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Rennie Foster
February 18, 2018 08:22 AM PST
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Welcome back to the Decisive Podcast Series,
Today is Sunday February 18, 2018 and where ever you are in the world, I hope your having a pleasant Sunday. Roberto Q. Ingram here and I am joyed to have back Mr. Rennie Foster from Vancouver Canada, label owner, father, dj musician and a true dedicated trooper to the cause of keeping it real.

Today we discuss his music career, the industry, its difficulties, its improvements, and the lifestyle.

The Idea behind The Decisive Sunday Edition is to provide you with different styles of easy listening music, while your on your free time from work, chilling on the beach, enjoying nature, music for when your in a relaxed state of mind.
So relax kick up your feet and have a listen. Your Host Roberto

More info:
Facebook: Rennie - https://goo.gl/ggX6JU
Decisive Group - https://goo.gl/7fqEL2
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/renniefoster
Roberto https://goo.gl/NmkStR
Bandcamp: renniefoster.bandcamp.com

Rennie Foster – Decisive Sunday Edition Tracklist:
Titonton Duvante – The Exit – Residual
The Analog Roland Orchestra – Lightlandscapes – Ornaments
Crimea X – Car Obsession - Hell Yeah
Kreiss & GFP – In Motion Blue – Electronical Reeds
Malandra Jr. Tzigan – Opilec Music
Osunlade – I’m Happy – Yoruba
QNA – Tabor Session – True Rotary
Charcott – Amora – RF
Rennie Foster – Belladonna (Nubian Minds Remix) – RF
Tony Lionni – Pandora – Goldmin Music
Black Jack – E-Scape – RF
Aux 88 – Medicine feat. Samara Naier (Detroit Institute Mix) - Puzzlebox
Dan Grain – Nucleus – EevoNext
Alfre – Altered (DXFM 2004 Version) – Symphonic Dist.
DJ Bone – DIFFER-Ent(Hrall) – Don’t Be Afraid
Fango – Rectum – Degustibus
Rennie Foster – Soda Cracker – RF
Rennie Foster – Soda Cracker (Acapella) – RF
Radio Slave – 2nd Home – Rekids
Phochos – Glaciers – Creme Organization
Myles Serge –Existence & Reality – Mentha
The Passenger – Ten – RF
Amir Alexander – A Child Is Born! – Anunnaki Cartel

Philippe Petit - Decisive Podcast Special Guest Mix
February 07, 2018 10:57 AM PST
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Its February 7 2018, You boy Roberto Q. Ingram is back after 8 days of pure hell, fighting recover from a bad cold. But thats a thing of the past and now its time to keep things moving. Your tuned to Decisive Podcast Series, providing you with some freaking serious music vibes world wide since 2009. Today I am flabbergasted to have on the program Mr. Philippe Petit Chamonix, France, Producer, Dj, Banker and a determined artist true to the cause of keeping it real.

He provides us with a melodic techno mix and a lot of information about what makes him tick as a person and for you diggers the track list is also posted for you.

Booking agent philippe.petit.cham@orange.fr,
Facebook: https://goo.gl/SEFw5G
Soundcloud: https://goo.gl/41qMcN
His Record Labels & Releases, Knotweed Records, Decision Making Theory

Involve 018 (January 2018)
DMT 013 (September 2017)
DMT 010 (November 2016)
Knotweed 021 (October 2016)
DMT 009 (June 2016)
DMT 008 (November 2015)
Figure SPC W (August 2015)
DMT 007 (July 2015)
Figure SPC U (December 2014)
DMT 005 (November 2014)
Space 006 (June 2014)
Knotweed 012 (April 2014)
EarToGround 009 (February 2014)
DMT 003 (October 2013)
DMT 002 (July 2013)
DMT 001 (March 2013)
Knotweed 009 (January 2013)
Knotweed 003 (January 2012)
Knotweed 001 (October 2011)

Track List For Decisive Podcast Series Special.

