble personality with many house & techno releases on labels like: Ferox, Ilian Tape,Thema , Metamorphic, Caduceus Records, Knotweed Records, Sweatshop, Night Drive Music,

When I met him 4 years ago in Whales after hearing his dj sets my first impression was that he has a warm raw and demanding approach to his sound, which excites me because there was no compromise to what he feels from with in. Since then we have become close friends through this important channel of communication portal called Music.

So please welcome to the Decisive Podcast Series Special #9 with full interview,
MYLES SERGÉ. Please note that I apologise that we have no tract list this time around.

Decisive Podcast Special Series - Dj Spider
July 07, 2016 10:27 AM PDT
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Hello Everyone and welcome to the underground, You are listening to the Decisive Podcast Series Special with my Guest Dj Spider from Jersey City and record label owner of Plan B Recordings & Sublevel Sounds.

We will be speaking about a lot of different topics, music, production, club culture, his personal views, collaborations in the studio with other like minded producers and musicians and of course we will discuss the ups and downs with owning your own record label.

For me Dj Spider is a prime example of an artist that thrives on defying the law of gravity by expressing exactly what matters to him most. When I met him 3 years ago at Freerotation Festival in Wales http://www.freerotation.com, my first impression was that he is a genuine and passionate individual deeply routed in the world of music. Till this day I am impressed with his crafty focus on the darker side of sound in combination with soul, shedding light on his politic views also whats going on in our city streets. I find this to be and important art form to be able to vindicate his message to the world.

So please welcome to the Decisive Podcast Series Special #8 with full interview,
July 7, 2016 my friend Dj Spider. djspiderbookings@gmail.com / https://planbrecordings.bandcamp.com / sublevelsounds.com. As always the podcast will be posted on https://soundcloud.com/roberto-q-ingram and https://soundcloud.com/djspidernyc then you can listen to Dj Spider`s music mix in its intirtiy without the interview.

Decisive Podcast Series Special #8 Tracklist:

DJ Spider - Decisive Podcast Series (July 2016)

1 - Urban Warfare - DJ Spider (Personal Mythologies Remix) (Hooded Records)
2 - Debt = Slavery - DJ Spider (Plan B Recordings)
3 - The Weight of Disbelief - Dakini9 (Plan B Recordings)
4 - Fallen Angel - DJ Spider & Marshallito (subBASS Soundsystem)
5 - All the Downloads - Kerri Chandler (Downtown161)
6 - Urantia of Nebadon - DJ Spider (Green Village)
7 - Planned Obsolescence - DJ Spider (Vanguard Sound!)
8 - Divide & Conquer - DJ Spider (Green Village)
9 - Late Night Groove - Hakim Murphy (Planet Detroit)
10 - Slithis - DJ Spider & Franklin De Costa (KilleKill)
11 - Montag - DJ Spider (Rekids)
12 - Alright - Mauser (Plan B Recordings)
13 - African Dance - Sam Irl (Pulver Records)
14 - Apricot - P'taah (Ubiquity)

*Recorded on two Technics Turntables, 1 Pioneer CDJ through a Rane Rotary Mixer in my studio, live in Jersey City, NJ spidermusic.net / djspiderbookings@gmail.com / planbrecordings.bandcamp.com / sublevelsounds.com

Next up on Decisive Podcast Special Series.
I am happy to have with us this time around Myles Sergé Clark Grand Rapids Michigan Detroit, Donnell Knox Poland/Detroit and Lenny Posso Berlin/New York. Decisive Podcast Guest Mix by Danijel Kevic, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Decisive Podcast Munich Exclusive Maurice Paloni, Germany. It all starts with my Decisive Podcast Summer Mix this week on Thursday. Stay tuned for some wicked music for wide minded persons that dig quality and diversity.

Roberto Ingram `Late Spring Mix` Decisive Podcast Series.
June 15, 2016 12:47 PM PDT
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Hello Everyone,
Here is another podcast by your host Roberto Q. Ingram and this one is all about nice tantalizing house music to listen and enjoy.

