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hm505 Aka Hakim Murphy Live Special
March 28, 2019 07:00 AM PDT
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Hello Everyone,
I hope you enjoy this new episode here on the Decisive Live Special with Chicago native hm505 aka Hakim Murphy. Today you get an in-depth interview beyond whats written below and his live performance is created exclusively for you all today.

hm505 believes that music touches him in a way that made him fall in love with its rhythms, harmonies, and melodies.

So in the natural progression dancing took over his body, but yet his soul craved for more and that is when playing records surfaced. Ah, then the fascination with the fast dance tracks turned into deep House production through friends and experiences, which then blossomed into a Bachelor’s degree in music composition. Liberal arts training allowed him to take classes and learn about human intellect, nature, and essentially his personal definition of art.

Synapsis Records and Machining Dreams record labels are born and are currently releasing music by, for, and from the underground. Then after learning the craft, collaborations were born as he is part of Innerspace Halflife, Pegasus Heat, Resonating, Hardware Hustlerz, Slowmotion, and Dream Scoring.

More Infos.

01 - patt2
02 - patt3
03 - patt4
04 - Bodied
05 - Panty Hose Silences
06 - Toms from Space
07 - patt5
08 - Tabletop
09 - StompsB
10 - mBeats
11 - patt6

Oliver Kapp Hamburg
March 07, 2019 03:34 AM PST
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Hello Everyone,
Welcome back to another Decisive Podcast Interview special, its Thursday March 7th, 2019 and I am happy to have with us today Mr. Oliver Kapp (Producer, Dj, Label owner). We are looking forward to his New Mantash Ep will be released on Sven Väth´s Cocoon records in March 2019.

He is not wet behind the ears when it comes to techno, Oliver made his mark in the scene since the late 80`s early 90`s and has graced the decks with heavy hitters like like jeff mills, Derrick may, Armando, Farley Jackmaster funk, Sven Väth, Paul Van Dyke, Dr. Motte, Dj Hell, Dan Bell, Electric Indigo, Woody. He was responsible for starting clubs nights in Germany that hosted many of these artists.

His love for Chicago & Detroit sound lives on till this day
Track list Decisive mix by Oliver Kapp. With that said listen in to now on the Decisive Podcast Interview special.

Info Links:

Here is Mr. Oliver Kapp track selection for you:
1. Kraftwerk - Numbers
2. DJ Deep, Traumer - La Valle La B (La Deep Mix)
3. Craig, Klauss - Repeat After Me (DJ Deep & Traumer Free Your Mind Remix)
4. Mark Broom - Drum Jamz
5. Johannes Volk - A Planet in the Pocket
6. Spencer Parker - Shape Fascination
7. Jon Dixon - Paulista Avenue
8. Eskapist - Islet Observer
9. Arnaud Le Texier - Mono Driver C
10.Truncate - Pseudo V2
11. Robert Hood - Greytype
12. Fadi Mohem - Reinforced
13. JSSL - Echoes
14. Museum - Plex
15. Mark Broom - TwoEightFour
16. Indigo Æra - Terraformer
17. Mark Broom - Drum Jamz
18. J. Tijn - TSG3
19. Random XS - Give Your Body (Lost Trax Remix)
20. Tadeo - Hand up Hand dow
21. Mark Broom - Z Beats (Truncate Remix)
22. Subradeon - Our Nation
23. Mark Broom - M19
24. Masc - Eye Feel
25. Gemini - Le Fusion
26. The Connection Machine - Avatar Shopping

Ivan Komlinovic live @ Depo club
February 14, 2019 05:02 AM PST
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Hello Everyone,
Its February 14, 2019 (Happy Valentines Day)!
Welcome back to another episode of the Decisive Podcast Series, we are humbled that you continue to return, thanks for the love and support for the work we provide. Please welcome to the program today, a longtime mate , Zagreb born , dj, multi instrument gear musician, sound designer. Of course today we will listen to his live dj mix at the Demo Club in Zagreb but first Ivan and I discuss gear, life experiences and all things music. So lets get to it!

More info:
Youtube - shorturl.at/jlxyR
facebook - shorturl.at/djsy3

Decisive Radio Show is back this Friday on Radio 80000. Follow Us, Tune In & Join the group here to be a part of the live Stream and chat. Rob Rangelow, Daniel Sun and of course Roberto Ingram, will be spinning some amazing tunes, for those of you that love good music , you have come to the right place. Big Ups To All

Our Group Members and have an amazing week.

