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Myles Serge - Special Guest
March 19, 2020 05:07 AM PDT
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Hello And Welcome to The Decisive Podcast Series Special Guest Mix Series 2020.
Roberto Q. Ingram here and I am totally excited and more than happy to welcome back since a long time, an awesome human being, Musician, Dj and Producer, who I am pleased to know Mr. Myles Serge aKa Translate from Grand Rapids Michigan.

"As we venture into these very trying times, we ask that you, your families & friends stay safe. The Coronavirus is no joke... We will get through this!

Note. This years podcast series will focus on the person behind the creativity, music, life, production and the culture of our music. We feel that because of the internet communication is rapid and in many cases this can be good but it also creates a disconnect from human to human physical connection. So please take this time listen to our interviews because we hope this information helps you to get to know more about the artist and If you want to hear Myles`s dj set with no interview please go here: www.soundcloud.com/roberto-q-ingram/sets/decisive-podcast-series-2019.
Peace & Enjoy the Decisive Podcast Series Special Guest Mix Series 2020.

Also note be sure to stay up to date with each episode by following us here on podomatic and on our Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/decisivepodcastseries/?ref=bookmarks
Roberto Music: www.facebook.com/robertoqingrammusic

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mylesserge
Quest Agency (Berlin) wittes@questagency.net
Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/648422-Myles-Serg%C3%A9

Myles Sergé - Decisive Podcast March 2020 - Tracklist
01. Avision - Time Lapse (Original Mix)
02. Stefan Weise - Unity Under Drum
03. Owen Ni - Tribal Spirit
04. Rick Wade - Techcreep (Christian Burkardt Remix)
05. Andre Kronert - Call For Pain
06. Gabriella Vergilov - The Freak Show (DZ Mix v4)
07. Dj Hyperactive - Mixed Emotions (Original Mix)
08. Avision - Liquid Gold (Mike Dehnert RMX)
09. Myles Sergé - Step 2
10. Alex AQ - Resilience
11. Syrte - Obedience Paradox
12. Yan Cook - Tidal Disruption
13. Gost Algorithm & Ikigai (Pooja
14. Lee Holman - Shifting Axis

George Bleicher - Munich Exclusive
February 26, 2020 02:37 PM PST
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Hello Decisive Members & Music Lovers around the globe,
Today for the Decisive Podcast Munich Exclusive No.1 2020, I am very excited to have back George Bleicher, Weplay promoter, Sujet Musique recording artist, and Palais Resident. One might think this combination of ingredients leads us to a very interesting person. This years podcast concept features selected local dj`s for a Bi Monthly podcast. George and I hit it off nicely when it came to artist to artist relations focused on electronic music (Just Keep It Good) Be sure to listen in full to the interview .

8 years ago I created The Decisive Podcast Series as a channel of expression for myself and the years went by the series became more important from a presentation point of view. So added other like-minded music lovers to the program and with that edition came more responsibility to provided interviews, audio editing, artist promotions, episode jingle production and moderating. (Tough Job) for the world to download at no cost what so ever. Nowadays we are in a social network-driven industry, which means loyalty from the listener to follow, like, and share their experience. I find it necessary to move with the times, do more to highlight diversity and to promote people-of-colour. I find an urgent need to refocus my attention to a professional high-quality podcast programming system and to refresh the concept of the Decisive Podcast Series and to present a carefully selected collective of DJs, Artists, Live Acts. So this means more trust and loyalty from the talent, who is expected to present to the loyal listener an exclusive high-quality music program and content on a bi-monthly basis for streaming.


Info Links:

J-Lab - Bi Monthly Live Sessions
February 10, 2020 10:49 AM PST
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Hello Decisive Podcast Series,
My guest today is J-Lab who lives in Berlin, he has been making music of a technoid kind of sound for years, Creating tracks that more often than not, comes from his improved live shows. This talented Blok is working on a lot of new stuff, with a mix of tech, house, dub & electro influences.

After hearing a snippet of J-Lab`s improvisational live performance recorded in Whales at the incredible at Freerotation festival, It was a must that I invite him to the program today to get more detailed information about J-Lab and his creative personality.