Are you feeling good about the spring and summer? If your on a long drive, chilling intimately with your partner, at work, lying in the sun or even getting ready to go out to a club. Then this vibe is definitely for you.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the music.
Roberto Q. Ingram

Check Out My Facebook Decisive Podcast Group and be a part of the family:


Roberto Ingram Decisive Podcast Series May 11, 2016
May 10, 2016 01:48 PM PDT
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Hello Peeps,
Yeah I know what your thinking, Damn dude its been a while since your last underground music mix! Funny because I was thinking the same but I will not feed you a bunch of excuses cause hey good things come to those that wait.
So with out ranting and raving about what was lets get it on with whats going on now and here is the answer "Solar Eclipse", my new dj mix.

I decided that although its spring time I will go against the grain on this one and go straight forward like a bat out of hell, take no prisoners, cuts no corners, no shake and bake but my goal is to mystify you with a little more than 60 minutes of 100% pure Techno.
To those who are open minded "Warning this musical content you are about to hear is highly addictive" So with further due lets get it on ya`ll.

Keep it Real, Roberto Ingram

Move D - Decisive Podcast Series Special #7
September 16, 2015 04:54 AM PDT
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I am excited to have my friend David Moufang Aka Move D" on The Decisive Podcast Series Special Guest feature #7. with your Decisive podcast host Roberto Ingram. The Decisive Special #7 begins today September 16th, 2015 at 18:00 CET with an extended Real Talk audio interview recorded via skype as we listen to David`s dj set recorded recently at "About Blank Berlin".

Then for your listening pleasure on friday September 18, 2015 the podcast will posted with a link to the entire dj set without the interview, on my soundcloud page here: https://soundcloud.com/roberto-q-ingr…/sets/decisive-podcast. Stay Tuned Peeps, House music in full effect.

The show has no written interview do to the live take and the track list will be posted at a later date.

German Version:
Ich freue mich meinen Freund David Moufang Aka Move D" bei The Decisive Podcast Series Special Guest Funktion # 7 Podcast dem von mir, Roberto Ingram, initiierten Podcast begrüßen zu dürfen. Der Podcast wird heute, Mittwoch, 16. September, um 18:00 Uhr MEZ mit einem ausführlichen Real Talk-Interview über Skype aufgenommen und zur gleichen Zeit wie David`s dj set "About Blank Berlin" zu hören sein. https://soundcloud.com/roberto-q-ingr…/sets/decisive-podcast: Nach dem Podcast werde ich für euch einen Link über das gesamte DJ-Set, ohne das Interview, auf meiner Soundcloud-Seite posten. Bleibt dabei Leute , Housemusic in Full Effekt !

Danke Roberto Q. Ingram

FBK Decisive Podcast Series Special #6
July 31, 2015 09:10 AM PDT
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July 31st 2015

FBK Aka Kevin Kennedy Decisive Podcast Special #6
Everyone and yeah that means all of you smiley

Today you can expect great music, a captivating interview and a whole lot of love for quality music across the board. Thanks to Kevin M. Kennedy and you for being a part this very important project of mine. You read about him and the track list below.

Kevin Kennedy - Full Interview     
01. Where were you born and raised?
I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio.  I have spent time living in North Carolina and Illinois, but I currently reside back in Columbus.  3.5 hours south of Detroit (which I call my 'spiritual home,' mainly because of the strong connections I've made over the years with several people-and the fact I can drive the city without a GPS)!

02. Have you had strong musical influences in your upbringing ?
Absolutely.  My mother and father were both artistically and musically inclined (My mother played piano and my father was a singer and dancer).  There was always music in my home from as early as I remember, from disco to soul and even classical music.   I picked up playing music and performing at around age 8.  So yes, it's been a lifetime commitment!