More Infos:
Radio80k - https://goo.gl/DkCy3p
Decisive Website - https://goo.gl/owKjLE
Youtube Channel - https://goo.gl/T6jZUG
Soundcloud - https://goo.gl/LE4MiG
Itunes - https://goo.gl/7FKimL
Instagram - https://goo.gl/vg2JUx
#radioshow, #music, #podcast, #livestream, #radio80k, #global, #containercommunity, #Munich, #Germany, #pioneer.

K-Alexy Shelby - Interview
January 15, 2019 02:30 PM PST
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Hello Members & Music lovers around the globe, we are back to start of the new year with a very special treat for you. Today we kick off 2019 with some knowledge of classics on Decisive Podcast Series Special. I am truly honoured, excited and pleased to have on the program today a true mastermind in the music game, House music pioneer founder of labels, K Klassik, Black 13 and Tecsoul Deep and this brotha has more than four hands full of releases since the 90 ́s , and whom I have much respect , Mr. K - Alexy Shelby producer/dj/remixer and one the hardest working musicians in the business, Welcome to my program.

One of Chicago's true heroes and cited by many as a pioneer the city's sound. His upbringing in Chicago in the 70s and 80s meant that he was exposed to a range of genres and different styles of music including Stevie Wonder, Prince, Curtis Mayfield and David Huff. These same names would prove to be the roots of his influences. Check out the interview as we discuss many topics & historic moments that has shaped Mr. Shelby and with that valuable information he has provided us with K Classic house set for your listening pleasures. Lets get it on and I hope you enjoy the program.

Since Mr. Shelby & I got in contact, at the get go,
I found out he is a man that likes to get straight to the point and tell it like it is. So let’s get right to it!

More Info:

Plural - Live Special
December 12, 2018 05:30 AM PST
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Dearest Decisive Podcast Series music lovers from around the globe,
It`s Wednesday December 12th, I am in good spirits for this holiday season, today like all other podcast episodes we return with a special treat for everyone. With another exciting interview and exclusive Live recording from my guest today Mr James Johnson aka Plural from Columbus Ohio and its been a long time coming. Plural is a electronic music producer, composer and DJ. His performance history started in 1995, and has played across the US to bring that hard techno sound that he is known for. His calm demeanor belies the massive amounts of energy he creates in his highly technical DJ sets, and the ethereal beauty of his live performances. His releases on over a dozen labels have garnered him the acclaim of dance music's elite, and have made him a rather sought-after recording and remixing talent. Well known Dj's like Dave Clark, Alan Oldham, Ben Sims and Paul Mac are dropping his tracks.

Please Note: You can listen to the Plurals mix without interview on my Soundcloud page: soundcloud.com/roberto-q-ingram. There you will find all previous podcasts and more music. Thanks a lot for your contentious support. Do not forget Decisive T-Shirts can be found on our Facebook group page: facebook.com/groups/decisivepodcastseries. Peace!

Selected Discography:

The Resurgence - Dobox (2005)
Signal Depth- 6one6 (2006)
Emotional Conflict - Audio Textures (2010)
Broadcast In Hi-Tech - Generator (2010)
Volatile Structure - Panel Trax (2011)
In Darkness - Separate Skills (2011)
Abrasive Technolgy (w/FBK as The Fallen) (2012)
Plural - Metroplex (2014)
Five Shot - Shul (Plural Remix) (2014)
Remixes 2013
Alan Oldaham - Cockblocking Beats (Plural remix)
Chance McDermott - I've Had Enough (Plural Remix)
Chance McDermott - BlackBird ( Plural Remix)
D'Funk - Detroit Drones ( Plural Remix)
Five Shot - Dombo ( Plural Remix)
T.I.M.- Introspection (Plural Remix)

Recent Releases and Future works

Plural - Impossible Moments (2018) N&N Records
Plural - Back Home (2018) Future Visions Label
Plural - Hammer Of Dawn ???TBA NXT Records
Martin Mueller - One to One ( Plural Remix) 2018
HD Substance - Epheremis ( Plural Remix) 2018
Elektrabel - FMM03 ( Plural Remix)
Dj Dextro - Serum ( Plural Remix) Terminus Audio
Whim Ee Feat Myles Serge - Good To the Bad (Plural Remix) Technorama Records
Plural - It Just Has To Be (Solemne Records)2018
Selected performances and appearances:
Plush Ò Dayton, OH (1996)
Family Affair 3 Ò OH (1997)
Shake it Ò Cincinnati, OH (1997)
Deja Vu Ò Columbus, OH (1998)
Unknown Party - Dominican Republic (2002)
Frequency Fridays @ Wild Goose Creative (2012)
Booty Klap @ Columbus (2014)
Intelligent Design (2014)
Interface (2016)
Unter @ NY(2017)
Aural Shift @ Baffalo NY (2018)
The Black Hole @ NY(2018)