Its truly an delight to have him record bi monthly Live sessions exclusively for the Decisive podcast Live Series today. Listen to my sit down interview with him and surly you will enjoy the sounds.
The complete music program will be posted on the decisive soundcloud page with Roberto Ingram.

It's winter, grey and cold. You wanna get home, escape the elements, come in from the cold and start to feel the warmth once again. These thoughts were very much in my mind when doing this recording, aware as I was that we're on our way back to the time of warmth and festival season once again. So here's a little sonic journey from the depths of the grey Berlin winter to the heat of the dancefloor. In these difficult times we're living in, it's important to hold the spirit of the dancefloor close to our hearts.
For the tech heads - recorded in one take on a DSI Tempest, Roland JX-03 and a laptop running Live, Numerology, a Prophet 5 emulator, a SH101 emulator and a few loops, through a Really Nice Compressor and an A&H ZED10FX desk.
For J-Lab live bookings contact: jlabbookings@yahoo.com

1. Languid
2. Just For Your Information... 3. Rave On
4. Reanimate.
5. Move Forward
6. Q
7. Half Century
8. Havana
9. Horizant
© 2020 Jon Dickens. Copyright control.



Elbee Bad - Decisive Special Guest
December 23, 2019 08:30 AM PST
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Hello Everyone,
Now that the Holiday begins to consume us wonderfully and 2020 is nearly upon us.
This is the last Decisive Podcast Series, special guest Episode #55 for 2019.
Its been fun, hard and satisfying to bring the best authentic content possible this year.
Today I am happy close this year out with ELBee BaD The Prince Of Dance Music from a very talented musician, song writer, singer, dj, film maker, dancer with countless respectable releases world wide.

Listen carefully to his entertaining interview as only he can present, followed up by his stunning dj mix exclusively for todays podcast. Thanks for your support and be sure to follow, like, share the Decisive Podcast Series with your friends who love and enjoy a non commercial, independent music and the culture. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your Family`s !!

More info:
elbeebad.bandcamp.com/music. (New Releases)

Your support is necessary, so feel free to add your questions, constructive comments & topics surrounding all things music. Most important support the talents that work hard for the Decisive Podcast & Radio Series. How to do that? Follow us

Radio80k - https://goo.gl/DkCy3p
Decisive Website - https://goo.gl/owKjLE
Youtube Channel - https://goo.gl/T6jZUG
Soundcloud - https://goo.gl/LE4MiG
Itunes - https://goo.gl/7FKimL
Instagram - https://goo.gl/vg2JUx

IN THE YEAR 2027 - ThaT future music album created
by The Prince Of Dance - Bads Label LaRhon

THE TRUE STORY OF HOUSE MUSIC compilation from eLBee BaD on Rush Hour // MOON LIGHTS & LIES! Vid directed by LB shows humanoid motion ON THE MOON! Buy IT!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
BAD TV now playing on youtube.com/badbalenax
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
BADS LABEL now shared through/OUT/The WORLD from REVOLUTIONized Record Stores!!

A Lizard Called A - Decisive Munich Exclusive
December 05, 2019 09:59 AM PST
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Its December 5, 2019, we are back with another Munich Exclusive Podcast for the Decisive Series. Thanks a lot for your attention! Today I invited to the program "A Lizard Called A" my guest has great taste in his selection of electronic music is humble, cool, friendly gentlemen, and a lovely person. This time I won't say much, to allow you your space to embrace the warm, electric, melodic, uncompromising sound of the Russian native "A Lizard Called A". Take a listen you won't be disappointed. The track list is available as well. Bigs Ups Roberto Q. Ingram

Hello lovely people, I'm A lizard called A and I love to play records.
This phrase is already describing everything pretty well... But ok, let's add some few details smiley

I come from Russia where my love for electronic music started to grow in the late 90s. Some years ago I decided to start with DJing and went the way from digital controller to vinyl & turntables and back to the digital world. I played so far at places like Die Registratur bar, Fantom, Pimpernel, Palais, also playing regularly at fancy JoJo bar in my home town. Apart from clubs, I recorded some sets for radio stations & podcasts like 674FM Cologne, Discotribe Munich, Radiobav Munich. From warm deep house and disco over timeless Chicago & Detroit sound to sweaty acid, smashing techno and freezy electro cuts. Genre does not matter, but the spirit does. And I just can again repeat the mantra "For your mind, your body and your soul". Om.