La Funk Mob – Ravers Suck our Sound (Carl Craig Remix) (Mo Wax)
Cassy – April (Cassy 02)
Unknown Artists – Untitled (Slowhouse Recordings 001)
Access 58 – Jazz Drama (Access 58 005)
Blake Baxter – It’s a Funky World (UR 006)
The Martian – Atomic Witchdokta (UR 029)
Tronic Pulse – Early A.M. (Soiree Records 109)
Duane & Co – Traxx (Dance Mania 001)
Bassmental – It’s the Music (Drum mix) (King Street Sound 1020)
Trolley Route – Tempura (Sterac Mix) (Pure Plastic 057)
Man-to-Man – Selecta (Q Records 008)
Secret Ingredients – New York New York (Hyp Mix) ( Evolution 061)
Heavytimes Productions – 1979 (Hardcore Youth Mix) (Downtown 1617)
Playgroup – Make it Happen (Source VT017)
Andreas Saag – Get it on (SLS 08)
ESP Woody Mc Bride – Everything Under the Sun (Bush 2021)
Mood II Swing – Take Me Baby (Vocal) (Waako 1233)
Phil Kieran – Youth (Vocal Mix) (Soma 135)
Oliver Ho – A1 (Light and Dark 008)
Creators of Deepness - ? (Power Music Records 002)
Gary Martin – Samedi (DJ 3000 remix) (Teknotika GG042)
Underground Resistance – Insipration (UR 3000)

Decisive Podcast Holiday Edition - Damon Bell
January 17, 2018 11:07 AM PST
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Originally from San Diego, brought up by the likes and influences of music representing the African Diaspora, Reggae, Brazilian, African, Hip-Hop, Blues, Jazz, Punk-Rock and Soul...a child of the 70’s who experienced the cross-cultures of the 80’s which began his life long love affair with collecting vinyl in the 90’s, Damon is a true connoisseur of music.

Bell (aka D^Bo!) began record collecting and DJ’ing at age sixteen, playing Jazz, Salsa, Funk, and Hip Hop at the famed night “Brass” (Hosted by Delicious Vinyl) at San Diego Supper Club, Ole’ Madrid. This along with his deep passion for music led him to learn to play the polyrhythms he heard in Afro-Cuban music, Reggae, Jazz, and Jazz Fusion...he soon began to imitate those sounds by playing percussion and wind instruments.
“DJ’ing is just an extension of my love and relationship with music”, states Bell.
In 2015, after a slew of notable releases, Bell released his first full length LP on Deepblak, Blues For The Libyan (DBR-V025). a journey into the deepness of Bell’s mind beginning with the now classic “Chromosome Replacement” feat. Khalil Anthony. The album composed of jazz riffs deep basslines and thumping sequences...as Damon calls it, “Feel Musik”
deep, unpredictable, sometimes mad and absolutely insane! Brendan Arnott.

This past year 2016, Damon set forth a presedent for the years to follow with notable releasaes on Burek “Stand By Me” EP, Don’t Be Afriad “Ankh Boogie” EP And Meda Fury “Altered Visions” EP. Continuing to grow his global fan base after touring 2016 through Düsseldorf , Cologne (#Tausend Bar) , Paris (Djoon, Deepblak Lable Night), Dallas (New Math Mondays).

Upcoming releases for Damon include the “#2 EP” feat. Khalil Anthony on Shadeleaf Music [SM-12-012], “Land Of Meroe EP” on Deepblak Recordings and a few new label releases following mid year 2017.

Jack de Marseille - Decisive Podcast Holiday Special
January 11, 2018 01:08 AM PST
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Hello Decisive Podcast Listeners,
Happy New Year To You All!
We are back again with Jack de Marseille in the mix for The Decisive Podcast Holiday Special Edition. Here is the second part of a two part episode with the French men doing his thing Live at La Barge boat party in December. This time with no interview.

Thanks a lot for all your support and continue to help us spread the word to your friends about The Decisive Series 2018, the independent music Podcast for underground artists and open minded individuals with an opinion and no not to those that are reduced to the mundane and the everyday norm.

Look out for our up and coming Podcasts we will be introducing many females talent this year! Up next is Damon Bell from Oakland California, Rennie Foster from Vancouver Canada, Munich Exclusive Edition with Jackmaster Rob and ALEX CRISTEA.

More info:
Soundcloud Jack de Marseille - https://goo.gl/7qBqLV
Decisive Podcast - https://goo.gl/Z7nDUX
Facebook Group : Decisive Podcast - https://goo.gl/cNgbWz
Facebook Jack de Marseille - https://goo.gl/8xEnXN
Facebook Roberto Ingram Music- https://goo.gl/5ENLGy

Jack DeMarseille - Decisive Holiday Edition Special
December 27, 2017 03:20 PM PST
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Hello Decisive Podcast Series,
I am so damn happy now you can listen to the podcast, as promised, not only do we have one surprise guest for the Holiday but now there is two first up from France Mr. Jack de Marseille (Page officielle) comes to The Decisive Podcast Series Special Holiday Edition #1, December 28, 2017.

