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February 24, 2021 09:26 AM PST
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It is a good sunny day for The Decisive Podcast Series as we continue to satisfy and today with our Croatian resident Jan Kincl is one that seams to never back down nor does he sacrifice quality for quantity. His classic house music sound grabs your soul right away and usually for adult dancing or listening pleasures.
“For my 2nd Decisive session, I wanted to display some of the beautiful voices I’ve been vibin to, and basically let them do all the talking. Byron The Aquarius, Omar, Amp Fiddler, Tkumah Sadeek and George Benson did all the work on this one and I hope you enjoy it. Peace.”
Saturday February 27th, hear the mix and no interview on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/roberto-q-ingram/sets/decisive-podcast-series-2021

Jan Kincl - Decisive Podcast Track list
01. Byron The Aquarius - Timeless - Vocal Mix - Axis
02. Jan Kincl - LA Rework feat Regis Kattie - PDV Records (white label)
03. Omar - Benefit - Alton Miller Remix - People Of Earth
04. Unknown Artist - Do It Over Again - Jan Kincl Instrumental Dub - (white label)
05. K. Hand - Remember When - Acacia Records
06. Alton Miler feat Amp Fiddler - When The Morning Comes - Superb Entertainment Records
07. Tkumah Sadeek - Will Be There - Joaquin "Joe" Claussell's Cosmic Arts Version - Future Vision World
08. Jan Kincl & Regis Kattie - G's Cycle Encore Cut 01 - Live At Plo?nik, Zagreb - PDV Records
09. George Benson - The World Is A Ghetto - Warner Bros. Records
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Website: www.decisiveseries.de
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Jan Kincl - https://www.instagram.com/jankincl
DJ, producer, engineer, lecturer | Far Out Recordings, Sonar Kollektiv, PDV Records, Oye Black Label | @unitedpopzagreb @radio.d59b | www.cycle.hr

February 18, 2021 01:55 AM PST
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Hello Subscribers & Listeners Good morning, Welcome to another episode of Decisive Podcast Series, it's lovely to have another young talented female on the program, she goes by the name Beste Hira Demirel (musician, music teacher, techno DJ & producer, with over thirteen releases, born in Istanbul Turkey, residing in Amsterdam.
Today we listen to her minimal techno DJ mix along with getting to know more about her personally. As usual, I like to have guests from diverse cultural backgrounds. Beste and I discuss her transition from Istanbul Turkey to Amsterdam and why, a young female`s Life in Techno Music, Cello Training, Music Teaching, Dj Culture & Nightlife.
Beste`s DJ mix will be posted on our Soundcloud page on Friday 19, 2021

Click here to for more details:
https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/inspiration-network https://www.instagram.com/decisive_podcast_radio

February 03, 2021 09:50 AM PST
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As the podcast series enters the second month of 2021, for this episode of the Munich Exclusive series #38. I invited a fresh young talented Germany native who goes by the name of Marco Wachs and during this interview we discuss what is relevant in our lives, Staying Positive, Music, Production, Dj Culture and how we manage time during this Covid period.

"Facing formative times due to the corona virus pandemic we are challenged all together and share our experience. The idea for this set is to represent my experience and feelings during the pandemic musically. Starting with organic and soulful sounds covered in a lot of emotion. In the beginning it was great to have a lot of time to try new things or even doing nothing. Transferring from electro styled vibes with and steady groove then to become more machine like. The transformation from being half a human and half a machine has just begun. The more I sat at home after public life slowed down,
the more I missed human interaction. I felt more and more like a machine. Waking up, Working, Eating, Sleeping, Repeating... Days went faster and faster life got more and more repetitive, then there was the point when I realised it will all be over soon...."

Track list:
01. Indio - I Need You In The Fall
02. Ryan Elliott - Martinsville Morning
03. Adlas - Currents
04. Circles and Ellipses Opala (Morphology Remix)
05. 214 - Earthworms
06. Rhyw - Bao Cecile
07. Zadig - Tape 1
08. Stef Mendesidis - Critical Ratio
09. Blue Hour - Shimmer (Dreamscape)
10. Deniro - Monsoon 1
11. Pearson Sound - Alien Mode
12. Hamilton Scalpel - Airfoil
13. Basic Soul Unit - Propulses
14. Marcel Dettmann - Deluge
15. Marco Wachs - Sleepless
16. Ryan Elliott - 4JM7

January 20, 2021 11:21 AM PST
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Welcome back to the Decisive Podcast Guest Series Episode #57,
I am excited to have back on the program, Chicago's Hakim Murphy, a very interesting, talent, humorous, down to earth and fun dude. This installment of the young house and techno feature a former footwork dancer and house producer whose career stretches back into the '90s. He's released for labels like Plan B and Metamorphic, along with his own Synapsis and Machining Dreams labels. Murphy is also one half of Innerspace Halflife with Ike Release, among several other projects. I highly recommend that you listen to this depth interview and his amazing dj mix in its entirety as we discuss life, music and more, from many different perspectives. We hope you enjoy the podcast. Stay Safe and Sound,
Have a great Weekend!

