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Lenny Posso - Decisive Podcast Series Special
May 29, 2017 12:18 PM PDT
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Hello Decisive Podcast Series music lover, We are back with another great podcast for you. We hope the sun shines bright in your music life.

Please give a warm welcome to my guest today on the decisive podcast, "Lenny Posso" the label owner of three hot underground labels, Thema Recordings, Chronicle Records and Thema Digital. I will be talking to him about what he has experienced during his 10 Year running Thema and how he is able to manage three label, Dj and produce music and why moving to Berlin Germany from New your has been a proper decision.
He also talks about how Jeff Mills and others have influenced him as an artist.

Although the interview is long, it`s interesting and informative for those of you that stand behind music 100%.

As usual Lenny`s dj mix can be heard on the Decisive podcast soundcloud playlist without the interview and check out the Decisive facebook group for other fun and interesting posts and happenings. We really hope you enjoy the program. Sorry for the inconvenience but due to a software recording issue, some interview questions are not heard and corrections are currently being made.

Your Host Roberto Q. Ingram

More infos for you here:

Playlist coming soon

Lenny For Booking Requests:


Extentions of Beliefs with Lenny Posso


Be sure to become a member of the Decisive podcast, because we always want to know what you think and we can be better at entertaining you.

FBK- Decisive Podcast Series Special
May 15, 2017 06:48 AM PDT
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Hello Everyone,
Welcome back to another episode of the podcast series, I hope your weekend was a great one and "Happy Mothers Day" to all the women of the world and thanks for giving life.

Today on Decisive Podcast Special Kevin M. Kennedy Aka FBK and I congratulate him on his New release "From The Excaped Planet on the well respected label Rekids. His podcast mix is a Live performance at double happiness, in Columbus Ohio(not a dj set. There are many shades, weather its melodic, groovy or flat out relentless and his talent as a live performer, this guy really know`s how to bring to goods.
He is inspired by the likes of Rock, Independent, Hip Hop, Claude Young, Anthony Shake Shikur, Jay Denham.

I am thrilled to have him again on the Decisive Podcast Series Special.
I hope you enjoy the podcast today,

Roberto Ingram


Decisive Podcast Series http://bit.ly/2qNYNlp



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Brian Harden - Decisive Podcast Special
May 08, 2017 11:00 AM PDT
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Hello Decisive Podcast Series Special music lovers,Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the program today.

Its May 8, 2017 and it gives me great pleasure to have here on the Decisive Podcast Series Special, Chicago South Side native Mr. Brian Harden who has releases that date back to the early 80`s on such influential labels like, D3 Elements, Moves n Grooves, Nitelife Collective, DanceMania, Relief and Bangin Traxx.

I had a chance to get an exclusive interview with him to discuss his passion for music which dates back to a young age of listening to his mom`s disco and jazz records, how he grew playing music instinctively and taught himself how to make music without learning an instrument, also how he was able to obtain important influences & technics by master musicians such as Roy Davis Jr., Paul Hardcastle, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis and Glen Underground.

You will be listening to a mix he drafted for us while we conduct the interview and in a matter of days you can enjoy the music in its entirety with the interview. So I hope you will find some valuable and interesting conversation that keeps Brian relevant to this day. Plus we have a special treat for you. Brian throws down a rap verse which I know you will enjoy.

Peace Your Host Roberto Q. Ingram

Brian Harden Decisive Podcast Special Tracklist:

01- Ronald Overby - Ronnie Ron Returns (Original Mix) - (Toupee Records)
02- Brian Harden - Accents -(D3 Elements)
03- Josh Milan - The Dogon People (Mixtape Sessions)
04- John Julius Knight - Doing it (Blacklist)
05- Brian Harden - Qunu-(D3 Elements)
06- Jonna, Kai Alce - Through The Night (Kai Alce's KZR Late Night Dub) (Shadeleaf Music)
07- Boo Williams, GU - The Big Score (The GU Reprise Score) (SJU Extensions)
08- Brian Harden - 808 Ronin (Dj Quad In Blueblackness Remix)(Perpetual Rhythms)
09- Needless - Unnamed Feelings (Brian Harden Underwater Deep Mix) (Grooveland Music)
10- Ronald Overby - The Sands (Fear No Mix) (Cyberjamz Records)
11- Primal Collective East, Kevin Foushee - Latin Soul (Cyberjamz Records)
12 -Rick Wade - Jazz Torrent (Original Mix) (Harmonie Park Records)
13- Brian Harden - Light Essence (Perpetual Rhythms)
14- Solid Gold Playaz - Saturday Night Live (Fresca Recordings)
15- Ziggy Funk - Channel Through (BBE Music)
16- Mateo & Matos - Soul Groove (4th Floor Records)
17- Eli Escobar - Happiness Pt 2 (Kon's Discofied Remix) (Classic Music Company)
18- D'Malicious - Dark Transition (Wave Music)
19- Jordan Fields - Silicon (10 minute version) (Acid Label)
20- Brian Harden - Protocol (Perpetual Rhythms)
21- Tracey - Earthrise (Voyage Direct) 22- JNayre Wiclef, J.A.M.O.N. - Deep inside Ur Love (Grooveland)
21- Brian Harden - Chicago To Detroit (Patrice Scott Remix) (D3 Elements)




Petr Serkin - Decisive Podcast Guest Mix
March 30, 2017 05:49 AM PDT
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Hello Decisive Podcast Music Lovers,

Its March 30, 2017, today we take our attention to Moscow, Russia to invite Petr Serkin, dj/producer and house music enthusiast and this dude has released on such labels as Shanti, Freedom Sessions Records, Space Breaks Record to name a few. He is not yet a global player in the world of house but I find him to be decisive in his craft to create an interesting classic adult sound.

I bought his release on Shanti years back and while I was digging in my collection I found his work and decided to see what he is all about. As usual today we have a complete interview about him and makes him tick, I must add that you may need to listen a few times due to his strong Russian accent. But hey you know how we do here at Decisive Podcast because there is no shame in our game. His dj mix is tranquil and relaxed in perfect time for the summer. So please welcome with pleasure my guest Petr Serkin from Moscow.

Full Interview Questions
01. Where were you born and raised?

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia.

02. How long are you djing?

My first set was in 1999 in club Fifth Element in Moscow. Changed some styles of music, but finally came to techno and deep house.

03. Have you any professional music experience, Production, Do you play a musical Instrument?

Played piano in childhood, but not much in the last two years. About professional work - I worked several years making

sample libraries. Its great to hear my loops in other producer's tracks. What Producers have you heard using your Sample Libraries?

04. Do you have any important inspirational figures in the industry that you look up to or motivates you?

Yes of course, i always looking forward to Soulphiction, Jimpster, Session, Victim and Fouk releases.

05. Tell us about Freedom Sessions Records?

I started this small label to release my music and compilations with my friends. It's not easy to manage a label remotely from Russia, when vinyl

plant and distributior are in Germany, but it works. What is the difficult about the job?

06. What do you enjoy most besides music?

Sports and programming. Which Sports and What type of programming?

07. Is Music a life long goal?

Yes i think I will always time making new music, more or less..

08. How is the scene in Moscow and are you playing much there?

You rarely can hear deep house here on very big parties, but in some clubs it is possible. Most important place for me is Propaganda club, very old place. It's always a great experience to play there. I don't play often, so every set is very important for me.

09. What are your favourite clubs or events that have impressed you the most?

- As i mentioned before, it is Propaganda, but there was more - Rodnya, Shanti, Arma, Solyanka.. Besides that - i like open-airs very much, I think

it's my favourite thing.

10. As a dj and producer myself, I find it important to express myself through the music I select, my presentation to the people is with energy
and positive vibrations from me to the dance floor. When your djing, what is important for you that the audience should experience from your sets?

- I love to make transitions in sets, start with old-school deep house and finish with deep techno, for example. Always trying to make set
interesting and play some rare tracks that are not easy to find. I like the old techno approach to djing - when people don't look much on a dj,
just listen to music and dance. Music is more important, no need to be a showman. So i just concentrate on mixing process, but check dance floor too, it's always important to be aware of the feedback from the people.