03. How long have you been producing? What is your motivation to continue?
I started making music of my own in the late 80s-early 1990, when I met Eric Weaver, who convinced me to take my love of hip-hop and my poetry writing to a beat.  I became a member of the Poets of Heresy in 1990 where I rapped, played guitar and and later played keyboards and sang.  During that time, I began assembling some instruments to attempt to build a studio for making hip-hop beats...I failed miserably at that....my first synths were a DX 100 and a Casio CZ-101...I started making experimental tunes, learning how to program.  Then I got a drum machine and an Emu Emax sampler.  In 1994, I started making danceable music...I've never really looked back since.
 My motivation to continue?  I have tried on a few occasions to 'retire,' but I've always come back to creating music...some of the darkest times in my life have been those times when I've fought my creativity and my need to express myself through art.  So, as apocalyptic as it may sound-I cannot stop because I will die if I do.  It's the only way I know. 

04. I have been listening to your works for years now, tell me where does Mr. Kennedy get his inspiration musically?
I tend to get my inspiration from the world around me, whether it be from people I meet, the sound of the cicadas in the summer night, the sounds of machinery, love, success, disappointment...good times and bad.  My music encompasses a range of human emotion, and I try to let that feeling and my own self be intertwined in my work.  Also, I get inspired by my brother James Johnson (Metroplex artist Plural, and the other half of our group-The Fallen), because both of us work separately in our studios in the same house...and when he starts working-I feel the need to do so as well!

05. I understand you are fascinated with engineering and rebuilding your studio machines. Why is that?
As a younger man, I studied electronics in school, and learned to solder and build circuits.  I passed the state electronics test and was in the top 1% of all who took the test that year (which included college-age students).  I have a passion for making things work and I love building things with my own hands (but I'm horrible at car mechanic work...haha).  As time passes, there are several machines that are now 'vintage,' and it is important to me to keep some of those items in working order-if not for myself, but for others.  That, and when you're broke, you learn quickly that being able to do it yourself will save you time and money.  And in some cases, you can use those same skills to build things that few others possess-like Mutable Instruments fine (but now discontinued) Shruthi-1.  Shout out to Olivier Gillet!

06. Do you consider yourself more of a musician/artist first or Dj?
I don't consider myself much more than a glorified computer programmer who happens to be a stage performer.  I've been DJing since around 1988, I've been a 'professional' musician since 1990, and a dance music producer since 1994 or so.  I am an artist, but I love to entertain more than anything else...so hopefully when I'm performing live or DJing, I'm entertainingsmiley  

07.  I noticed that you caught the attention of the MDR label owner Marcel Dettmann and release due on the label. How did this come about?
I was fortunate to have Mr. Dettmann ask to license one of my tunes for his 'Conducted' mix CD (a track I did called Nanomal, on Arne Weinberg's fine Diametric. imprint), and I later tracked him down to say 'thank you' personally while he was playing in Detroit during the Movement festival.  I was shocked that he had my first couple of records and knew my work.  We began exchanging emails and I started sending him tunes on a regular basis.  He is very particular and discerning when it comes to music, and it was great to be pushed by someone who is at the level he is in the industry.  I seem to have a knack for working with those who have very discriminating tastes-as Arne, Anthony 'Shake' Shakir, and Marcel all fall into this category.  In short-my career is a study in persistence.

08. Does Columbus, Ohio care for electronic music?
Yes.  Very much so.  There are several events happening every weekend here in town, and at last count about 40 different promotional crews active and throwing diverse events-from EDM shows to 'underground'  all night dance parties, to club nights and even some art-type of events with international acts performing in non-traditional settings.  TiTonTon Duvante and Todd Sines both are/were local to Columbus and instrumental in the scene in the early 90s, and influences on me to try my hand. My good friend Seth Dedikate (Musicality Records) now lives in Detroit and was a great part of the city.  Currently, there are people like Jed James and Tony Fairchild (the Contrast Music crew) throwing a rather sizeable monthly called Midwest Fresh, along with Kevin Schuyler (who also does a great monthly event called Future Maudit)...and there are some really good up-and-coming producers like 9Star and Krahel, and also Dr. Zapata (who I done some remix work for) who many should be on the lookout for.  Some great DJs here as well like Mike Amerine, Aaron Beckett and Aaron Austen (I know I'm leaving quite a few people out here)...Basilio Santiago...there are a ton of talented DJs here...and now some great visual artists/VJs like my friend Joey (VJ Vendetta) who are making the events not only an audio experience-but a great visual one as well.  