Its his 52nd Birthday today, so lets gave him a few days to celebrate before the release of this podcast. We had a great conversation about his career in the music industry. Just like it is pointless to think of electronic music as just a single thing you cannot limit Jack de Marseille to just a single sound. Even if the dance floor is still very much his natural habitat after 25 years of DJ'ing the man - voted best French DJ by numerous specialist magazines - is as adventurous as ever, mixing up different sounds, energies and rhythms during the course of a night or even a single track.

This superb open spirit as a DJ, producer or label manager is even more important today than ever. Jack has begun to set up nights that claim to go "Back to Origins". Origins dating back to the mid 80ies and beyond, with DJ's on the bill who are pioneers and legends who are still in the game. And at the same time Jack is bringing you "Jam the Box" where he invites the producers of today who may very well be on their way to becoming the oldskool heroes of the future.

More info:
Soundcloud- https://soundcloud.com/jack-de-marseille

Derrick Thompson - Decisive Podcast Guest
December 08, 2017 08:26 AM PST
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Hello and Welcome everyone to The Decisive Podcast Series Guest Mix with Interview!

Here is host Roberto Q. Ingram, I am excited and more than happy to welcome Derrick Thompson aKa Drivetrain Label Owner, Musician, Dj and Producer, family man and IT specialist.

We will meet in person for the first time on Saturday December 9, 2017 at Sandra Golds The Discotribe Event at Palais in Munich. Since he headlines the party, we take this opportunity to do this episode of the Decisive podcast Series. Derrick takes us through his career in music, production, label management and other interests, that defines him.

Take a listen to the music and interview
Here also the tracklist, the mix was recorded at his gig in Dusseldorf last week with Psycho Thrill Cologne's founder Claus Bachor and SpyInTheHouse radio.

DJ PP - The Vengance
Ed Nine - Let's Go
Joe T. Vannelli - Leave Me Baby
Pablo Mateo - Going Oreo
Stanny Abram - Pitagora
Rennie Foster - Infrastructure
Slam - Like This
Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy - Pure
Drivetrain - This Is Detroit
Fabrice Lig - Gravitational Voyage
Dimitri Pike - Grand River
Subversive - Domestique
Orlando Voorn, Paty Pat - Lifted
Osore - On'gaku
Kaiserdisco - Orcus
Luis - Solution
Orlando Voorn & Pushmann - Onis

More info:

XDB - Decisive Podcast Series Guest
November 22, 2017 09:54 AM PST
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Hello Everyone Its November 22, 2017,
Thanks for being here and I hope that you will continue to return as we delight all you music lovers with another cool Decisive Podcast.

My Special Guest XDB is a guy who I find to be a nice, funny, talented dj and independent artist more on, for many years he continues to be relevant to his fans. This vinyl junkie to this day still lugs to every gig a bag or two of records rather than the growing popularity of the usb stick.

Germany's XDB has been DJing since the early 90s, and his creative growth enhances this decisions of what labels and musicians he chooses to collaborate with. After years of working in a record shop, he launched his Metrolux Music label in 2006. He sees his music heading in a direction that ranges from deep and soulful house to raw, analogue sounding dub techno. XDB is garnering the overdue attention of popular writers and fellow musicians with releases and remixes for Aaron Carl (rip), Norm Talley and Patrice Scott on quality labels like Francois K's Wave Music, Echochord, AIM, Dolly and Patrice Scott´s Sistrum to name a few.

Facebook - www.facebook.com/xdbmetrolux
Facebook - www.facebook.com/kosta.athanassiadis
Discogs - www.discogs.com/search/?q=xdb+&type=all

After numerous invitation requests, its my pleasure to welcome Germany`s very own XDB to the Decisive Podcast Series Family.

Enjoy, and thanks for patronage,
Roberto Ingram

Myles Serge - Decisive Podcast Series Guest Mix
November 15, 2017 06:42 AM PST
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Hello and Welcome everyone to The Decisive Podcast Guest Mix Series!

We are excited and more than happy to welcome back the to the Decisive Podcast Series, our guest today Myles Serge aKa Translate from (Grand Rapids Michigan) an awesome human being, Musician, Dj and Producer, who I had the pleasure to knowing since many years.