Decisive Podcast Series Tracklist:

1. Aleqs Notal - Linea - Finale Sessions Limited 002
2. Tetelepta & Lekatompessy - Biru - Kering 004
3. Petr Serkin - Sun Cult - Fox Trax 009
4. Satore - On Tape (Ordell remix) - Feelharmonic Records 003
5. Chaos In The CBD - Global Erosion - YAM Recordings 001
6. Chaos In The Cbd - Our Last Dance - Mule Musiq 193
7. Rosas Nievas - Going Away Soon - Scissor and Thread 026
8. Raam - Brink - Raam 004
9. Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - Forever - Underground Quality 036
10. Gregor Yan - Take # 2 (New Jazz Fakers Reshape) - Deep Explorer 039
11. Sunlightsquare - Celebration Of Oggun - Yoruba Records 79
12. Mr Raoul K - Break Your Chains And Return To Botswana (Mr Raoul K's Percussions Version) - Baobab Music 001RX

Thanks for listening and please do not hesitate to engage with us on our page, email, facebook, or soundcloud. We are looking forward hearing from you,

Peace Roberto Q. Ingram

Roberto Q. Ingram - Decisive Podcast Series
March 15, 2017 10:52 AM PDT
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Hey Decisive Podcast Members(Big Ups)and if your new to the program “Welcome” Today Its Wednesday March 15th 2017 also known as “Hump Day” and your listening to the Decisive Podcast Series Special with Roberto Q. Ingram, I am glad that your tuned in and really hope that you are entertained at the highest level. Today´s program is the same concept as usual I will be posting this podcast program without interruptions on my Soundcloud Page, Decisive podcast website http://inspiration-network.podomatic.com, iTunes and The Decisive Podcast Group on Facebook and of course on my Facebook Music Page.

Its been a while since my last mix as I work a little slower than others but I am concentrated in my studio works with direct focus my own productions, voice jobs and sound design, entertainment consulting for Buero Gelb DIE KOMMUNIKATEURE here in Munich. So as you get older there is less of night life but better quality night life is what I prefer these days. Looking forward to springtime party gigs and I know its early but already and excited about what the summer brings ussmiley

A little about my mix! Today my music selection was recording from vinyl with an up pace preference, an on the fly approach then at the same time find my way through music instinctively to capture that momentary feeling.
So we I ended up with a pretty tripped out program, Deep Techno, Minimal, Progressive Hypnotic collage. I hope you can find something you like in this experiment. I did smiley

Real quick shout out and a big thanks to
Everyone of you that have been supporting the podcast for this long, You know who you are. Also everyone that have sent me promos, do not worry you have my support with much thanks. Not all the tunes I receive have been included to this particular show due to last minute selection and of of course depending on the mood and state of mind I am in at the moment. I will have to do a podcast with a selection of promos sent by all of you. In no particular order here is a short that comes to mind and I know I will miss someone but again you know who you are! smiley

Arttu Snellman in Berlin,
Myles Serge over there in Grand Rapids, Michigan,
Eric Douglas Porter in the Bronx, NY, United States
Rennie Foster in Vancouver Canada
Kosta Athanassiadis - Göttingen Germany
Rob Hampton , Dj Spider - In Jersey City New Jersey
Leonard Posso - Berlin
Petr Serkin in Moscow
Dario Zenker here in Munich
My man Stanny at Optimal Records - Munich
Dj Linus - Munich

Shout to my boy Skip also know as Wayne Da Skippa
Sabine Hoffmann - Berlin
Sandra Gold - Disco Tribe
My Daniel Sun - For his listening support and sending cool tips.
My Boy Markus Mehta in Munich

With that said until the next podcast stay safe be positive and enjoy yourself in a big way.
Peace Roberto Q. Ingram