09. What are your plans musically for 2015?
Currently, I have been working on the first vinyl release for The Fallen, which is the live improvised techno act I do with James Johnson (which I'm very excited by the results so far), I have about 3 releases coming later this year (BARBA and a few others that I cannot speak on quite yet), I'm looking to perform more live shows as FBK, DJ and also more live shows with The Fallen.  If you're interested in it and reading this-HIT ME UP!

10. Do you have another profession?
When I'm not making noise, I'm making food.  I am a chef...cooking is my other passion in life.  Good music and good food seem to go hand in hand.  And when you cook for others, it's a lot like being on stage!

11.  When your performing live or djing, what should people expect to hear?
When I perform live, you'll usually find my set to be an evolving, hypnotic sound that can pull you in and make you dance.  A delight to the ears?  When I perform with The Fallen, it is an all out assault that my homey Terrence Dixon says is "the best live performance he's seen."  (his words, not mine!)  When I DJ (as I did for the podcast), expect a fun mix of primarily my own works, with lots of things thrown into the mix that you won't expect.  And to have a great time.  I like to give people an experience that goes all over the map but remains fun, funky and dance-inducing. 

And I thank you very much Roberto for the opportunity to do this mix for your podcast!  It is an honor!

Thank you,

Rennie Foster Decisive Podcast Series Special #5
July 03, 2015 11:51 AM PDT
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Today we have another Decisive Podcast Series Special. Please welcome from Vancouver British Canada Mr. Rennie Foster, with your host Roberto Ingram. Tune in as our guest saturates your ears with a deep, emotional and relaxed sound for easy listening.

Rennie Foster Decisive Podcats Series Special # 5


01. Where were you born and raised?
I was born and raised in Victoria, BC, Canada.

02. Have you had strong musical influences in your upbringing ?

When I was very young my parents owned and lead an all girls, drum corps. A big marching band, called the "Canadian Maple Leafs" (or Leaves?). My earliest memories are of travelling around the USA going to parades and competitions. It was the 70s, they did a lot of disco, Star Wars theme, Stayin' Alive, stuff like that. I especially loved the glockenspiel. However my musical awakening happened in 1983 and breakdancing fever. My mom, single by that time, enrolled me in breakdance lessons at a community centre and my instructor was a very hip DJ, Rod Mack, who gave me some mix
tapes to practice with. My life was never the same after I heard those and I basically started a love affair with dance music that has never subsided, even now.

03. Can you recall any particular moment which sparked your interest to be in the music business?

I think it's interesting that even from my earliest experiments with music, making pause button mixes in the early 80s, and recording weird jams with our family electric organ, I always made an artist name, like a made up band, and made the cassettes like a package, with a cover. I was in a rap group in the early 90s, called "Sound Advice", and we put out some tapes, just in our city, and later, into the 90s, I put out a series of 5 tapes, just in my city, called "Underground Confusion" that was tons of crazy music. Hip Hop, complete with my rapping, house music, weird techno, anything I was
making and liked, I just put out. I am all about putting music out there. I draw and create art as well as music, and I used to make comic books and magazines and "sell" them to my Grandmother. Later, I got really into graffiti and my work has
been talked about in at least 2 books I know of, I was arrested a lot for it as well. The whole creative process is a communicative process for me. It's communication. I make it to communicate to people. I'm not sure why I do it that way.

04. Do you have another profession?

Yup, full time single dad. I have had sole custody of my beautiful daughters, Dahlia and Mariko, since they were very little. They are now 15 and super cool people. Lights of my life and the inspiration for a lot of my music. Music and my family are what I do.

05. Do you have any professional music training?

Well, I have no music training, but I have definitely been schooled by some serious pros.

06. Are there any DJ's, musicians or bands that inspire you?

Sure, tons. Too many to name. I get inspired and influenced, musically, from all kinds of things. I am inspired a lot from people I know in the music game, at all levels. There are artists, like Underground Resistance, or Rakim, or The Cure, that have been a present and consistent inspiration for long amounts of time, and there are newer artists, like The Fallen and many other new techno artists, or some of the new underground rappers from Atlanta that are blowing my mind, or all sorts of things I have my ears on. Some of the artists I am really inspired by right now are teenagers, like Spooky Black who is featured in the podcast mix. I am only into the raw creators though, not the hordes of genre followers some of these young scenes create. For example, I love Yung Lean and Sad Boys/Gravity Boys, but I don't like "Cloud Rap" as
a thing. But yeah, lots of inspiration out there if you are interested in looking for it.