More Information,
Discogs - www.discogs.com/artist/335273-Hakim-Murphy
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/hakim.murphy
Decisive Series
Instagram - www.instagram.com/decisive_podcast_radio
Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/roberto-q-ingram
Mixcloud - www.mixcloud.com/decisiveseries
Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/roberto-q-ingram
Facebook - www.facebook.com/groups/decisivepodcastseries

Deep Down Dave - Munich Exclusive #37
January 07, 2021 01:23 AM PST
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Hello Good Morning Decisive Members,
First up for our Munich Exclusive Series Edition for 2021 is a longtime friend music enthusiast, selector, collector and an awesome vinyl dj, Deep Down Dave
as we get together to listen to his dj mix, discuss, life, music, passion, work, inspirations for 2021 and the difficult moments of 2020. Follow the podcast and confirm for notifications to be reminded, so you can listen at any time, More info here Dave - www.facebook.com/deepdowndave
Facebook Group - https://bit.ly/3pWLHMZ
Soundcloud - https://bit.ly/3hShTOE
Instagram - https://bit.ly/38jrafM
Have a great week, Roberto Ingram

Deep Down Dave - Decisive Mix December 2020


01. Ambient Noise Level - Syllable (MFD Records)
02. Dreams - Night Cap (Nous)
03. Aybee presents The Bazile Republic - Strange Vistors (Burek)
04. Levon Vincent - WKO (Novel Sound)
05. Sterac Electronics - Tuning into Frequencies (Voyage Direct)
06. Delano Smith - The Explanation (Third Ear)
07. Shake - Trackin (FIT Sound)
08. BFC - It´s a Shame (Fragile)
09. KL - LIFE (KMS)
10. Reese - Rock to the Beat/Mayday Mix (DRM001)
11. Outlander - Vamp (R+S)
12. Mike Huckaby - Sandcastle (1996/The Culture Box RE Edit)(SYNTH)
13. Reel by Real - Fate (a.r.t.less)
14. Ob Ignitt - Oh Jabba (FXHE Records)
15. Generation Next - 110 (7 Days Ent.)
16. Jus-Ed - I´m com'in (Rmx by Aybee)

Jan Kincl - Cycle Records Zagreb Croatia
December 03, 2020 02:00 AM PST
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Welcome everyone to another episode of the Decisive Podcast Series, the first for this month of December and I hope you all are in positive spirits as we get closer to the Christmas Holidays Season 2020. Today you get a great program with a lot of interesting topic information about recording, production, studio gear, plugins, not to forget an in depth conversation about my experienced guest Jan Kincl Cycle Zagreb PDV Records, Far Out Recordings, Oye Black Label.

Jan Kincl is a Zagreb-born house and techno dj, producer, live act performer, radio host and a party promoter. Through almost two decades in all this, it’s hard to scratch the surface of electronic music in Croatia without coming across something he’s been involved with. Raised by the music of Motor City, Jan’s sound is a combination of house and techno, unmistakably rooted in the more organic and soulful side of it. In recent years, Jan’s forays into jazz became deeper, and in 2016 resulted in a collaboration with a French keyboard player Regis Kattie. The pair quickly became one of the most prominent regional acts and their debut album, a deeply jazz-informed house record ’In Plain Sight’ got described as “one of the most significant pieces of regional contemporary dance music”; with Laurent Garnier, Jazzanova, Volcov, Tony Humphries, Lefto, Claude Young and Kai Alce amongst its supporters.