For this mix, I picked up the recent releases of some of my favorite artists and labels I'm already following for quite some time and simply tried to showcase the sound I'm currently fascinated about. It has its roots in the golden rave era of the 90s, but in modern cover where dreamy landscapes are percolated by trippy percussions and broken beats. So it sounds nostalgic but still "hot shit" at the same time.

01. Lake Haze - Dog Walking In The Park
02. Copper Green Sedan - Pedestrian (Desert Sound 03. Colony's Stripped & Dipped Edit)
04. Hammer - Manaka (Domenic Cappello Remix)
05. Dusky - Boris Borisson's Trip To Morrisons (Original Mix)
06. Amrint Keen - Dancing in the Parking Lot
07. Derailleur - Hydraulic Performer
08. Escape Artist - Supernature
09. Sleep D - Danza Mart (Original Mix)
10. Pris - Kink
11. Brame & Hamo - Dust (Private Press Remix)
13. Forriner - The Cat & Dog Stairs
14. Levon Vincent - And It Don't Change
15. ItaloJohnson - ITJ05B1 (Cassy Remix)
Fede Lng - Hang Loose (Original Mix)
DJ Haus, Hugo Massien - Random Access Memory (Original Mix)
16. Whitesquare - Not Moving
17. No Moon - Aoe_advancing
18. Blu Terra - Person Sans
19. Juliano - Percussion Dicovery
20. Anonym - Dance With Me (Hammer Edit)

Jackmaster Rob - Decisive Munich Exclusive
November 27, 2019 08:40 AM PST
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Hello everyone around the world, "What Up Doe"

It is November 27, 2019, you are listening to the Decisive Podcast Series Munich Exclusive!
Today I have another gratifying DJ mix with quality sound provided by my guest Jackmaster Rob a Munich local, a record collector, co-curator for The Decisive Radio Show, Aired Live from our home base "Radio8000k". You can check us out from 8-11 pm every 3rd Friday Of The Month. It's always great fun doing what we love to do, for Us "It's to providing you heart Felt Music from Diverse cultural backgrounds, we represent tolerance and a loving vibe" This evening Jackmaster Rob has complied and mixed without compromise some wicked party dance music for all you Disco House freaks.

Thank to everyone for their support as the podcast series move towards a more fan-based approach on our social media platforms such as our Podomatic podcasting portal, Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify, Itunes, Twitter & Facebook. All of them will be restructured to have more communication with you the listener, The fan or The follower. With that said here is The Decisive Disco Beat by my man Jackmaster Rob, Let's Get On!

01: Soulphiction - When Radio Was Boss
02: Son Of Sound - You Brought This On Yourself (Version 1 )
03: Cobra Edits Vol.1 - LOS
04: Ilija Rudman - Night People ( Garage Mix )
05: Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intensions ( Maurice Fulton Remix )
06: Unknown Artist - Just A Dream
07: Ilija Rudman - Casual Joys
08: Liberty City - Some Lovin' ( Deep Dub )
09: Deee-Lite - Pussycat Me ( Murk Boys' Miami Mix )
10: Ron Trent - Morning Fever
11: Mind Fair pres. Charm - With You ( An Ercis Dunks' Duncan Mix )
12: Peggy Gou - Gou Talk
13: The Black Madonna - He Is The Voice I Hear
14: Donna Summer - I Feel Love ( Patrick Cowley Mix )
15: A Band Called Flash - Mother Confessor

Wittgenstein - Munich Exclusive Mix
November 20, 2019 06:39 AM PST
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Decisive Podcast Munich Exclusive episode #56,
Its my pleasure to introduce to you a young gentleman I met nearly 4 years ago, while shopping for studio gear in Munich. We introduced ourselves then quickly got into a conversation about his dj analog dj mixer (Urei) that needed repair or modified. He goes by the name Constantin Wittgenstein, born in 1994 in Munich, Germany and is currently studying Creative Music Technology at the Metropolitan in London, Uk. He started playing piano and the drums at the age of 5 and discovered the love for jazz, electronic and minimalistic music later on in school. From 12 on, he started with his own productions being influenced by jazz, funk, disco, soul, techno and house. He also works as a DJ since nine years continuously digging and exploring “music for the mind, body and soul”. Over the last couple of years he played at various clubs including the late Bob Beaman, Munich and Brilliant Corners, London. Thanks to Wittgenstein for this spiritual vibe and welcome to the Decisive Family.