This enigmatic dude has been labeled as a low flying techno producer” or even a Reclusive Perfectionist, hard working label head and old school DJ. In this episode of the podcast today we will learn what this all means from the man himself.

Myles experienced a temporary sojourn to the beachside of the the UK`s
Brighton before relocating to Berlin. In some respects the American?s music bypasses the melodic classicalism of Detroit for a stripped back European take on techno, though the mettlesome machine funk of his raw style, and rough and ready prowess behind the decks, is never too far from the outer regions of the US motor city he calls home.

As a regular guest at Tresor, with no stranger to bookings at Berlin?s Berghain, Griess Muehle and about blank, to his residency at Steevio?s Freerotation festival in Wales,Myles is a shining example of how one can traverse the EuropeanAmerican transatlantic divide. With a belt of labels under his control (MS), ReForm, Dosed and Space Myles has since moved on to count the likes of NYC?s Thema, The Zenker Brother`s Ilian Tape and Dan Curtin`s Metamorphic imprints as home for his music. Never one to boast, Myles Sergé Clark`s revised approach to the warehouse techno of his recent mixes and DJ sets keeps the quality underground.

Myles Decisive Podcast Tracklist:
01. Syberian - Autumn Rite of Passage - Syberian
02. Rose & Ulysses - Mother Earth - Calder City Development Corp.
03. Vincent - How I Feel - Klockworks
04. Unknown Artist - Untitled 3 - Irradial
05. Truncate - Mira Mar - Truncate
06. Simone Tavazzi - Receptor - ARTS
07. BLAWAN - Calcium Red - Ternesc
08. DRT - Odyssey - Lord Musik
09. Milo Dimitri - Mania - Syndicate
10. PHOT - Tilt (Dany T Remix) - Hypnotic Frames
11. Troy - Flux - Klockworks
12. Deltitnu - Shaman Among The Machines - Native Response
13. Russ Gabriel - Viennese - Calder City Development Corp.
14. PNM - Speaking In Tongues - DEFREC
15. Deltitnu - Shaman Among The Machines (Roger Gerressen Remix) - Native Response
16. Myles Sergé - Besos de un sueno - Unreleased 

Info Links:

label - https://www.facebook.com/CalderCityDevelopmentCorp/
Label SC https://soundcloud.com/caldercitydevelopmentcorp
Discos - https://www.discogs.com/artist/648422-Myles-Serg%C3%A9
RA - https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/mylesserge
FB - https://www.facebook.com/mylesserge
SC - https://soundcloud.com/myles-serge

 Säure Music Group - sauremusicgroup@gmail.com

Mad Shouts Goes Out To:
Leah Floyeurs at 50arc, Timeline Music
Kevein Kennedy
Sabine Hoffman at Frauengedeck
Arttu in Berln
Cinthie Crystal
Russ Gabril
Afrikan Sciences - Deepblak Recordings
Keith Anderson at Timeline Music
Stanny at Optimal Records Munich
Alex Downey - Zen master at Temple Of Vinyl

MMA Munich
Rote Sonne Munich
Blitz Munich
Bob Beamon Munich
Pimpernel Munich

Afrikan Sciences - Decisive Podcast Series Guest Mix
October 11, 2017 11:11 AM PDT
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Hello and Welcome, to the Decisive Podcast Series Guest Mix & Interview #20 with Mr. Afrikan Sciences from (New York City ) and your host Roberto Ingram. Thank to all of you for your attention and for keeping me motivated to bring you excellent independent Musicians/Dj`s that spread the love of music in all they do. I do appreciate all the Decisive followers for your support and engagement.

Afrikan Sciences has released on countless labels but his mainstays are Aybee`s DeepBlak imprint (http://deepblakmusic.com/db2/) & Pan (http://delinear.p-a-n.org/), he is a magical producer who`s style mirrors Poly Rhythms, Jazz, Improvisation, Abstract, Groovy, Creative and Fun.

In the interview today we will feature some selected music works and discuss his production mind set and thought process for theses works. We will also discuss his Abums: Sketches of Space, Means and Ways, Circuitous, and a hand full of records out on Deepblak, Deepblak Recordings, Pan, The Student Body Presents, his Collaborations: 
Les Graciés is the conjunction of Eric Douglas Porter (Afrikan Sciences) and Gaël Segalen (Gael Segalen) ( I hear U )
Les Graciés - Comploy - Low Doses - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VN_xkOihtA
Les Graciés - Pan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QlUE6slfuY
Les Graciés - Low Doses https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adqdGMCTxeo. Just to name a few.