Don't Panic Magazine
Local Autonomy Blog
Massive Magazine

Alex Downey - Decisive Special
December 05, 2018 09:03 AM PST
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Hello Decisive music lovers & Everyone around the globe.
Welcome to the Decisive Podcast Series Special, I am sure your getting ready for the holiday season so please except this episode as a gift because I have on the program Mr. Alex Downey with for an interview. We will get a little insight about the life, the music and what it all means to him in his own words and of course listen to his dj mix recorded at a live gig at AudioFarm Festival. Alex Downey has been an ardent supporter of quality underground music and a prominent purveyor of all things electronic as a DJ, vinyl pusher, and radio presenter for well over two decades. Alex was a key figure behind the counter at Brighton's legendary Covert Records and has amassed an immense record collection spanning the house, techno and electro spectrum, while his unrestricted sets behind the decks have earned him much respect and a great reputation amongst the global electronic community.

Alex has been a resident at the celebrated Freerotation Festival from it’s inception, and is currently a resident DJ at Brighton’s ‘First Floor’ party, playing alongside the likes of Function and XDB. He’s DJed at such diverse events as Wiggle, Split, Fabric, Berghain Saule, Concrete, Labyrinth Festival in Japan, The Big-Beat Boutique, Field Maneuvers Festival and continues to play the best parties. But just as important to his career arc are the hundreds of smaller parties and long-forgotten club nights that rocked hard and kept the lifeblood of the scene pumping. Alex's style behind the turntables defies categorisation. For him techno isn't a dogma so much as a spirit of electronic freedom to adapt and embrace new styles. He is highly rated by DJs and is regarded as a keeper of the flame. So lets get to it.

Note: The Mix Will Be Posted On Soundcloud on Friday Without The Interview.

Tracklist for the podcast (Recorded Live at the Audio farm Festival
Intro: Jeff Mills - Key | Axis
01 The Marcia Blaine School For Girls - Pink Sticks | Static Caravan
02 Calibre - Gentle Push | Signature Records
03 Geche - Lana | Statravel
04 Stojche - Radical Measure | Dmk
05 Farron - Paneth | XCPT Music
06 Monolake - Static |Monolake / Imbalance Computer Music
07 F - 0907 | 7even Recordings
08 Paradox - Paragon of Virtue | Archive
09 Skee Mask - Flyby VFR | Ilian Tape
10 John Beltran - Moth | De:tuned
11 Steevio - Green Therapy | Wake Up! Records
12 Aleksi Perälä - GBLFT1740065 | трип
13 J.S.Zeiter - Point Effect | MCMLXV
14 Miles Sagnia - Perseverence (PVNV Remix) | Flyance Records
15 Eden Transmission - I’m So High | Exist Dance
16 Aleksi Perälä - GBLFT1740069 | трип
17 Public Energy - Slumber | Probe Records
18 KAS:ST - Raving Alone (Codex Empire remix) | Prodigal Son
19 Iori - Mist | Bassiani
20 Deepbass & Ness - Outer Limits (Shlømo Remix) | Dynamic Reflection
21 Damon Wild - Travel | Music Man
22 Analogue People - Dot 5 (Ben Sims Remix) | Dot
23 Ritzi Lee - Framework | Mord
24 Rich Oddie - Bloodstream | Surface LTD
25 Sub Space - The Bi-Machine | Labrynth ‎
26 Sam Watson - Zenith | Third Ear Recordings
27 Unspecified Enemies - Tracks Diagrams Micropolitcs | Counter Attack

More Infos:

Decisive Infos:
Website - https://goo.gl/1eRpLU
Itunes - https://goo.gl/NDS2Mx
Radio Show - https://goo.gl/DkCy3p
Soundcloud - https://goo.gl/Hgx8YF

Roberto Ingram b2b Jackmaster Rob
November 14, 2018 08:56 AM PST
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Hello and good evening everyone!