1. Black Jazz Consortium Resonate feat. Christina Wheeler (Evolution
of Light) PS003, November 8, 2019
2. Black Jazz Consortium Be and Not Know feat. Christina Wheeler
(Codes and Metaphors 2) SPMCM002, December 6, 2012
3. Strictly Jazz Unit Passing You By (The Tempest) SJU Muzic US,
July 5 2019
4. Unknown Artist IIAPEKOG (Russian) Handstamp in Blue (Limited
Edition) 2019
5. IO Mulen Denote (MULENLP1.2) April 26, 2019
6. Black Jazz Consortium ? Focus feat. Christina Wheeler (Evolution of
Light) PS003, November 8, 2019
7. Jay Daniel No love Lost (Scorpio Rising EP) Sound Signature-
SS0151, September 2013
8. Freddy Fresh ? Take Your Time (Child Eight) October 25, 2019
9. Ge-Ology Escape On The Lodge Freeway (Moon Circuitry EP)
Sound Signature SS058, October 30, 2015

This Mix is dedicated to all the wonderful people I had the possibility of meeting and sharing many musical memories. (Viktor, Laura, Leonille, Mark, David, Alex and many more).
Many thanks to Roberto for giving me the opportunity to share the music and be part of the Decisive Network.This mix has various musical textures with something old and new. Exploring the music from Chicago, New York and Detroit from 1980 til present. I like the music to be conscious and to make the listener aware of all different kind of frequencies.

-Music for your Mind, Body and Soul-

https://soundcloud.com/constantinwittgenstein https://www.mixcloud.com/BrilliantCorners/wittgenstein-270318/ https://www.facebook.com/simplyjefferson/
Facebook Group Members - http://tinyurl.com/yb9zl5q5 Facebook Artist Page - http://tinyurl.com/yb9vf8z3 Twitter - twitter.com/#!/robertoIngram contact@inspiration-network.com roberto@inspiration-network.com

Odette - Amsterdam Guest Mix
October 13, 2019 01:52 PM PDT
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Hello Members, Listeners and Followers,
It is a pleasure that you have taken the time out of your busy life to visit the Decisive Podcast Series podomatic page thanks for your support.

My guest today is a lovely female who goes by the name of Odette DJ/ Producer/label owner from Amsterdam. Let me start by saying - its truly an delight have you on the Decisive podcast Guest Mix Series today. Check out her written interview below as you listen to her modern day minimal techouse set.

01. Hello Odette, how are you and what have you been up to recently??

Hi! I’m doing pretty well at the moment. Got some nice gigs coming up and also some new releases, vinyl and digital. My new born label VDK is doing great and 002 will be out in some weeks @ deejay.de.

02. Where were born and raised?

I was born in Rotterdam, but raised in Boskoop. I currently live in Bergen North Holland, a nice artistic place close to the sea.

03. You dj often in Amsterdam, How would you describe the city and music scene there at the moment?

Music is always on point in Amsterdam; loads of clubs and festivals and all sorts of genres. With ADE coming up, the city turns in to a magical place where all music lovers come together.

04. How does Amsterdam music scene compare to the rest of the world?

I think Amsterdam is a leading city when it comes to music, even though we are not a big big city. I think we hold up pretty well!

05. What´s has pisses you off or get on your nerves lately?

I try to not let stuff get me down and focus on the good in all smiley

06. Who is Odette when she is not embracing music, can you paint a picture, what else do you enjoy a lot?

You can find me in the kitchen, trying to create good food. I love cooking!

07. Are there any amazing, unforgettable moments that come to mind?

The release of my first vinyl at VDK was a big one. This release hitted the charts #1 and sold out in 6 weeks.

08. Anything exciting coming up you want to share with us?

2020 will be a good year I think. Lots of new releases and gigs in NL and abroad!