He has presented us with a lovely dj mix different than his past appearance in which I am sure you will feel comfortable with.
Note Please that: The Decisive Podcast Series Guest Mix #20, Will be posted with out interview Thursday October 12, 2017.

So with that information sit back relax, have a beer and tune in with your ears to the Decisive Podcast Series Guest Mix #20.

Afrikan Sciences Decisive Podcast Series Guest Mix #20

01. Two Thou -Group Technology with Alberto Collodel

02. Ra Toth and the Brigantes Orchestra - Nicos Bass

03. Amelia & Quaid - Monologue in a zoo

04. Afrikan Sciences-Just in case I do

05. Super Black Tapes - Black Beauty Salon

06. Personal Life- There's a time for everything

07. Dego & Kaidi- Decide what you choose

08. AYBEE &Lars Bartkuhn -Passage

09. Damon Bell -Safe from harm

10. Fred Buddah- Free my Soul(Afrikan Sciences remix)

11. Hieroglyphic Being-The way of the tree of life

12. Woodworks Collective- Woodworks Theme

13. Roy Ananda- The only thing that makes sense is you(Opolopo remix)

Decisive Podcast Dj Mix - Roberto Ingram
September 27, 2017 09:57 AM PDT
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Hello and welcome back to The Decisive Podcast Series,

Today is September 27, 2017. You can now listen Your Host Roberto Q. Ingram electric mix for next two hours, to most that know me you will find that I approached this set slightly off the cusp to what you may expect from me.

Be it as it may, it is now strange motivating times we are living in, with our world leaders choosing to attempted to concur and divide us grateful loving caring human beings that put them where they are.

By no means am I trying to create bad vibes because I have always believed in peace, respect, optimism and positive for as long as I can remember. So today I have selected music for this podcast based on what I am feeling about the chaos noise and confusion that we are faced with in these modern times.

Today I decided to let off some steam because if you never let loose your bound to explode, So prepare your self for music that is organized chaos, driven and up front. Note: I will surly get the track list out to you shortly.

I am happy to say that The Decisive Podcast Series will be changing face in the very near future, we are gearing up for a better platform for the program to evolve and importantly more women will be added to the program to also give your listeners a voice.

Here is what we will offer or listeners:

The Decisive Podcast Series Special (Larger Names In The Business), The Decisive Podcast Munich Exclusive (Munich Artists, The Decisive Podcast Sunday Edition (Easy Listening), The Decisive Podcast Guest Mix (Special Invited Guests. So be on the look out for good things coming your way.

Wednesday, 27. September 2017
Roberto Ingram Decisive Podcast Series Guest Mix
01. Drexciya (700 million years from earth) Aqualung
02. Spesimen (P.S.I.O)Infocalypse recordings
03. Bryan Zentz (Dollhouse) Electrixrecords
04. Mr. De (Shake It Baby) ElectroFunk
05. Aux88 (We are the Future) Submerge
06. Mr. De (Stretchin Out) Electrofunk
07. Supergrouples (Groupie) Sockett
08. B-tracker vs D.Bakel (Miniute Man) Fieber
09. Rhythm Division (Spectra) Whole Nine Yards
10. Martyn (Head High Mix) 3024
11. Ghost Stories Test Recordings
12. R-Damski & Bombing 'F' Don't Stop The Rock
13. Jack Le Track (Archiplex) Atak
14. Lars B. Unknown Substance E.P. Bliss
15. Anthony Rother (Dont Stop The Beat) PSI49-3
16. Elektrolux (Mas 2008) De Cyphered Music
17. Etch (Chemotaxis) Unearthed Sounds
18. Hodge (No Single Thing) Livity Sound
19. SMBD (Moon Theory Ep) Apron
21. Skee Mask (Kappelberg Chant) IlIantape Series
22. Hodge (Pea Soup) Livity Sounds
23. Cummihz (8AM groove) Clasp
24. Aubrey (Space Jazz) Barba
25. Steevio (Perthynas) Mindtours
26. SW Beat Mix 45
27. Cummihz (Acid Jazz) Clasp
28. Matthew Herbert (Brand New Love Rmx) Hypercolour 29. Martin Carlier (Terminal 1) Rauh
30. Wild Planet (Octave) 430 West

I hope you enjoy this program because it may not be for everyone smiley
Peace To The World!!
Roberto Ingram

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