Welcome to another episode of the DECISIVE MUNICH EXCLUSIVE Podcast. This time two of the Decisive Crew members on the wheels of steel , Roberto Ingram B2B Jackmaster Rob.
This mix happened very spontaneously after a frustrated day. You can try to be as creative as possible, but if the technical stuff is not working that way as you actually want, then it’s just frustrated. But somehow we changed our situation into something we can control. and that’s the result . With cool House tracks from Sweely on Lobster Theremin, Gilles Peterson, Dope ass breaks by Ajukaja on Porridge Bullet, jackin stuff by Jordan Fields on Underground Trax , spheric stuff by Benny Rodrigues on The Corner Records.

Decisive Humanity note of peace: As we have witnessed difficult times of cultural dispare, divide, hate and to much news promoting fear. When You Are Truly At Peace And In Touch With Yourself, Nothing Anyone Says Or Does Bothers You And No Negativity Or Drama Can Touch You. (inspired by Dj Bones t-Shirt).
Jackmaster Rob - https://www.facebook.com/LUMBASS
Robertoingram - https://goo.gl/6dtF61
Itunes: https://goo.gl/NDS2Mx
Soundcloud: https://goo.gl/Hgx8YF
Decisive Radio Show - https://goo.gl/DkCy3p

MEAN - Decisive Munich Exclusive
October 24, 2018 10:46 AM PDT
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Hello Everyone,
Its October 24th 2018 and you are listening to the Decisive Podcast Munich Exclusive. We are back for anyone that loves high quality underground music by dj and musicians that are passionately motivated and in most cases addicted music, like a forest full of cannabis.

Today I welcome to the program Tom Wegert & Mirko (MEAN) a fresh new Techno Duo from Rosenhiem also know as Wegert & Green for their Techouse moniker. I have asked a few interview questions to the guys so lets check out what these dudes are up to and what makes them tick. Listen In!

I am your host Roberto Ingram returning from Amsterdam`s ADE widely known as The Amsterdam Music Event held each year on the second week of October. With a whole lot of inspiration for the series of Decisive podcasts twice a month and radio shows on radio 80000 every third Friday of the month and of course to all of you that show us love.

Today`s Tracklist:

Decisive tracklist by MEAN
1. Mesak - Pahe
2. Marko Nastic - M.1.1. (John Jastszebski Rmx)
3. Myles Serge - Rules Of Engagement
4. Røhad - Kinder der Ringwelt (Donato Dozzy Rmx)
5. Adam Beyer & Mathew Jonson - The Big Dipper
6. Takaaki Itoh - Obliger
7. Cari Lekebusch & Nima Khak - Lost Prophet
8. Doryan Hell - U Suck
9. Takaaki Itoh - Notabler
10. Vlokken - Poison
11. David Temessi - Sit Back Relax (Jon Gurd Rmx)
12. Sven Wittekind - Rampage
13. Regal - Acid Is The Answer

More Artist info.
Facebook - www.facebook.com/wearemeanmusic
Soundcloud - www.soundcloud.com/wearemeanmusic
Decisive Group - www.facebook.com/groups/decisivepodcastseries
Decisive itunes - https://apple.co/2KxlcbR
Decisive Soundcloud - https://bit.ly/2AICtiC

Derrick Thompson aka Drivetrain
October 10, 2018 07:57 AM PDT
itunes pic

Greeting everyone thanks for making your way back to another Decisive Podcast Series, Its great to have you with us. I am totally energised to welcome back label boss of Soiree Records International Detroit, Michigan Producer/DJ/Songwriter/Musician/Performer & IT Specialist Derrick Thompson aka Drivetrain. Its been a while so now we can be brought up to speed, to whats going on in his neck of the woods smiley He has provided us with a lovely uplifting house mix along with an interview and some juicy information about his way of doing business in the underground industry, and provided Mr. Thompsons history, there is much to be learned. Please note the complete mix without interview will be posted on Saturday 13, 2018 5pm CET, on Soundcloud - https://goo.gl/rmVxyG.

Dates: Go Hear Him Jack!
November 2nd - 4 Elements/Paris
November 3rd - Golzheim/Dusseldorf
November 9th - Au Chapiteau/Marseille,FR
November 10th - Le Télégraphe/Toulon, FR