09. Where do you see the future world of underground music, the club scene and its culture headed?

Underground music will always stay alive, too many people love it. I think it will grow and grow!

10. If you were a festival, club, or promoter, What changes could be made for a better night life experience?

Thinking about how to make a club or festival ‘greener’ is important to me. And off course an environment where everyone is welcome. Music is for everyone!

11. Lets talk about your recording for our show today. What can you tell us about your thoughts during the recording, was there anything particular, you can tell us?

I made this recording with love and groove. I try to make eclectic podcasts so the listener won’t get bored smiley

12. With that said everyone , Lets listen to Odette`s dj mix recorded exclusively for the Decisive Guest Mix Series and Thanks a million for your time! Have a Great Fall Season!

More Info`s
Decisive Podcast Series curated by Roberto Q. Ingram
Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/odette-official
Odette - facebook.com/odette.artist.page/
Hosted by - facebook.com/robertoqingrammusic
Decisive FB Group - facebook.com/groups/decisivepodcastseries

Odette`s Decisive Track List:
01. ALEX TEA - Lavandino & amp Cucina
02. Lalo Angeles - Death Indian [Street Habitat]
03. Odette - Boy interrupted (Original Mix)
04. Odette - Look At Them (Kindisch/GetPhysical)
05. Mirco Cardella - Forest King (Original Mix) [Low
06. Groove Records] Okain - Ball Trap [Talman Records]
07. Dela (USA) - Ashish (Original Mix) [Low Groove Records]
08. Odette - Ginny Lockheart ( Unreleased )
09. ANOTR - Stop Trying Keep Doing [NO ART]
10. Budakid, D-Nox & Beckers - Kalahari [Become One]
11. Carl Cox - I Want You (Forever - Josh Butler remix)
12. Mihai Popoviciu - Inside Me [Poker Flat Recordings]
13. Odette - Tight Jeans (Press Mastering)

Clap Visions Records - Label Feature
October 13, 2019 12:54 PM PDT
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Welcome music lovers,
You are listening to another episode of the Decisive Podcast Series based in Munich Germany. Today I introduce our first record label feature in 2019. I introduce to you our Berlin based "Clap Visions label Feature and today we will be talking to my guest, the fun loving disco extraordinaire, Mr. Ion Vulcan label head. In this episode we discuss the labels artists, releases, the concept, partners, the business and the culture surrounding electronic music and much more.

Let me start by saying it is a delight to have Ion Vulcan Clap Visions Records Label with us today.
Thanks for your support!
Be sure to follow Decisive Podcast Series / Radio Show, here on Podomatic, Facebook, Soundcloud and at decisive series.de

More Infos:

Track ID´s
1. Jesus Moses - Lillith 4416
2. Matti Julius - Moules Gratine es 4416
3. Sischke - Najuma 4416
4. Yot Nam - Le Soleil 4416
5. Derek & DJLo - Cosmic Garden 4416
6. Maltitz - Verde 4416
7. Nicola Brusegan - Samantha Fu 4416
8. Ion Vulcan - CLÆP TRIP 4416

J-Lab Live Special
September 06, 2019 12:30 PM PDT
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My guest today is Jon Dickens aka J-Lab UK born who resides in Berlin has been making music of a technoid kind of sound for a few years, Creating tracks that more often than not, comes from his improved live shows. This talented blok is working on a lot of new stuff, with a mix of tech, house, dub & electro influences.

After hearing a snip it of J-Lab`s improvisational live performance a few months ago in Whales at the incredible at Freerotation festival, It was a must that I invite him to the program today to learn more about him and his creative personality. During our intense interview chatting up all things music, I am privileged to add that In this podcast the music was recorded Live and exclusively for this episode.

Welcome J- Lab, its truly an delight have you on the Decisive pOdcast Live Series today.

https://soundcloud.com/j-lab/j-lab-live080719freerotation https://soundcloud.com/j-lab/live060718-freerotation

So kick back relax and Enjoy!!
Peace Roberto Q. Ingram

www.unoiki.net/artists/j-lab/ http://aporee.org/maps/work/projects.php?project=berlinwallofsound www.facebook.com/pages/TRIoon-J-Lab-DrNojoke-Servando- Barreiro/240865965976084?ref=hl

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