Decisive Podcast Series - Tracklist
01. Terrence Dixon - The Switch (Edit) - Tresor Records
02. Carl Craig Tres Demented Demented Drums
03. Mark Ambrose - Asteroids - Crayon
04. Chris Carrier - Cats Eye Nubula - Sound Carrier
05. Disk - Bloomer - White loops
06. Chris Carrier - Galatica - Sound Carrier
07. Howl Ensamble - A1 - Howl Ensamble
08. Scott Grooves - Hybrid Part - Natural Midi
09. Howl Ensamble - B2 - Howl Ensamble
10. M.P - Why So Sophisticated - Bass Culture
11. Mark Ambose - Night Shift - Crayon
12. M.P - Dis Aint No Hip Hop - Bass Culture
13. Mark Ambose - Orlando Voorn Night Shift - Crayon
14. Chris Carrier - Holidays On Mars - Sound Carrier
15. Einka & Terrence Dixon - B1 - Goldmin Music

Sabine Hoffmann - Decisive Podcast Guest Mix
March 06, 2017 05:23 AM PST
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March 6, 2017
Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the show today.

Please welcome to the show a female from Berlin Sabine Hoffman - Frauengedeck. I asked her to be a part of the podcast series in light of an idea to bring more women to the Decisive Podcast family.

Today Sabine`s vibe is a snapshot of how she feels momentarily and in reflection to that feeling comes a deep techno mix that takes us for a trip through time and space. Today You can expect the same concept that focuses on the Artists, Music and how they think and feel when creating.

So I conduct a live audio interview to capture the heart, mind and soul, which drives this talented individual.

As always you listen to the podcast in its
entirety with the interview later in the week in hopes that you will take the time to try and understand the women behind the music.

I hope that you listen carefully and have fun doing so.

Decisive Guest Playlist:
01. Greg Gow - Inception (Social Experiment)
02. Efdemin - Ohara (Dial)
03. Efdemin - Solaris (Dial)
04. Talski - Soothsayer II (Escapism)
05. Rrose - Arc Unknown (Infrastructure New York)
06. Claudio PRC - Utopia (Semantica)
07. Aiken - No Way Back To Reality (Chronicle)
08. Blind Observatory - Forsaken (Gravitational)
09. Ben Gibson - Vapour (Chronicle)
10. Acronym - Nifelheim (Semantica)
11. Samuli Kemppi - Transmission (Chronicle)
12. Spencer Parker presents Brotherhood - „Chapter Two“ (Work Them Records)
13. Planetary Assault Systems - Message From The Drone Sector (Ostgut Ton)
14. Efdemin - Some Kind Of Up And Down Yes (Dial)

Thanks to Sabine for her time and positive energy.

Enjoy Roberto Q. Ingram

More Info
Sabine Hoffmann - Frauengedeck
Website - www.djsabinehoffmann.com
Bookings - booking@djsabinehoffman.com
Soundcloud - www.soundcloud.com/sabine-hoffmann

Decisive Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/roberto-q-ingram/sets/decisive-podcast-series-2016

Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/decisivepodcastseries/

Ivan Komlinovic - Decisive Podcast Guest Mix
December 30, 2016 07:13 AM PST
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Hello Everyone,

It’s December 29th 2016 and you listening to the second episode of The Decisive “Season Greeting” Podcast Series I am your host Roberto Q. Ingram. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the show.

The last shows for this year includes four talented DJs from different locations around the globe. Today, please welcome to the Decisive Podcast Series Guest Mix Ivan Komlinovic from Zagreb Croatia.

Before we get to his music mix, I want to tell you a little about the man behind the music.

First, let me start by saying that if you want to follow the show you can do so by going to our website at www.inspiration.podomatic.com and iTunes, For ten days you can listen to the compete shows with interviews then the shows posted on soundcloud.com/robertoingram, without any interruptions with the music mix.

Choosing amongst numerous highlights from a 20+ years spanning career of Ivan Komlinović and simply listing them here would without a doubt make a compelling reading. However, it seems that the path this Zagreb-born techno DJ, sound engineer, mastering engineer and producer undertook was leading to the big moment he’s living at present time.

Eclectic but techno-focused DJ sets have made him a household name on numerous festivals and parties across the region. Also, more than 15 vinyl releases for prestigious labels under his belt imply that studio is also his natural habitat.

