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Petr Serkin - Decisive Podcast Guest Mix
March 30, 2017 05:49 AM PDT
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Hello Decisive Podcast Music Lovers,

Its March 30, 2017, today we take our attention to Moscow, Russia to invite Petr Serkin, dj/producer and house music enthusiast and this dude has released on such labels as Shanti, Freedom Sessions Records, Space Breaks Record to name a few. He is not yet a global player in the world of house but I find him to be decisive in his craft to create an interesting classic adult sound.

I bought his release on Shanti years back and while I was digging in my collection I found his work and decided to see what he is all about. As usual today we have a complete interview about him and makes him tick, I must add that you may need to listen a few times due to his strong Russian accent. But hey you know how we do here at Decisive Podcast because there is no shame in our game. His dj mix is tranquil and relaxed in perfect time for the summer. So please welcome with pleasure my guest Petr Serkin from Moscow.

Full Interview Questions
01. Where were you born and raised?

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia.

02. How long are you djing?

My first set was in 1999 in club Fifth Element in Moscow. Changed some styles of music, but finally came to techno and deep house.

03. Have you any professional music experience, Production, Do you play a musical Instrument?

Played piano in childhood, but not much in the last two years. About professional work - I worked several years making

sample libraries. Its great to hear my loops in other producer's tracks. What Producers have you heard using your Sample Libraries?

04. Do you have any important inspirational figures in the industry that you look up to or motivates you?

Yes of course, i always looking forward to Soulphiction, Jimpster, Session, Victim and Fouk releases.

05. Tell us about Freedom Sessions Records?

I started this small label to release my music and compilations with my friends. It's not easy to manage a label remotely from Russia, when vinyl

plant and distributior are in Germany, but it works. What is the difficult about the job?

06. What do you enjoy most besides music?

Sports and programming. Which Sports and What type of programming?

07. Is Music a life long goal?

Yes i think I will always time making new music, more or less..

08. How is the scene in Moscow and are you playing much there?

You rarely can hear deep house here on very big parties, but in some clubs it is possible. Most important place for me is Propaganda club, very old place. It's always a great experience to play there. I don't play often, so every set is very important for me.

09. What are your favourite clubs or events that have impressed you the most?

- As i mentioned before, it is Propaganda, but there was more - Rodnya, Shanti, Arma, Solyanka.. Besides that - i like open-airs very much, I think

it's my favourite thing.

10. As a dj and producer myself, I find it important to express myself through the music I select, my presentation to the people is with energy
and positive vibrations from me to the dance floor. When your djing, what is important for you that the audience should experience from your sets?

- I love to make transitions in sets, start with old-school deep house and finish with deep techno, for example. Always trying to make set
interesting and play some rare tracks that are not easy to find. I like the old techno approach to djing - when people don't look much on a dj,
just listen to music and dance. Music is more important, no need to be a showman. So i just concentrate on mixing process, but check dance floor too, it's always important to be aware of the feedback from the people.

Decisive Podcast Series Tracklist:

1. Aleqs Notal - Linea - Finale Sessions Limited 002
2. Tetelepta & Lekatompessy - Biru - Kering 004
3. Petr Serkin - Sun Cult - Fox Trax 009
4. Satore - On Tape (Ordell remix) - Feelharmonic Records 003
5. Chaos In The CBD - Global Erosion - YAM Recordings 001
6. Chaos In The Cbd - Our Last Dance - Mule Musiq 193
7. Rosas Nievas - Going Away Soon - Scissor and Thread 026
8. Raam - Brink - Raam 004
9. Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - Forever - Underground Quality 036
10. Gregor Yan - Take # 2 (New Jazz Fakers Reshape) - Deep Explorer 039
11. Sunlightsquare - Celebration Of Oggun - Yoruba Records 79
12. Mr Raoul K - Break Your Chains And Return To Botswana (Mr Raoul K's Percussions Version) - Baobab Music 001RX

Thanks for listening and please do not hesitate to engage with us on our page, email, facebook, or soundcloud. We are looking forward hearing from you,

Peace Roberto Q. Ingram

Sabine Hoffmann - Decisive Podcast Guest Mix
March 06, 2017 05:23 AM PST
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March 6, 2017
Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the show today.

Please welcome to the show a female from Berlin Sabine Hoffman - Frauengedeck. I asked her to be a part of the podcast series in light of an idea to bring more women to the Decisive Podcast family.

Today Sabine`s vibe is a snapshot of how she feels momentarily and in reflection to that feeling comes a deep techno mix that takes us for a trip through time and space. Today You can expect the same concept that focuses on the Artists, Music and how they think and feel when creating.

So I conduct a live audio interview to capture the heart, mind and soul, which drives this talented individual.

As always you listen to the podcast in its
entirety with the interview later in the week in hopes that you will take the time to try and understand the women behind the music.

I hope that you listen carefully and have fun doing so.

Decisive Guest Playlist:
01. Greg Gow - Inception (Social Experiment)
02. Efdemin - Ohara (Dial)
03. Efdemin - Solaris (Dial)
04. Talski - Soothsayer II (Escapism)
05. Rrose - Arc Unknown (Infrastructure New York)
06. Claudio PRC - Utopia (Semantica)
07. Aiken - No Way Back To Reality (Chronicle)
08. Blind Observatory - Forsaken (Gravitational)
09. Ben Gibson - Vapour (Chronicle)
10. Acronym - Nifelheim (Semantica)
11. Samuli Kemppi - Transmission (Chronicle)
12. Spencer Parker presents Brotherhood - „Chapter Two“ (Work Them Records)
13. Planetary Assault Systems - Message From The Drone Sector (Ostgut Ton)
14. Efdemin - Some Kind Of Up And Down Yes (Dial)

Thanks to Sabine for her time and positive energy.

Enjoy Roberto Q. Ingram

More Info
Sabine Hoffmann - Frauengedeck
Website - www.djsabinehoffmann.com
Bookings - booking@djsabinehoffman.com
Soundcloud - www.soundcloud.com/sabine-hoffmann

Decisive Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/roberto-q-ingram/sets/decisive-podcast-series-2016

Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/decisivepodcastseries/

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