07. You’re a resident in Vancouver British Columbia. If I am not mistaken you lived in Japan. How did this decision to live in Japan come about?

Well I had been to Japan a few times previously, starting with an excursion working at a hot springs hotel in the mountains in 1993. I later went there as a DJ, and always vibes with Japanese culture for some reason, as some people do. My children, born in Canada, are half-Japanese and I thought at one point their mother and I might be able to work it out, so I went there. Even when it proved fruitless in that regard, I decided to stay in Tokyo with my kids and make a go of the club scene there and bring my label at the time "Futago Traxx" to the game. We stayed there nearly 9 years. Full of amazing ups and some pretty rough downs, but we made it out alive. I love Tokyo with all my heart and get really homesick sometimes.

08. Your music productions includes a diverse approach. Can you tell why this is so important to you?

I am not into rules and boxes. I didn't get into art to follow rules and regulations, in fact I ran to art to escape that. I am into subcultural movements, not "genres". Hip Hop is who I am, Punk is how I think, House is my religion and Techno is a language I speak somewhat fluently and understand like it was my native language, just ask any of my homies from Detroit. I see connections between subculture, not just differences. I love the culture of the underground, I am into everything

09. How do win over a crowd when you DJ?

By being myself 100% and showing them it is OK to be yourself. I watch body language, I try to feel what the room feels like and give them something that challenges them in the right way, or let's them know that I am not "above" them, just part of what we all came together to do.

10. What are you favourite production tools?

Well, I have used Reason regularly since version 1, so I guess you could say I like it. I also use a lot of other tools though, both software and hardware, that are always changing. Right now I really love the Roland AIRA series, and I have the first
4 pieces in my studio. I use them all, even the VT-1. I am just starting an all AIRA collaboration with my friend Hiroshi Watanabe, aka Kaito, so we will see what is born from that in the near future.

11.What are your plans musically for 2015?

I will release a track with Soiree at some point for sure, also an EP with aDepth Audio and a couple of other things I can't say yet. I have quite a bit of remixes coming out as well for artists like Justin Berkovi, J Garrett, DJ Spiltmilk, also a remix of Alex Agore coming out alongside a Terrence Parker remix on Santonio Echols' "D" label, that's really exciting to me. Also, I have a 7" coming out with rapper Moka Only on Vancouver's MSLX label, and a release on East Van Digital with rapper Birdapres.
I have some new stuff, and some re-releases coming out on my RF digital label, releasing "Down By Law" on vinyl and a 10" featuring Detroit artist J Garcia through a new project "RF Ltd.". But the most exciting thing for me is the launch of my new label "RF Trax", releasing both vinyl and digital, which will launch in the Fall with a remix series featuring Samuel Session, Claude Young, Butane, Nubian Mindz, Stephen Brown, Sean Deason, Mark Archer of Altern 8 / Nexus 21, and many others. Some very, very, very, hot remixes IMO, these guys really came through.

Track List for Decisive Podcast Series Special #5.

01. Marcelus - It’s Out There
02. Spooky Black - Reason
03. Unknown - JTW Warehouse RMX
04. Tyon - Flaw 18
05. Juxta Position - Mercy
06. Claude Young - Sacrifices
07. Sean Tate - Peaceofmine (My Turn)
08. Marshall Applewhite - Burn
09. Cloudmaster Weed - No Revolution Without Violence
10. Rennie Foster - Listen 2 Malcolm
11. Vincent Floyd - Lunar Moods
12. Pal Joey - Partytime
13. K’ Alexi Shelby - Street Boy
14. Barbara Ford - Frostbite
15. Spin Fidelity - That Sound
16. Bageera - Life Without Shapes (Rennie Foster vs Rhythm Droid Remix)

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