Decisive Podcast Series Tracklist:
01. Ed Nine, KE - How It's Done GLA Recordings
02. Rocco Rodamaal - Someday Foliage Records
03. Zetbee - Deep In My Soul Plastik People Digital
04. Sebb Junior - Haus CityDeep Music
05. Phaze Dee - Solid Sense State Moiss Music
06. Demarkus Lewis - A Fifth Of That Moiss Music
07. Drivetrain - Breathe Soiree Records
08. Chus & Ceballos - Ain't Nobody Knee Deep in So...
09. AVA (it) - Call My Number Onako Records
10. DJ Diciple, David Tort, DJ Ruff - Deep Underground Catch 22
11. Mihalis Safras, Green Velvet - Pez Relief
12. Tiger Stripes - Jack My Yum (Matt Rolfrey Remix) Hot Creations
13. Wheats - Kassia Toolroom
14. DJ Sneak, Demuir - Good Ol Days (feat. DJ Sneak) Purveyor Underground
15. Rogue D - Chains Hot Creations
16. Drivetrain - Reach

Check out The labels Latest releases: (with more in the pipeline)
Title: Plexity
Artist: Various
Label: Soiree Records International
Catalog Number: SRT170
Release Date - Vinyl and Digital - October 15, 2018

Pre-Order: https://www.traxsource.com/title/1030146/plexity
Drivetrain - Lozen
Teknobrat - Relapse
DJ Mourad - All Fixed Up
Hughes Giboulay - Genése

Various Artists Violet with artist like
• drivetrain - breathe
• mattimoe-perrine - llucid
• trecci - sagnami
• funtom - french connection

Various Artists Universal Shift - SOIREE #168 with artist like:
• drivetrain - one love
• dj roach - the heads
• rennie foster - infrastructure
• nicolas franken - pied bot

More info here:
website - www.soireerecords.com
booking contact - mail@soireerecords.com
facebook - https://goo.gl/ccpTZ5, https://goo.gl/RTnkWP
iTunes - https://goo.gl/qAzXj1
decisive Facebook Group - https://goo.gl/KbWMox

Myles Serge - Grand Rapids Michigan
September 19, 2018 10:12 AM PDT
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Hello Decisive music lovers & Everyone around the globe. Tonight Myles Serge is back on the DECISIVE Podcast program for the 3rd time, simply because WE LOVE HIM. Tune in now for a little insight about the life, the music and what it all means to him in his own words.

I am excited and more than happy to welcome back the to the Decisive Podcast Series, our guest today Myles Serge aKa Translate from (Grand Rapids Michigan) an awesome human being, Musician, Dj and Producer, who I had the pleasure to knowing since many years.

This enigmatic dude has been labeled as a low flying techno producer” or even a Reclusive Perfectionist, hard working label head and old school DJ. In this episode of the podcast today we will learn what this all means from the man himself.

Myles experienced a temporary sojourn to the beachside of the the UK?s
Brighton before relocating to Berlin. In some respects the American?s music by passes the
melodic classicalism of Detroit for a stripped back European take on techno, though the
mettlesome machine funk of his raw style, and rough and ready prowess behind the decks,
is never too far from the outer regions of the US? motor city he calls home.

As a regular guest at Tresor, with no stranger to bookings at Berlin?s Berghain, Griess Muehle and about blank, to his residency at Steevio?s Freerotation festival in Wales,Myles is a shining example of how one can traverse the EuropeanAmerican transatlantic divide. With a belt of labels under his control (MS), ReForm, Dosed and Space Myles has since moved on to count the likes of NYC?s Thema, The Zenker Brother`s Ilian Tape and Dan Curtin`s Metamorphic imprints as home for his music. Never one to boast, Myles Sergé Clark`s revised approach to the warehouse techno of his recent mixes and DJ sets keeps the quality underground.

Myles Serge Decisive Podcast -Tracklist
01. Kaiser - My Everything
02. Alex Bau - Magnitude
03. Myk Derill - Compulsive - Knotweed Records
04. Temido - You Have Beautiful Highs
05. Paul Ritch - Spiral
06. Alex Bau - Exorbit
07. Myk Derill - Sacrifice
08. Grey People - Take it all
09. Casual Treatment - Blocage Sonique
10. Device Control - Tension
11. Luciano Lamanna - Atto Di Dolore (Positive Center Remix)
12. Telemann - Submarine Life (Povoa Remix)
Thanks For your Support Roberto Q. Ingram

Info Links:
Booking: https://goo.gl/prBdz7
label - https://goo.gl/DgBdbV
Label SC - https://goo.gl/RXn2SQ
Discos - https://goo.gl/JaGt4Q
RA - https://goo.gl/nMKdpq
FB - https://goo.gl/FkLJfR
SC - https://soundcloud.com/myles-serge
DPS Itunes: https://goo.gl/GYjVis
DPS SC: https://goo.gl/kvK6ZN
DPFG: https://goo.gl/sH2QXH

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