Jan Kincl - Decisive Podcast Tracklist
01. Jan Kincl - For A Minute - Gene Hunt Remix 1 - Cycle Records (upcoming)
02. Jan Kincl - Love's So Far Away - Unreleased Alternative Version - Save The Groove
03. The Salsoul Orchestra - Salsoul Rainbow - Kai Alcé NDATL Edit - Salsoul Records
04. Jan Kincl - Back Home - Demo Mix - Cycle Records (upcoming)
05. Chez Damier - Untitled B1 - KMS
06. Glenn Underground - New Age Experience - DJAX Upbeats
07. Gene Hunt - The Message - Burek
08. DJinxx - Blue Flag - F Communications
09. Recast - Consensual - Third Ear Recordings
10. Rhythim Is Rhythim - Icon - Transmat

More information:
Facebook private profile https://www.facebook.com/jankinclzero
Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/jankinclz (my page)
Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/cyclezagreb/?fref=ts (my clubnight page, but am gonna turn it into label/studio/clubnight page)
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jankincl/
Twitter https://twitter.com/JanKinclCYCLE
SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/jankinclzero
Bandcamp https://jankincl.bandcamp.com
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/6Xs2zH0FKE0JOtZGvBVEJy?si=RiRZwj3TQWyP2LolYs0aNg
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/zerobondage

Claire Granlund - Bi Monthly Series 003
November 25, 2020 01:18 PM PST
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Decisive members and followers worldwide,
we hope your well on this wonderful Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones. It is great have back on the newly added bi monthly series episode 003 our very own Claire Granlund from Amsterdam. Today for the interview we discuss fun, music and life during these demanding times with lovely background sound mixed by Claire, curated by your host Roberto Q. Ingram. We hope you enjoy this episode.

More Information:
Details about the podcast set:
This set consists mostly out of Avantgardistic tracks that I usually have a hard time fitting into my club DJ sets, but definitely need to be heard. It’s a compilation of strange sounds that explore a wide range of adventurous music genres. I could easily say Dub is an overarching theme in this set, which is dominating, but very pleasing.

As we are not able to physically travel we feel the need to explore and experience life through other external things like music, perhaps now more than ever.

01. ​Basic Channel - Radiance
02. ​Høst - Flip Dat
03. ​Scuba - Eject
04. ​Khotin - Nakhodka
05. ​Laksa - The Amala Trick
06. ​Simo Cell, Abdullah Miniawy - Caged in Aly’s Body
07. ​Gallegos & Baby Rollen - B45
08. ​St. Vincent - Dancing with a Ghost
09. ​Sophie du Palais - Flavourless
10. ​Pearson Sound - Cobwebs
11. ​Joy Orbison - Burn
12. AK Sport - Dit Quelque Chose
13. Shawn Rudiman - Eyes Forward
14. Special Request - SP4NN3R3D

November 19, 2020 10:00 AM PST
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Big ups to everyone,
Welcome back to the Podcast Munich Exclusive Series, I am glad you could be with me today.

I hope you're in good health and staying positive through these tough times, particularly those of you that worked at bars clubs, Musicians, Dj ́s, live acts, that are out of work because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

My guest is HVM AKA HAEPPY is here live on the mic with us for his first to give us the scoop of what's going on in his music life and life in general during these difficult times and how he is coping with the situation.
Of course, we will be listening to his DJ mix during or conversation. Then the mix will be posted again on our Decisive Series soundcloud page there you can listen without any interruptions but for now, lets to learn more about him and his creative personality.

Short Bio:
Have you ever tried to measure happiness in BPM?

Watching HVM (Häppy van Mazn) while performing his magic on the decks with a perfectly dosed touch – which by the way looks amazing – one will clearly answer: YES.

Ever since he first set foot into the Allgäu-Techno Scene Häppy unfailingly amazes everyone shortly after entering the stage.

Those ecstatic moments created by the hat lover every night to day are not only cool scam but pure passion. Not for nothing flaunts „Home of my music” on his chest.

Hence, it’s very likely to meet him in all those fairytale living rooms of Berlin, aka Wilde Renate & Kater Blau and that he moves up all Berliners into a stimulating trance on his journey through the multifarious world of music.

Another affair of the heart is NXTOU, an aspirant agency, which took in addition to Häppy artists like Stefan Biniak, Julian Wassermann, Nusha and Jonas Woehl under its wings. Somewhere along the nightlife-road – no one really recalls where and when – they found each other. A baseline-raver-symbiosis with his partner in crime Genji Yoshida.

Those soulmates shine brighter than any diamond found on this technoplanet and manage to beautify the clubs and festivals all across the northern & southern hemisphere.
At the latest after their release “Miura” – signed on Moonbooticas Imprint “Moonbootique” hitting no 9 on the FAZE M. Charts – the world is aware that those two are as thick as thieves.

The duo sends – without hesitation – everyone – once the beat drops out to come back at full tilt to find its way into your chest – on a tremendous sound trip shattering every wishful thinking and as a logical consequence piercing marrow and bone to dance.