The idea of taking a few pieces from his hardware-based studio and taking them for a ride was present for a while, but only as a concept. Until Moondance Festival 2015, to be precise. Booking for a debut live performance on the main night of the festival and sharing the stage with Octave One and The Analogue Cops was based on no more than a blind trust only a good friend can have.

To cut the long story short, that particular night was all it took to realize that live performance is the most direct way of presenting your music. There’s not a lot in between you and the audience, just a few machines and what exactly can you do with them in the moment.

A successful string of subsequent live dates all over the region only strengthened the fact that Ivan’s as comfortable with his machines as when they’re in the studio, but judging by the interest coming from all sides it looks like they’re gonna be spending a lot more time on the stage.

Tracklist Is Forthcoming.
01. Kassem Mosse Untitled B1
02. Marcellus Pittman You Want Me (Never) (original mix)
03. Mike Huckaby UNTITLED
04. DJ JUS ED Heaven Sent
05. Galaxy 2 Galaxy Uplifted
06. Mike Huckaby UNTITLED
07. Anthony Naples Zitronen
08. Marcellus Pittman The Mad Underdog
09. Anthony Naples Bonobo
10. Architectural 7,2
11. Mike Dehnert How Close To Be
12. Octave One Eniac

Leo Kuechler - Decisive Podcast Series Guest Mix
December 14, 2016 11:16 AM PST
itunes pic

Hello Everyone,

It’s December 14th 2016 and you listening to the second episode of The Decisive “Season Greeting” Podcast Series I am your host Roberto Q. Ingram. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the show.

The last shows for this year includes four talented DJs from different locations around the globe. Today, please welcome to the Decisive Podcast Series Guest Mix Leo Kuechler from Vienna Austria.

Before we get to his music mix, I want to tell you a little about the man behind the music.

First, let me start by saying that if you want to follow the show you can do so by going to our website at www.inspiration.podomatic.com and iTunes, For ten days you can listen to the compete shows with interviews then the shows posted on soundcloud.com/robertoingram, without any interruptions with the music mix.

Without further due, We will now conduct a full Interview Live & Direct with the man himself Leo Kuechler.

01. Roswell Return - Probe#5
02. SW. - B1
03. Calibre - H1
04. Cocolores - Satellite Systems Pt. I
05. Cloudface - Devonian Garden
06. Liem & Ebbie Ness - Formula Rossa
07. Dj Apres Ski - Apres Ski
08. J.Albert - See You At The Bank
10. Joe - R.E.J. Bit
11. Dj Normal 4 - Purity 0%
12. Gary Superfly - Future Orbit
13. Move D - To The Disco 77

Full Interview:
01. Born and raised?
I was born in Munich but I grew up in the countryside south-east from Munich. When I became a teenager me and my family moved back to Munich.

02. When did you start Djing?
I started DJing when I was about 17.

03. What Artists is an inspiration to you?
All kinds of different artists are an inspiration. Artists from Music, Literature, Film or any other art. It’s hard to pick single ones. I am influenced by almost every part of my environment.

04. I met you first at your resident event Vicious Circle night at Bob Beaman in Munich.
Now that thats over, are you counting on another residency to come about soon? There are some new projects coming up in Munich. I hope I will be part of one or another….

05. Is the Vienna underground scene, vibrant theses days?
I think so, though I am not part of it… Since I moved to Vienna I haven’t been going out so much. So I am missing a lot I guess. But there are spaces where people seem to create something. It’s a struggle everywhere and always.

06. Can you tell us your favorite clubs or events, you consider to be personally special, past and present?
Year after Year I personally look forward to Monticule Festival and Her Damit Festival. Both crews are good friends of mine and it’s a matter of the heart to play there.

07. Are you producing music, any releases planned for the near future? I do produce music though it’s still not ripe for being released. I will have to take some more time.

08. I understand you have your own Label Aura Karma, How is it running?
Aura.Karma.Records is still there. We just took a break in the last months. We will revive it definitely. But I will also start a new label in 2017.

09. What can your fans expect to hear in your Dj sets?
My style keeps changing all the time. But at the moment I’m into old school breakbeat electro. I love to mix it with house.