Häppy’s music can’t be narrowed down to a genre or pattern – it bends the bow from deephouse to techno and burns into the memory of everyone listening to it. However, one thing that his music does with us

we know for sure: letting our Endorphins dance while we get goosebumps all our bodies.

Track List Decisive Podcast

More Infos:


GEORGE BLEICHER - Bi-Monthly / Interview
November 04, 2020 07:58 AM PST
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Big ups to everyone,
it's November 05, 2020 and of course, you are listening to the the newly added Bi-Monthly mix series. It is a good thing that you could take time to listen today. Hope everyone is in good health and staying positive through these tough times, particularly those of you that worked at bars clubs, Musicians, Dj ́s, live acts, that are out of work because of the Corona virus pandemic. My guest is George Bleicher back for his third appearance to give us the scoop of what's going on in his life during the lock down and how he is dealing with the situation since our last podcast interview.

Make no mistake we will be listening to his DJ mix during or conversation. Then I will repost the mix so you can listen without any interruptions, check here on our SoundCloud Page: www.soundcloud.com/roberto-q-ingram but for now, let's learn more about him and his creative personality.
George and I hope you enjoy this episode. Stay Safe & Strong.

The music concept: In thoughts of the wild nights in the clubs and with a view out of the window, watching the changeable summer, I created the track list for my Decisive Summer Podcast. A percussive sounding summer like line in the base leads through the mix, passing many housy elements, driving slightly technoid passages but also contrasting deep warm chords. Have fun listening and enjoying, best outside in a lounge chair with the sun on your skin and a drink in your hand!

Tracklist Decisive George Bleicher
01. Strip Steve - Dreams of (Intro)
02. Dubphone - Tolerant
03. Samu l. - Lundy
04. Satoshi Tomiie, Tuccillo - Do it
05. Tony Monero - Street Prayer
06 Disclosure, Lorde - Magnets (Loco Dice Remix)
07. Loco Dice - Kanak Funk
08. iO (Mulen) - Point of Warm
09. Bas Ibellini, Jesse Calosso - Ride the Rhythm feat. Sheff
10. Darius Syrossian - Tivolis Groove
11. Mickey Oliver, Shanna Jae - Never let Go (Strip Steve Remix)
12. Dj Sneak - Special K (Shlomi Aber Remix)
13. Dj Ali, T. Fuller - Show me Right
14. Strip Steve - Dreams of
15. Butch - Lale

Facebook - www.facebook.com/georgebleicherprivat

Hakim Murphy - Interview
August 13, 2020 06:03 AM PDT
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Hello And Welcome to
The Decisive Podcast Special Interview Edition. Its Thursday, August 13, 2020, Roberto Q. Ingram here and I am excited to have on the program, a very interesting, talent, humorous, down to earth and fun dude. He is a Father, Dj, and Producer, a New Jersey Native, residing here in Germany, please welcome to the program Mr. Hakim Murphy (Machine & Dreams,Synapsis Records & endeavour.
I met Hakim back in 2016 at the one my favorite festivals Freerotation in Whales while playing a dj set, a wonderful inclusion to the festivals montra, dedicate to talented independent artists.

More Infos about my guest: Hakim Murphy is available for dj sets or live shows as hm505, please contact hakimmurphy@yahoo.com for inquiries. Since my youth, I believe that music has touched me in away that made me fall in love with its rhythms, harmonies,and melodies. So in the natural progression dancing took over my body, but yet my soul craved for more and that is when playing records surfaced. Ah, then the fascination with the fast dance tracks turned into deep House production through friends and experiences, which blossomed into a Bachelor’s degree in music composition. Liberal arts training allowed me to take classes and learn about human intellect, nature, and essentially my personal definition of art. Synapsis Records and Machining Dreams record labels are born and currently releasing music by, for, and from the underground.

Hakim Murphy - Decisive Tracklist

01. Groove Spin - G. Marcell

02. Sickness - Hakim Murphy

03. Untitled 8 - Trus' Me

04. Ja Logo - Christoper Rau & Hakim Murphy

05. Leave the Funk - Theo Parrish

06. Libdemo2_0 -Hakim Murphy

07. Technis - Hakim Murphy

08. Magical Rings - Innerspace Halflife

09. Beat Pit (Hieroglyphics Being Remix) - Hakim Murphy

10. House Joint - Hakim Murphy

11. Deja Vu - E. Smooth feat. Latanza Waters

12. Cosmic Consciousness - Hakim Murphy & Kareem Ali

13. Particle Burst - Innerspace Halflife


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