10. Up Coming Dates?
My next dates are at NYE. I’ll play two gigs. One in Vienna at Pratersauna and one at MMA Munich.

11. Why were these tracks chosen for Decisive Guest Mix ?
I came from a long exhausting weekend from Berlin. So I had the desire for repose. That’s what definitely influenced my choice. smiley

12. What can club & event providers do better for dance music as a culture in your region?
This one is very hard to say for me. Because my club experience is not very long. But it seems that if the sound experience and the music are high quality in a club the omens are favorable.


Terence Toy - Decisive Podcast Series Special #11
December 08, 2016 02:24 PM PST
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Hello Music Enthusiasts,

It's December 8th 2016 and you listening to the first episode of The Decisive “Season Greeting” Podcast Series, I am your host Roberto Q. Ingram, Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the show.

We are now ready to provide you with good music till the end of the December month, also for the Christmas Holiday and music to celebrate the coming of the year 2017. The last shows for this year includes four talented DJs from different locations around the globe.

Today, I decided to invite an inspirational figure from my earlier years of djing in the Los Angeles club scene. Please welcome to the Decisive Podcast Series Special Mr. Terence Toy from Los Angeles (Deep Soul Radio).

Before we get to his music mix, I want to tell you a little about the man behind the music.

First, let me start by saying that if you want to follow the show you can do so by going to our website at www.inspiration.podomatic.com and iTunes. For eight days you can listen to the complete shows with interviews then they will be posted on soundcloud.com/robertoingram, without any interruptions with the music mix.

Without further due, we will now conduct a full Interview live & direct with the man himself Mr. Terence Toy from Los Angeles (Deep Soul Radio).

01. Born and raised? 
Houston, Texas, born. Los Angeles, California, raised.

02. When did you start djing?
Officially, 1978/79 is when I started calling myself a "DJ".

03. Why is music culturaly important to you?
I've been moved by all sorts of music since childhood, as far back as 1968 I can remember enjoying R&B and SOUL music from my uncles and sometimes my mother with Gospel.

04. What Artists is an inspiration to you?
Jazz artists are where I seem to find my biggest inspiration, especially "Straight ahead Jazz" - artist that perform that are still alive such as Steve Turre, Stefon Harris, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Robin Eubanks & Terence Blanchard. Just to name a few.

05. Ive known you for nearly 20 plus years, and you have always had a spicy taste in many styles of black music and the skill to back it up. House was the new music that hit the streets and had not yet filtered throughout Los Angeles in the early days. If I can remember correctly, you, Marques Wyatt, King Britt, Doc Martin and some others were one of the breeders for this sound in the West Cost. How did you discover the house sound and how was it excepted at your gigs?
I was introduced to house music by a friends brother. He was a few years older than us, this brother "David Bryant". He was a gay man that moved from L.A. to N.Y.C. & frequented the "PARADISE GARAGE". He would send me records from the songs he heard there & after numerous packages arriving to me in L.A., I grabbed a whole of the then was called New York Underground Sound. I've been in love with it ever since.

06. Is the Los Angeles underground scene vibrant theses days?
The L.A. scene is vibrant. We are trying to move it out from the "Underground" to the "Foreground". That is my mission before I leave this Earth smileysmiley

07. Can you tell us your favorite clubs or events, you consider to be personally special, past and present?
Wow... past would be "RELEASE" San Francisco & "THE END UP" San Francisco also CATCH ONE & DOES YOUR MAMA KNOW" afterhours L.A. & of course "TOYBOX" L.A. & let's not forget "DEEP". Present would be "UNITY & REVIVAL, both L.A. based clubs and still DEEP!!

08. Are you still producing music, any releases planned for the near future?
Yes, I am still producing music, I currently have a track in the "CATCH ONE DISCO Documentary" entitled "INVICTUS". I also have a remix of SAGE GALLON/Spoken Word artist that is soon to be released on MTV. I am currently working on a cover of the late great DAVID BOWIE'S "Let's Dance" as well a Flamenco version of AMY WINEHOUSE'S "Love is a Losing Game".

09. I know you have a fascination for cooking. Please tell us your favorite dish and why?
Well I have a favorite style or favorite country origin of food and that is Thai food. I love Thai food for some reason. Funny hey... A black man cooking Thai food. I work with a well known Thai chef every Wednesday here in L.A. & sometimes Thursday. His name is Chef Pat. We try to infuse Thai food with Soul food. Get it since I'm Black & he's Thai, we incorporate the two styles together creating a menu with both involved. You gotta wait for our cookbook that we're working on or I can ship you a dish, but I don't think it would be allowed into your new country... TOO powerful. LOL.

10. What can your fans expect to hear in your DJ sets?
I'm a DJs DJ... I take chances wherever I feel I can. I'm completely enveloped in the African & South African House Movement and have been since 1998. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE LATIN RHYTHMS hence the Terencio Toyes moniker that I sometimes use. I play new joints. I try to play as new as I can. I try to infuse JAZZ in my sets any way I can. I love vocals & I love it to be banging if possible.

11. Up Coming Dates?
Next gig is REVIVAL in December. I also do an internet show every Tuesday & Thursday entitled TERENCE TOY TUESDAY/THURSDAY on www.deepsoulradio.com. I was nominated for best show @ The HOUSE MUSIC AWARDS in 2015.

12. Why were these tracks chosen for Decisive #11 ?
I don't do sets anywhere or anytime. I love to feel the vibe, feel the flow & improv as a Jazz musician would do. I pick the first song or sometimes first 2 & then I go for it. When I'm @ a club I do the same thing. I watch the crowd & feed off of their spirit.

13. I saw that you did a few events with the Soul Train Dance member Marco De Santiago? Can you tell us more about your affiliation with the cast?
I was a SOULTRAIN DANCER back in the days. LOL. And I still converse with several dancers including Marco De Santiago. They love my R&B HOUSE style so we feature SOULTRAIN shows occasionally on my internet show "t3" and sometimes they book me for SOULTRAIN gigs.

14. What can club & event providers do better for dance music as a culture in your region?
THEY/WE Need to simply try new things....OLD THINGS Renovated & Innovated, Themes and plainly stated "FRESH ie BOOGIE DOWN BRUNCH which I've performed at 4 times now. It's different because it's in the day at Brunch Time and it's all ages. That's what we need is different & creative with House music, across the board. NEW & FRESH & CREATIVE & DIFFERENT!!!!! So enjoy my mix exclusively created for "DECISIVE PODCAST" Peace & Blessings, Tt

Decisive Podcast Series Guest Mix
1.Saliva Commando's-"NY Underground Express"
3. Saaerish & Museri-"Bass Madness"
4.Mojo Project-"Tell Me Why"
5. Sejake-Brainwave"
6. Elisa-"El Loco"
8. Oscar P.-"Just Listen"
9. Isak-Halo-"Sobz"
0. Ayenah-"The Idea"
11. Sons of Africa-Arising"

More Info:

Myles Serge - Decisive Podcast Series Special #9
July 21, 2016 09:21 AM PDT
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Hello everyone its July 21, 2016
I am Roberto Q. Ingram your host and this is the Decisive Podcast Series Special #9 with my Guest MYLES SERGÉ from Grand Rapids MI, USA, label owner of RE(FORM), Space, (MS), and Dosed Recordings

Today we will be listening to a complete interview with my guest then later in the week I will post Myles music mix with the the interview and like most of the Decisive series we will be speaking about a lot of different topics, music, production, club culture, his personal views, collaborations and of course we will discuss the ups and downs with managing his own independent record label.

Myles is known for his humble personality with many house & techno releases on labels like: Ferox, Ilian Tape,Thema , Metamorphic, Caduceus Records, Knotweed Records, Sweatshop, Night Drive Music,

When I met him 4 years ago in Whales after hearing his dj sets my first impression was that he has a warm raw and demanding approach to his sound, which excites me because there was no compromise to what he feels from with in. Since then we have become close friends through this important channel of communication portal called Music.

So please welcome to the Decisive Podcast Series Special #9 with full interview,
MYLES SERGÉ. Please note that I apologise that we have no tract list this time around.

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